Strengthening Your Implants

Complex dental procedures need to be done by a good dentist in Dubai, and this includes bone grafting. Bone grafting is a dental surgical procedure that is most often used at the same time as putting in dental implants. There are various kinds of bone grafting, and these can be artificial, synthetic or natural. The idea behind oral bone grafting is that the bone tissue regenerates and provides a safe and healthy space for the new tooth to thrive.

For anyone missing teeth, whether through accident, genetics or oral decay, dental implants can be life changing. A dental implant is specially designed to look exactly like a natural tooth, and when done successfully, looks completely natural. Not all dental implants require bone grafts but some do. Your dentist will explain the process to you and let you know exactly what is involved.

What should I expect from a bone graft?

If you go to the right dental specialist, you will be well taken care of and the procedure should be fairly easy and fairly pain-free, if a little uncomfortable. Your dental specialist will either take a section of bone from another part of your body, or will use a synthetic material. This will be discussed with you and you will be given the options. Sometimes, the bone graft is done before the implant to give the graft time to settle, strengthen and grow. If your procedure is not complicated, the graft and implant can be done at the same time.

If you need a dental implant, contact the AMDC. They will discuss the options with you and go over the procedure. Sometimes a bone graft is not necessary but if it is needed, your specialist at AMDC will tell you everything.

When are dental implants recommended?

Missing a tooth, especially when it is a visible part of the mouth, is horrible. Apart from the fact that a gap in your teeth looks really horrible, it also makes it hard to eat and hard to talk. It can also deplete your self-confidence. Dental implants are recommended for anyone who wants to improve their smile and their quality of life. A dental implant is a fairly simple procedure. Your dentist will evaluate your mouth and your teeth, take a mold of your mouth and send off the mold to a dental technician. You may be given a temporary tooth or implant in the meantime, while your dental implants are designed.

Dental implants are not complicated

A dental implant on its own is not a complicated procedure and usually only requires two dentist appointments – one for the evaluation and one for the fitting. Thereafter, it requires the usual cleaning and maintenance, an appointment every six months. However, if you have a thin or soft jaw bone, or complications of the jaw, you may need a bone grafting too. A dental implant is supported by the jaw bone and if the jaw bone is not strong enough, the implant will fail. Hence, the bone graft.


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