Blanching The Teeth By Using Laser

Posted OnJune 1, 2018

Blanching The Teeth By Using Laser

Blanching teeth surgery is considered as one of surgeries that spread widely. It is very important for the health of mouth and teeth and it is regarded one of the special and highlighted beauty marks. For decades, many dentist in Dubai try to achieve the distinction position in the blanching surgeries, and they still develop it.

What is the meaning of blanching surgery?

Blanching surgery means that scaling the changing color external layer of the teeth and demonstrate the admirable natural color of the teeth, the surgery includes cleaning the teeth.

The elements affect on the color of the teeth:

Aging: by aging teeth affected by decrease of Calcium, parts of the external layer are crashing and Dentin layer appears, which being yellow.
Cleaning teeth: it is one of the most important elements that affect on the beauty and health of the teeth. It is very important to care and clean the teeth rightly, to save teeth from decay.
Human body health: teeth strongly affected by the healthy status of the human. For example, diabetic diet patients are suffering widely, most of them are liable to teeth decay and the teeth being brown or black. This disease can cause crashing teeth.
The medicines and medical drugs: the color of the external layer of the teeth is affected by several medicines and drugs. For example, antisyphilitic and several kinds of antibiotics and cures, which cause xanthodontia.
Nutrition: most of foods and drinks like tea and coffee are containing many of colored materials which adhere to the teeth and cover the white external layer and less its brightness.
Smoking: smoking puts its ugly print on every limb of the body’s limbs. It is considered one of the most effective factors on the color of the teeth. Cigarettes contains tobacco and tobacco contains material named ” Tar”, this material is a dark black material affects nigrismus on the teeth. Cigarettes contains also nicotine, which it is a diaphanous material until mixes with Oxygen, it changes to yellow color. Teeth become yellow or black and lost its brilliance.
The ways of blanching teeth: blanching teeth passed through many stages of development, effective and non-effective ways. The ways that are using today in blanching teeth divided into two parts:
Ways that cannot use but in the dental clinic in Dubai and under supervision of the dentist: These ways contain many tools. For example, blanching the teeth by using Laser, which is the fastest and the most effective and popular way today.
Ways that can use at home: the results of these ways are very effective, but need long times. It contains chemicals, but in less average than in the dental surgery.