The difference between dental implants and dental installation in Dubai

Posted OnJuly 21, 2018

Recently, modern techniques of dentistry in Dubai have spread due to the need of people, in conjunction with the multiplicity of causes of early caries, tooth decay and other things that have occurred as a result of lifestyle changes and the nature of food consumed by humans. These techniques include implantation and installation. This article will talk about the meaning of implantation, the meaning of installation, the difference between them, stages of each. It should be noted that the processes of implantation and installation is not advisable to resort to them in teenager because the body is in the process of construction and growth.

This procedure is performed under local anesthesia. Under the supervision of a specialist and some tests are performed to ensure that there is no bleeding in the gums after the operation. It is also necessary to make sure that there are enough high-quality jaw bones to stabilize the titanium root. If this is not possible, the doctor will perform bone grafting either with natural bone or with a bone growth hormone.

It is known that a medical statistic showed that 14% of the implantation operations force the doctors to take off the tooth after it is installed; because of a swelling of the jaw due to the misjudgment of the patient’s condition, knowing that it is more suitable for young people compared to the elderly.

The advantages Dental implants in Dubai

Get permanent teeth as it is merged with jaw bones.

The mouth gives a beautiful look, as its shape and color very close to natural color.

It does not affect pronunciation.

It does not hinder the process of chewing food.

Dental installation in Dubai

First, the doctor will take several pictures of rays to see the density of the bone, and then implant a bolt of titanium instead of the tooth decay after removal, while the natural root in its place. The place of work is done on the outer layer of teeth and roots, to cover the tooth after removal of the nerve to ensure its survival as long as possible.

With regard to the advantages of the process of installation is an inexpensive process compared to implantation. It is less painful, and the disadvantages are the damage to the root of the tooth, forcing the doctor to break the tooth and the implant a new root. The installation of teeth several types are:

Installation of fixed bridges: It is used in the case of the removal of one or more teeth to prevent the occurrence of spaces between the teeth, which leads to weakening, and the teeth must be supporting the bridge healthy and strong.

Installation of moving part: They are artificial teeth of krill, which are made and processed in laboratories after taking the appropriate sizes.

The installation of the complete denture: It shall be for the entire jaw, either upper or lower.