Root canal treatment in Dubai is a standard dental procedure, yet it must be performed by the right dentist or dental specialist. Root Canal is a specialized treatment, and it is therefore essential to choose the right specialist for your oral health needs.


In Dubai, the American Medical and Dental Centre specializes in root canal treatment and has an excellent team of dental specialists and surgeons.

Root canal treatment is used to save teeth. If you experience toothaches, they could be caused by an abscess or infection. Your dentist can determine if a root canal is a good option for you. Root canal treatment is typically done in one appointment, though a follow-up appointment may be necessary. Your dentist will explain the procedure and what to expect. Although not the most pleasant treatment, a root canal works quickly, and infected teeth can be saved, resulting in the disappearance of pain.

How does root canal work?

During the root canal procedure, the nerve and pulp are removed from the tooth, and the dentist cleanses and clears the inside of the tooth before sealing it. Without treatment, infections and decay can escalate, leading to tooth loss. A successful root canal treatment offers a permanent solution to protect your teeth from further harm.

Without the treatment, your infection or decay will become worse and more painful, resulting in tooth loss. Any good dentist will try and save your tooth, rather than you having dental implants. A successful root canal treatment means you can keep your tooth forever, provided you have the treatment in good time.

What is the pulp of the tooth?

The pulp of the tooth is a part of the teeth that contains tiny blood vessels and nerves. Exposed nerves can result in painful sensations, and tooth cavities can expose the pulp, leading to toothache.

Regular dental check-ups are essential to detect and prevent potential problems, such as infected and dying pulp tissue. It’s better to prevent than to cure, so booking regular dental appointments is highly recommended.

Root canal treatment or tooth loss?

Although dental technology has advanced, tooth loss remains a concern for many. If root canal treatment is an option offered by your dentist, consider it to save your teeth in the long run. The root canal treatment fully restores teeth and protects them from further decay or fractures. Root canal treatments are almost 90% successful. If your dentist is worried, they will inform you of available alternatives. However, with root canal treatment, you won’t have to undergo lengthy treatments for implants or dentures. It’s a swift and seamless procedure when done by a reliable dentist. Contact the AMDC in Dubai.



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