Laser Orthodontics treatment in Dubai

Posted OnJuly 5, 2018

Laser Orthodontics technology are one of the most inventions of the last century, thanks to the scientist “Einstein” in the development of the origins of laser Orthodontics technology. The scientists completed what Einstein began to bring the laser to its shape today.

The invention of laser Orthodontics technology in Dubai has revolutionized many medical, industrial, or even cosmetic fields. It is one of the most important areas where laser Orthodontics technology in Dubai is used. Doctors have used laser surgery, diagnosis and treatment of many diseases, such as the fragmentation of kidney stones, and many more.

In the world of dentistry in particular, doctors have used laser Orthodontics treatment  in Dubai in the most cases of dental injury, such as tooth decay, gum disease, teeth whitening, or swelling of the gums. The secret of the beauty of the smile is the beauty of the teeth. If the teeth are beautiful and consistent with each other, the smile will be beautiful and attractive. If the teeth are inconsistent and disorganized, the smile won’t be beautiful.

The problem of tooth decay is often due to genetic causes in the family, or to a defect in the growth of teeth since childhood. Many people suffer from the problem of odontoloxia. This problem may cause frustration and tension in the injured person, especially girls, Because of odontoloxia. Many people have been made to modify this warp in two ways, either the traditional way, or using laser technology.

Traditional orthodontics is based on the use of plastic or stainless steel wires to pull back the teeth and press them to achieve consistency in appearance. This type of orthodontics in Dubai is characterized by the length of time required for treatment, although a good result is obtained in most cases, but it takes a lot of time, adding that most are ashamed to wear such wires and go out to work, or school.

The laser is used as a tool to cut and dissolve the tissues it undergoes. Most prefer to use laser in Dubai because it is painless. The doctor does not need to use local anesthesia. In addition, the laser treatment does not cause stress to the patient, as in the traditional drilling tools used by the doctor.

The laser will treat any infections or microbes that correspond to the tooth, maintaining the proper parts of the teeth. In addition, the laser will not cause bleeding in the teeth as happen in the traditional drilling equipment.

How to remove an orthodontic?

The orthodontics is removed at the end of the orthodontic treatment after the desired results. In fact, the orthodontic removal process is simple and painless. It should begin with a specific arrangement. Place a little pressure on the base of the clamp to break the link between it and the surface of the tooth. Then, remove the adhesive residue using the grip of the device. At the end of orthodontic treatment, the patient must review the dentist for the work of the device that preserves the teeth Places. The orthodontic structures are often moving but there is a constant, usually made of plastic.