The best way to whiten your teeth in Dubai

Posted OnJuly 14, 2018

The smile is a passport to enter the hearts of others and to break many barriers between people.  Most people have a very clear whiteness to their teeth makes their smile a beautiful key to reach others, and to give a touch of beauty on their faces, there are many ways we easily reached that goal. The procedure of the teeth whitening home through many natural recipes and mixtures can be obtained by the doctor in that area or under his supervision. It can be used some cosmetic and medical work as dental bleaches and obtained from teeth whitening centers in Dubai and points of sale Cosmetics.

Teeth whitening in Dubai

Medically, teeth whitening in Dubai by the doctor at the appropriate clinic are more effective than others. The development of materials that contains hydrogen peroxide and it works to stimulate its work and its effect by blue light. He uses the way of laser during the presence of the patient in the clinic. the operation is done after the doctor applies a Rubber barrier to isolate the chemicals and reduce the negative impact on the teeth, and then expose them to ray that accelerate the change in a significant change in the color of age, and this process takes at least an hour to an hour and a half, but be aware of the need to adhere to the patient’s instructions When doing so because it plays a crucial role in getting the desired results.

Naturally, there are several methods and recipes for home teeth whitening in Dubai without resorting to the specialist doctor. The desired results vary from one to the other. It can be unanimously agreed that all of them do not match the doctor’s process, including the strawberry mix with salt. Strawberry work to give the color whitens the teeth by squeezing two or more syrups and mixing them with a little salt and a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate. We will get a five-minute continuous mixture on all teeth and then wash well.

Continue the use of this mixture guarantees you the best results. We all know the effect of lemon in whitening and remove all dark pigments. To whiten your teeth with a mixture of sodium carbonate with fresh lemon juice, mix ingredients together in equal quantities. The blending process will result in white filler, rubbing the teeth out for at least ten minutes, then washing the teeth and removing the remaining sediment.

From the above, it is very easy to get the white smile in one session at the doctor or try one of the natural recipes, knowing that the health of teeth is a major indicator of the health of the body. There are many daily practices are causing significant damage, such as smoking and lack of hygiene. Follow up with the dentist in Dubai periodically at least every six months.