The way of teeth filling in Dubai

Posted OnJuly 31, 2018


Dental pain is a pain that is very common among people. It causes Insomnia and prevents people from continuing his normal daily life. These pains can be due to many causes, most notably the problem of caries caused by the accumulation of germs on those teeth due to negligence in cleaning them. Doing the wrong practices that will lead to those problems, and comes to fill the teeth is the treatment taken by the doctor in those cases most likely. We will talk in this article about the method of filling the teeth performed by the doctor.

The way of Dental filling in Dubai

First, the doctor diagnoses the patient, and knows whether the tooth needs to fill or not. After diagnosis of the patient and make sure the need for the process of filling the tooth, and the doctor put the anesthetic, and usually be a local anesthetic, according to the situation or as the doctor sees, in addition to the sterilization procedures before starting.

The dentist in Dubai will then perform the filling process, during which the dentist will dig the tooth with its own tools. This step will also be accompanied by the removal of the bacteria accumulated on the tooth, which is called the decay and the surrounding problems, in addition to the elimination of damaged tooth tissue and work to remove them.

The dentist in Dubai will put the substance into the tooth or cavity the doctor has done, and put the substance in batches inside the tooth. The dentist in Dubai will continue the procedure until the entire material is finished. The substance used by the doctor in the dental fillings is a substance made of mercury and metal in general.

After the material has dried in the tooth, the dentist in Dubai performs a work that can be called tooth finishes with the same material until the filling process is complete, and the tooth is shown as it was before, so the filling process of the tooth or tooth has been completed.

Instructions for post-Dental fillings in Dubai

Do not eat foods after the process of the teeth filling for a certain period, and this according to what the dentist sees.

Avoid eating on the side of the filling process, and try to eat on the other side.

Take the painkillers that calm the pain that may be felt by the patient after the filling.

Keep the teeth clean and cleaned daily using the brush gently, and maintain the cleanliness of the mouth in general.

Be committed to the doctor’s decisions and not to neglect them.