Everyone has a different opinion on when you should first take your baby, toddler or child to a pediatric dentist. There are no hard and fast rules, although there are good reasons to start early.

  1. To ensure your child has good dental habits from a young age.
  2. To ensure your child is comfortable at the dentist.
  3. So you can pick up any dental problems, early, before they are really problems.

Parents are responsible for their baby’s or children oral hygiene. Before your baby has developed teeth, you will probably clean their gums with a warm and sterile soft cloth or a small piece of soft gauze. A babies mouth, especially when the baby is only drinking milk, is usually self-cleaning and you only need to do gentle cleanses. Once your baby has started on solids, and is developing teeth, you will want to do more thorough cleanses but you must keep it gentle!

Many parents use speciality baby toothbrushes which also help with teething. There is no need to use toothpaste until about 18 months or older (again, there are no hard and fast rules)  but you can check this with your pediatric dentist in Dubai. There is also no need to see a pediatric dentist when your baby is still a teeny baby, unless there are obvious problems. It’s a good idea to first visit the dentist when your toddler has an almost-full set of baby teeth, is curious and will learn.

What to expect from a pediatric dentist?

The first visit should always be relaxed, easy and even fun. A good pediatric dentist will never force a child to sit in a chair, will never force a child to open their mouth, and will always make the child feel comfortable. The first visit is so important, because it is the visit that will get a child to trust a dentist and to want to go back. Even if your first visit takes ten minutes and is all about fun dental models and mirrors and lovely toothpaste (and a toothbrush gift!) it is vitally important for the child. You want to set them a good example and you want them to want to brush their teeth and to visit every six months!

Dental visits every six months

Some kids start visiting the dentist at age two, some at age three, some at four. Remember, you do not want to do it too early (unless necessary) but you also don’t want to do it too late. Once your child has been introduced to Pediatric dentistry in Dubai, it’s a good idea to book check-ups every six months. You will brush your child’s teeth until they have learned how to do it themselves, properly. You can empower them, with the help of the pediatric dentist, to brush properly, twice a day, and to really look after their teeth.

Orthodontics and young children

Orthodontics will only be recommended when your child is on his second set of teeth and usually from age 10 or more onwards, but again, there are always circumstances that are different. A good pediatric dentist will talk to you, not only about regular brushing and how to avoid cavities, but also about tooth straightening. Pediatric dentists work with toddlers, young children and even teens, and will look after all aspects of their teeth.

If you are in Dubai, the American Medical and Dental Centre has an excellent team of doctors who specialise in children and adults, are highly professional and highly qualified, and have excellent bedside manners. You can book right here.


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