All about dentistry in Dubai

Posted OnAugust 1, 2018

Dentistry in Dubai

Dentist in Dubai has specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of dental, jaw and mouth diseases. Under that work many specialties fall into which it becomes necessary for a dentist to specialize in them until he gets the distinction.

The origin of dentistry:

At first, dental treatment was part of the general healing and medical practices practiced by priests and charlatans in ancient civilizations. It was the beginning of the practice of` dentistry as an independent profession almost six thousand years ago. It was known by the Sumerian civilization that used sorcery techniques in therapy. They had reached advanced stages of medical treatment in general, used surgical instruments in teeth treatment and teeth implantation.

Dentistry among Muslim scholars was developed. Abu Bakr al-Razi provided much information on the anatomy of teeth and jaws. Abu al-Qasim al-Zahrawi designed many surgical instruments that are still in use, and Ibn Sina has been able to diagnose many oral diseases.


The specialties of oral and dental medicine vary, depending on the universities in each country, including:

Dental treatment in Dubai is the most common discipline practiced in the dental profession, and is treated with teeth infected such as tooth decay and damage. The dentist in Dubai repairs by dental filling from silver and mercury to the back teeth. The front teeth are used fillings the same color age to take into account the aesthetic appearance.

To prevent tooth decay, doctors recommend that you schedule the examination periodically, not less than once a year. The treatment of caries can only be done by removing the injured part and placing the tooth fillings. As mentioned, prevention of caries is possible and simple by cleaning teeth and using products that contain Fluoride.

One of the most common reasons for visiting the dentist in Dubai after treatment is the orthodontics treatment. This area is specialized in repairing the defects of the occlusion of the teeth in cases where the teeth are irregular in the jaw or the jaw is prominent in a large degree causing deformation of facial features. The dentist in Dubai can remove one of the permanent teeth in order to complete the orthodontics treatment process. In some cases it is not ruled out that the dentist in Dubai removes more than one tooth, and some cases require surgical intervention to provide or delay the placement of one Jaw or both of them.