Veneers to treat the teeth in Dubai

Posted OnAugust 26, 2018

Veneers are a thin layer made of porcelain veneer, which is affixed to the outer face of the teeth in proportion to improve its color and shape and improve the overall appearance as well.

Veneers are not the best solution for all dental problems, but they can handle many problems simply, quickly, and at a reasonable cost. It may be the appropriate solution to problems involving front teeth, including:

  • It Lengthen teeth that looks very small in appearance.
  • It improves the color of pigmented teeth or variable color.
  • It repairs the appearance of broken teeth.
  • It improves the appearance of irregular teeth.
  • It changes the size of the teeth to fill gaps between them.

If your teeth are heavily perverted or have large gaps, orthodontic treatment may be a more appropriate option. If your teeth are severely damaged, the veneers that cover the teeth are the best treatment.

Veneers can improve the appearance of the teeth, but they cannot correct the jaw or correct the severe protrusion problem of the front teeth. Therefore, orthodontics is the best solution to correct these more complex problems.

Dentist in Dubai today use the GPS system – the digital smile designer – in sophisticated and advanced clinics. The system is designed to design a digital smile using a single image of the patient’s face, thus analyzing the face of the patient and cheeks and jaws, and then produces a picture of the best relationship between teeth, gums and lips with the face and its movements as a whole. This system allows the patient to see what his new smile will be like before any dental work is done.

The GPS helps Dentist in Dubai explain the length, width, shape, colors of the tooth, the place of the midline, the specification of the required smile line, and other important details to achieve results in accordance with the required specifications.

It also helps Dentist in Dubai diagnose and plan the appropriate treatment for the patient’s condition in a few minutes. Whether orthodontics, dental prostheses, or grafting, dental implants or gums treatment. For example, the patient may need to teeth arrangement and improve the appearance of smile through the Veneers. This system makes accurate calculations and gives Dentist in Dubai the amount necessary to refund the teeth to reach the desired result, if this amount is greater or exceeds a certain value. Dentist in Dubai may resort to a more ideal solution suited to the patient’s condition is an orthodontic treatment.