Dental implants: High success rate is guaranteed


To lose a teeth (or tooth) is a very hard experience for anyone, which can directly affect his both social and professional life.

Losing teeth will have its impact on your appearance, and self-esteem as well. In the worst case, it can also affect the ability to tell a fully recognizable speech, and your ability to chew some kinds of food.

Dental implants considered to be the best and most effective solution to compensate the broken teeth. Now, Dental implants in Dubai are generating very high success rate for teeth replacement.

What is a Dental implant?

Dental implants are identified as substitutes for the roots of lost teeth. Dental implants are designed and processed to last forever, that`s because they are fused in the jawbone and they are no longer visible after fixing them surgically...

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What Cosmetic Dentistry can do for you ??


Fix your smile today simple cosmetic dentistry procedures

Cosmetic dentistry is a growing field concerning with teeth quality, and aiming to enhance

ones` smile. It includes number or procedures including teeth bleaching, bonding, crowns,

veneers and teeth reshaping and contouring. Only your dentist can decide which technique is

the best solution for you to obtain the perfect teeth look as well as enhancing you oral


Sometimes patients may overall cosmetic dentistry with restorative dentistry, but actually

there are many differences between both. While restorative dentistry aims to restore patient`s

teeth to their proper functionalities, the cosmetic dentistry goes beyond this level as it seeks

both the best functionality in addition to attaining the perfect look for the patient a...

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Repair Your Smile With Dental Crowns

dental crowns

If you have broken, decayed or unattractive teeth, you know it affects your smile. You need to fix the problem and dental crowns will do the job. A dental crown serves as a natural and healthy tooth. It is a cover or cap tooth that fills in the gap, protects a fragile tooth or makes a decayed one look simply attractive!

You can use a dental crown to fix a temporary dental issue or a permanent problem. Let’s look at reasons for getting a dental crown.

  • A large cavity that cannot be filled with regular dental standards
  • A lost tooth replacement with a dental bridge
  • The need to get dental implants
  • A badly broken or cracked tooth
  • A root canal
  • You have uneven teeth and you are not happy about it

All about temporary and permanent crowns

When is a temporary crown used? It is placed to yo...

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Are You Considering Invisalign? Let’s Look At The Benefits


Invisalign aligners are a popular option to straighten your teeth and improve your smile. It can also help you if you have crossbites, overbites, crowded teeth and underbites. Invisalign are unlike traditional braces, it is retainer like aligners, clear, almost invisible and will gently shift your teeth into the correct positions. If you want a beautiful smile without the display of braces, Invisalign aligners will do the job.

No one will notice

The fact they are almost invisible says a lot. Not many people like to sport visible braces, after all, it is rather unattractive especially in the instance you are an adult. You want to correct your dental imperfections, but the thought of wearing braces make you squirm. Now if you can wear them and go unnoticed, you would certainly consider it...

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Benefits Of Dental Crowns

dental crowns

You may have heard of dental crowns but you haven’t taken the time to delve deep into what it really is. It is a custom made cap which covers the whole tooth from the gum line to the chewing surface. Dental crowns are created for medical purposes and cosmetic restructure. The sole purpose is to help the appearance of your teeth look better and function better. If you have chipped, broken or missing teeth, you may have considered dental options but have come up short on a positive solution. There are plenty of benefits to dental crowns and we are here to list a few of them.

If you have suffered from root infection, extensive decay or fracture, breakage or chipped teeth you will feel many aches and sores. Now, this is not a feeling you want to live with...

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3 Easy Home Tips For Recovery After Dental Implants


Any trip to the dentist is not one that’s very much looked forward to. Other than maybe going in for a whitening treatment perhaps. Even scaling and polishing can be uncomfortable what with all those strange tools whirring and scraping against your teeth. So you can just imagine what it’s like for those who have to opt for dental implants. If you’ve just had or have been scheduled for dental implants in Dubai, then understandably you have some anxiety over the matter. Which is why it’s important for you to be as informed as you possibly can be.

Of course your dentist will guide you through every step of the process, but you should undertake some research of your own too. The good news is that many have already had dental implants done so you won’t be the first...

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5 Reasons Why You Should Get Dental Implants!


Patients who are not familiar with the science behind dental implants are pessimistic about the whole idea of dental restoration – How can any treatment claim to replace natural teeth?

While the functionality, appearance and sensitivity of natural teeth are definitely unmatched, dental implants act as the best alternative in their absence. Providing good functionality and appearance they’ve been designed to carry out all the tasks that our natural teeth effortless performed, skilfully well.

The following are 5 reasons why you should consider dental implants as the ultimate solution for dental restoration:

  • Enjoy a Complete Smile with no Missing Teeth
    Even if you have one missing tooth, anywhere along your mouth, the impact it will have on your smile is huge! It makes the whole smile ap...
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Why Consider Dental Implants?


A smile alters a person’s whole appearance. And a great smile wouldn’t look good if it were not for strong and healthy teeth. But, here’s the downside to it. Not all of us are fortunate enough to have a glorious smile, or teeth for that matter. If you are missing one or several teeth, you can still do something about it. What is the most suitable replacement for missing teeth? Dental implants, of course! Dental implants are fixed to the jaw and actually become part of the bone structure. For those considering dental implants, let’s look at some amazing benefits.

Dental implants and a youthful appearance

Have you wondered how celebrities look and remain so young? You may have heard in countless interviews celebrities being asked, what is your secret? No, it is not some miracle cream...

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Teeth Whitening To Make You The Center Of Attention

teeth whitening

Do you have to face a new job interview? May be you need to impress your boss. Or you want to be the belle of the ball at an upcoming party. Or, you just want to not feel so self conscious about your smile. May be you want to just have whitened teeth, in order to improve your appearance. If you are looking for a safe, quick and hassle free way to achieve a pair of pearly whites, Dentists in Dubai maybe the solution you need. The American Medical and Dental Center is one of the most lauded and professional dental clinics in Dubai offering successful teeth whitening services.

Why teeth whitening?

The popularity of teeth whitening is increasing steadily. It is a popular cosmetic dentistry procedure in the market...

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A Brief Examination of Dental Implants


The first modern dental implant- the implant we know of today- was invented by a Swedish orthopedic surgeon, Per-Ingvar Brånemark, in 1952. Fast-forward sixty-four years later and dental implants are considered the standard benchmark in resolving the dilemma of replacing missing teeth.

But the solution of dental implants is not as modern as one might imagine. Archaeological expeditions, combined with extensive research and discovery, have revealed that the utilization of dental implants stretches as far back as the time of the Ancient Egyptians circa 2500 B.C.

Naturally, these first implants were crude- the Ancient Egyptians would use gold ligature wire. Circa 600 A.D...

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