How to use Laser in blanching teeth?

Posted OnJune 20, 2018

How to use Laser in blanching the teeth?

Blanching teeth surgery spread out widely in dental clinic in Dubai, because of its speed and effectiveness. This surgery is operated in the dental surgery or in the dental beauty center during one session, it takes almost one hour in most cases, unless staining was very complicated. It may need more than one session. During the session the doctor clean the teeth from any precipitates and put gel on gingiva to cover and protect it. The doctor puts chemical substance on teeth named “hydrogen period gel”, after that he uses a special kind of laser ” green laser” aimed to teeth. This laser accelerates the activity of the chemical substance and increases its effectiveness.

There are types of teeth don’t respond to blanching by laser and other types give instant and excellent results, so you should consult the dentist in Dubai before you go to blanch your teeth.

Advantages of blanching teeth by laser:

1- blanching by laser is a safe and uncomplicated surgery.

2- it is considered as an effective tool to treat the deep staining.

3- the results of blanching by laser appear immediately after the session directly and don’t need to take any cure at home.

4- the surgery of blanching the teeth by laser is the most surgery that save time and effort comparing with the other beauty surgeries and other blanching ways.

Disadvantages of blanching the teeth by laser:

Blanching by laser surgeries have some disadvantages, for example:

1-although effectiveness of blanching teeth by laser surgeries, there are kinds of staining in the teeth are found strong and tough that don’t respond to blanching.

2-laser of teeth need full care, accuracy and high cleverness.

3- the result doesn’t remain alive. By the time, staining returned and teeth may need other blanching surgery. You can save your teeth for more time by cleaning it and eating healthy food.

4-one of the most important disadvantages of blanching teeth by laser that it is very expensive.

Damages of blanching teeth by laser:

Like any medical path blanching by laser has side effects, for example:

1-high sensitivity and inflammation in gingiva.

2-inflammation and canker in lips and tongue and also in the bottom of face from side of mouth.

3-destroying  the sensory nerves in the mouth and changing in the sensation and the degustation.

4-sensitivity, rubor in the eyes and destroying the corneal because of the focused laser’s light.

We can abstain the side effects of blanching by laser by covering lips and gingiva with insulation substance from gel or plastic, face firming from sides by ” cheek retractor” and covering eyes by protective glasses. Choose carefully your dentist and your surgeon to abstain damages.

How to save the result of blanching by laser?

You have to save your whiteness of your teeth by:

1-brush your teeth and clean it daily.

2-decrease drinking tea and coffee and stop smoking.

3-you can use the medical adhesive at home after blanching by laser to save its results.