Root canal treatment Dubai is fairly standard dental treatment but it must be done by the right dentist or dental specialist. Root Canal is not a complicated treatment but it is a specialist treatment and it is therefore important that you go to the right dentist.

In Dubai, the American Medical and Dental Centre specialize in root canal treatment and have an excellent team of dental specialists and surgeons.
Root canal treatment is used to save teeth. That tooth ache you have been feeling may well be from an abscess or an infection. The tooth may be salvageable, and your dentist will tell you if root canal is a good option for you. Root canal treatment is done in the dental chair and very often requires just one appointment, although a follow-up appointment may be necessary too. Your dentist will explain the procedure to you and tell you exactly what to expect. The bottom line is that the while root canal is not the most fabulous of treatments, it works quickly, your infected tooth (or teeth) can be saved and the pain you have been feeling will go.

How does root canal work?

Basically, the nerve and the pulp are removed from the tooth, while the dentist cleans and clears the inside of your tooth, and then seals it. Basically, the dentist, or Endodontist which is the specialist name for a dentist who does root canal, removes the pulp, disinfects the tooth that is problematic, reshapes the root canals, and then fills the tooth to seal it.

Without the treatment, your infection or decay will become worse, and more painful, resulting in the loss of your tooth. Any good dentist will try and save your tooth, rather than you having dental implants. A successful root canal treatment means you can keep your tooth forever, provided you have the treatment in good time.

What is the pulp of the tooth?

The pulp is that part of our teeth that contains all the tiny blood vessels and the nerves. Exposed nerves can be incredibly painful, and a tooth cavity can expose the pulp, hence the pain of an infected tooth. If you have a hole in your tooth that gets deeper, it causes the pulp to die. Infected or dying pulp tissue is extremely sore, but not always in the beginning. This is why it is important to have your teeth checked regularly, even if just once every six months, so that the dentist can see if your teeth are strong or if there are any potential problems. There is that thing of ‘prevention is better than cure’ and in the case of oral health, it makes perfect sense.

Root canal treatment or tooth loss?

Although dental technology is incredible today, and there are so many options for tooth replacement, nobody wants to lose teeth. If root canal treatment Dubai is an option given to you by your dentist, take it. It means you keep your tooth, and you get to keep it for a long time. The root canal treatment will fully restore your tooth and prevent it from further decay or fracture. It is a procedure that is almost 90% successful, and if your dentist is worried about the treatment, for whatever reason, he or she will always give you the options. Yes, you may feel uncomfortable for an hour of treatment, but you do not need to undergo hours of treatment for implants, dentures or more.

Root canal treatment can be though of as ‘restoring the tooth.’ Done by a good dentist, it is a seamless treatment. Contact the AMDC in Dubai.


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