Home teeth whitening mixtures

Posted OnAugust 8, 2018

Teeth whitening is any procedure in which teeth are made to look white. Teeth whitening are done either by physical processes in which external pigments are removed from the surfaces of the teeth, or by chemical processes where the chemicals react with the tooth to make it whiter.  There are many methods of whitening teeth in Dubai, including toothpaste, bleaching lotion, bleaching pads, and dental materials that found in dental clinic in Dubai.

The availability of certain conditions is important, including the presence of healthy teeth and gums, and the absence of the teeth fillings. Teeth whitening do not remove the outer layer of the tooth or change the shape of age, and usually a better option than other alternatives such as veneers because it does not include a change in the appearance of teeth.

Home Teeth whitening:

There are many ways to Home Teeth whitening for people who do not like the use of chemicals, and these methods are as follows:

Use baking soda for Home teeth whitening, since baking soda has the ability to whiten the teeth, so it is one of the materials used in the toothpaste. This material has the ability to removes surface pigments. It prevents the growth of bacteria. It gives results during the day and night, but the person notices a change in the appearance of his teeth during a period of time.

Some studies have showed that toothpaste containing baking soda has a clear effect on Home Teeth whitening. The greater the proportion of baking soda in toothpaste, the greater its ability to whitening. In addition to its effect on tooth whitening, baking soda has the effect of removing plaque from The surface of the teeth, as indicated by studies, and to work this mixture should be put a teaspoon of baking soda and mixed with two small spoons of water until the mixture in the form of toothpaste and then brushing teeth using it, it can be used a few times during the week.

Apple vinegar has been used for several centuries as a disinfectant material. In addition to being a natural cleanser, the active ingredient contained in apple acid vinegar is acetic acid. This acid is responsible for killing bacteria. This ability to kill bacteria makes it useful in cleaning the mouth and Home Teeth whitening, but it must be noted that apple cider vinegar has the ability to remove teeth enamel  , for this reason it is not preferred to be used daily, and when using it should reduce the time period Which touches the teeth. It can be used as a mouthwash diluted with water and then rinsed for a few minutes. You must be sure to rinse with water after rinsing directly.

Eating vegetables and fruits, as food containing large amounts of vegetables and fruits is a good food for the health of the body and the health of teeth, and raw vegetables and fruits help remove the layer of plaque from the teeth, and strawberry and pineapples specifically help to Home Teeth whitening, as follows:

Strawberry contains an acid called malic acid. It is said to help whiten the teeth. Celebrities used to use strawberries with baking soda to Home Teeth whitening, but the effect of this mixture is not scientifically proven. A recent study found that the strawberry mix with baking soda has little color change compared with other commercial products. Although the effect of this mixture on tooth enamel is minimal, excessive use may cause damage to it, so it is advisable to use it a few times per week. To prepare for this mixture is crushed fresh strawberry and mixed with baking soda and then brushing the teeth using them.