How to remove tartar from teeth?

Posted OnSeptember 4, 2018

Tartar is formed on the teeth under and above the gum line, which is a rough layer that may lead to the diseases and reduction of gums. Tartar should be removed with special tools at the dentist’s office. Tartar is the accumulation and stiffening of the plaque on the teeth.

Even if one consumes all care for their Home teeth whitening, the bacteria will remain in the mouth, and these bacteria mix with the proteins in the mouth and food residues to form a layer of plaque. This layer encapsulates the teeth and enters under the gum line and adheres to Dental fillings. Plaque carries bacteria that may destroy tooth enamel and cause decay.

Causes of tartar

The reasons for tartar formation include:

Smoking and neglect of dental hygiene: Cigarettes, with their harmful substances, act on the formation of plaque and tartar on the surface of the tooth.

Tartar surface roughness: It gives an ideal environment for the accumulation of more plaque, which threatens the health of the gums.

How to remove tartar?

Tartar leaves a lot of damage that affects the safety of teeth and gums, and damage caused by the accumulation of Tartar as follows:

Tartar is a safe place for microbial growth and reproduction to form a solid layer of plaque known to contain germs.

Tartar leads to a decline in the gums caused by bacteria that irritate and damage them, leading to gingivitis.

There may be weakness in the teeth due to inflammation of the braces in Dubai in bad cases of Tartar, and thus the teeth of far away from its place, in addition to the possibility of its falling, even if the teeth intact and free from decay.

Tartar is one of the most important causes of tooth decay.

The layer of Tartar accumulated above the teeth causes a bad smell emanate from the mouth.

Tips to prevent tooth formation

Regularly clean the teeth twice a day for 2 minutes at a time: brushing for 30 seconds does not remove plaque or prevent Tartar formation.

Use a soft toothbrush and small enough to enter the mouth comfortably: it is necessary, and making sure that the hair bristles have reached the distant bulbs is also important.

Use of electric tooth brushes: Studies have found that they are able to get rid of plaque better than regular brushes.

The choice of toothpaste controls the Tartar and contains fluoride: it helps in restoring the enamel layer. There are also products containing triclosan that attack the bacteria responsible for plaque formation.

Use a medical thread to clean between teeth: Regardless of whether the person is careful to brush his teeth with brush and paste. the medical thread is the only way to remove plaque between the teeth and protect these areas of Tartar.

Oral rinsing: A sterile oral rinse helps kill bacteria that cause plaque.

Control of the diet: The bacteria in the mouth live in the environment of sugar and starch, and when exposed to these foods are the release of harmful acids, therefore, it is recommended to reduce the amount of what are eaten sweets.

Drink plenty of water during and after eating, even snacks. You can remove tartar in dental clinic in Dubai.