Why should I care of my tongue?

Posted OnJune 9, 2018

Why should I care of my tongue?

The most of people believe that to protect and save their vocal health, they focus on their teeth only. Most of people don’t know that tongue is a basic element in our vocal health. They don’t realize that the teeth only contain 1\20 of all the oral surfaces. Imagine how many strains of bacteria in our mouths. When the tooth and the tongue are not clean, it cause many problems in the mouth like bad breath.

Protecting  the tongue and the teeth daily give us an opportunity to prevent other serious conditions. A mouthwash is not the best way to get rid of the unpleasant breathe. We want to remove the coating of biofilm, so we need and we should make cleaning our mouths especially our tongues a part of our daily vocal health routine.

Here, I have an important question, what is the best way to clean my tongue?

Most of dentists reply that you have two main ways to clean your tongue: brushing (by using your normal toothbrush) and the second way is scraping (by using a tongue scraper). Most of dentists say that the best and most effectively way to clean the tongue is by using the tongue scraper. Now, I have a new question.

I want to know how I scrape my tongue correctly?

You put your scraper at the rear of the tongue while your tongue is out of your mouth, and by using a kindly pressure you move the scraper from the back of the tongue’s top towards the end. Repeat this again until you make sure that your tongue is clean. The reason of moving the scraper from the back to the tip of the tongue is pushing the bacteria away as you can from your mouth. When you finish clean and dry the tongue scraper and clean your teeth as normal. Do this three times at the day, one time at the morning and twice at night. This habit will make you enjoy fresh breath, improved taste and better vocal health. If you still having any problem with your tongue, breath or teeth, you should consult your dentist seriously. Enjoy your oral health and your life in our dental clinic in Dubai.