Is cosmetic dentistry just veneers?

Posted OnAugust 15, 2018

Some people often think that cosmetic dentistry is limited to veneers only, but in fact cosmetic dentistry is used  as a refer to any dental problems that makes the appearance looks good and alignment of teeth and gums or improves occlusion. It focuses primarily on improving the aesthetics of teeth in color, shape and size and aligning each other and the appearance of smile in general.

Cosmetic Dentistry includes:

– laser teeth whitening.

– compensate lost teeth through dental bridges or dental implant.

– Gum lifting.

– veneers treatments in Dubai.

– Restoring the teeth that do not fit with the rest of the teeth.

– Fill the gaps between the teeth.

– Restoration of fractures and cracks of teeth with fillings fit the original teeth.

– Straightening teeth and arranging them by orthodontic treatment.

What should I expect from a Cosmetic Dentist in Dubai Consultation?

You can expect your dentist to ask you to describe in detail what you like and what you dislike about your smile? And what you want to change? Bring photos of how you’ve been in the past or what you want in the future useful as general guidelines. Because some aesthetic problems such as tooth loss or discoloration can refer to basic health problems, comprehensive oral examination is necessary. Once your Dentist in Dubai has a thorough understanding of what you want eventually, it can explain to you your treatment options – including how much it will cost and how long it will take to implement – and plan the process.

Importance of cosmetic dental clinic in Dubai:

Different types of people can take care of the appearance of their teeth and beautify them to the maximum extent possible through cosmetic dental clinic in Dubai and under the supervision of the best dentist in Dubai. Cosmetic dental clinic in Dubai performs orthodontic treatment. In addition, the technical advances in the techniques and materials used enable people to obtain attractive and natural teeth, which are indistinguishable from natural teeth. These teeth are characterized by their strength and durability. Perhaps the most prominent works and functions performed by the best dentist in Dubai are:

He works to make the teeth more shiny, and increases its whiteness by teeth whitening in Dubai.

He helps to restore dental cracks through the use of dental filling that fit the original teeth.

He works to fill spaces with material of the same color as the original teeth.

He restores the formation of the tooth until it becomes more compatible with the rest of the teeth.

He covers the previously broken teeth known as veneer crowns which cover the front teeth and the flanks of the teeth where it is difficult to treat these teeth through whitening.

He treats the effects of addiction to certain substances and drinks such as tea, coffee, and addiction to smoking. These substances cause a change in the color of the teeth mainly.