Reasons and Treatments of Ulcer in The Time of Washing Teeth

Posted OnJune 28, 2018

Reasons and Treatments of Ulcer in The Time of Washing Teeth.

Ulcer is existing during washing the teeth by brush or by using suture.  Reasons of Ulcer can be many. The causes can be provisional and some can be disturbing, and when we find the disturbing symptoms we should consult the doctor. You will not find dentist in Dubai better than here.

Causes of Ulcer During Washing the Teeth:

The Case that We find a Blot;

Bacteria needs 24 hours to cause an inflammation in gingival.

If we find a blot and we don’t clean the teeth by brush with concern, it will cause a bleeding.

Tumult in Hormones;

In the case of existing a tumult in hormones at the time of the monthly period or the time of adolescence and the gestation period or primary amenorrhea, the gingival is becoming more sensitive.

We can use the mouthwash and the suture to reduce the Ulcer until the hormones calm.

The Exhaustion and Less the Time of Sleep;

Unhealthy food, less the time of sleep and the pressure in the work are affecting the ability of the body to fight the inflammations that bacteria causes it in the mouth.

We can protect the mouth by using an alimental system that contain protein, vegetables and vitamins.

The Medicaments;

Some of medicaments cause mouth aridity and less of saliva. We should visit the doctor when we find these symptoms.

Cure of Ulcer:

Toothpaste to cure the Ulcer;

We should use the toothpaste and the brush daily, by cleaning the teeth twice a day and using the suture one time daily at least. Consulting the doctor is very important to save the teeth in a good case.

The Private Cleaning Equipments;

We should choose the cleaning equipments seriously, because it may be the reason of Ulcer. We should use it lightly without pressure.

Maintaining the Healthy Food;

The healthy food has an important role to save the gingival from bleeding. It is banned to clean the teeth directly after eating carbohydrates, it will turn into black in the mouth.

The Medicaments;

The doctor may make an adaptation or changing in the medicaments. This changing must be by the doctor and the doctor only.

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