There are a lot of home teeth whitening products on the market, and as a consumer, it can be hard to know which product to go for, and which ones will actually work. When it comes to anything cosmetic, it’s important to do research in advance. Go online and arm yourself with information and read as many reviews as you possibly can. Look at the ingredients. Look into the manufacturing process of the products, ensuring that none of the ingredients are harmful, and of course, ensure that the product is registered, legal, tried and tested.

Is home teeth whitening less expensive than professional teeth whitening?
It definitely is, but you also have to look at the overall results. There are plenty of home teeth whitening products on the shelves in a supermarket or drug store, and many of them are exceptionally well priced. Some are super inexpensive, which can be a cause for concern, and others are reasonably priced. Unlike a visit to the dentist, you may need to do home teeth whitening on a regular basis. Professional teeth whitening is quick, usually just an hour, whereas home teeth whitening is a longer process. Home teeth whitening may take a while for you to achieve the results, whereas professional teeth whitening will almost always guarantee whiter teeth after just one treatment. Home teeth whitening methods are suitable if you have the time, energy, and willingness to do it on your own, especially if you are on a budget. We do stress that you must always research the product, the ingredients and if there are any dangerous side effects to be aware of.
Pros of home teeth whitening
  • Home teeth whitening can be inexpensive.
  • You can do it in your own at available time
  • You can indeed whiten your teeth.
  • You can do it in front of the television.
  • It’s a fairly easy process.
Cons of home teeth whitening
  • Home teeth whitening does not always work.
  • The products used may be damaging for your teeth.
  • You may not get an overall equal result.
  • It is unlikely you will get immediate results.
  • You need to repeat the process several times.
Are there natural ways to whiten your teeth?

There are many natural ways to keep your teeth white, and to stop them from staining. Your dentist will tell you to:-

  • Eat more fruit and vegetables.
  • Brush your teeth twice daily.
  • Floss on a regular basis.
  • Visit the dentist regularly for six monthly check ups.
  • Try coconut oil as a home remedy.
  • Need to check apple cider vinegar.
  • Brush with baking soda.

The truth is that all of the above things will definitely help keep your teeth white, but once your teeth are stained, it is hard to remove these stains other than with home teeth whitening products or professional teeth whitening.
You therefore need to weigh up the pros and cons of home teeth whitening or professional teeth whitening and decide which method is better for you.

Pros of professional teeth whitening
  • The professionals are doing it for you and they know what they are doing.
  • You usually only need one session.
  • Results are immediate.
  • Professional teeth whitening lasts for a long time.
  • There are incredibly successful professional teeth whitening methods.
  • There is no danger involved.
  • It is an easy process.

Sometimes, it is just better to go to a dentist, especially one that specialises in teeth whitening methods or cosmetic dental procedures. There are a number of professional teeth whitening methods, including laser treatment, Zoom treatment and veneers. The method you choose will depend on your budget and also, the state of your teeth.

Professional teeth whitening will usually take just one session but the results last for years. It’s a good idea to do your own research and make the decision about how you want to achieve that fabulous smile. Whichever way you choose, we know you will be delighted, and more confident, with fantastic white, gleaming teeth!


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