It’s not only in Hollywood that everyone has a beautiful, white and healthy smile. Technology means that everyone can have a beautiful smile today, irrespective of where you are in the world and what line of work you are in. Having a good smile is important. It gives you incredible confidence. It makes a difference to your life by boosting your self esteem. It tells a lot about the kind of person that you are.

At the American Medical and Dental Centre there are various forms of teeth whitening, including Zoom. Your dentist will tell you which is the best method for your teeth, depending on how badly they are stained and depending on the results you would like to achieve.

How does Zoom Teeth Whitening work?

  • Only a professional dental hygienist can do the procedure.
  • The procedure is non-invasive.
  • Zoom Teeth Whitening is a quick and gentle process.
  • A Zoom Advanced Power Chairside lamp is used.
  • Teeth are bleached and the lamp accelerates the bleaching process.
  • The process is safe.
If your teeth are discoloured, whether because you are genetically disposed to discoloured or grey teeth, or because you have had years of coffee or even poor brushing and oral hygiene, Zoom teeth whitening can change your life and how you feel about your smile and your teeth. You only need to make an appointment with your dentist at the AMDC; the rest is quick and seamless. There is no pain, although you may feel a slight discomfort, something that goes with the dental territory. The procedure is not invasive, and usually only takes one hour and one treatment.

What to expect during a laser teeth whitening session?

You will need to consult with your dentist in advance. He or she will examine your teeth and your gums, and let you know if Zoom Teeth Whitening is the best treatment for you. Remember, there are options and your dentist will give you all the options. You may need to have a session with the dental hygienist before your teeth whitening takes place, and this is also usually fairly quick and simple.

Because Zoom teeth whitening is non invasive, you can literally just turn up for your appointment. Your dentist will prepare you and tell you what is going to happen. You will spend perhaps an hour in the chair, as your teeth are bleached and the Zoom lamp chair is used to speed up the whitening process.

  • You can work or go about your day immediately after your Zoom Teeth whitening.
  • You should not have any hot drinks or wine for a few hours after the treatment.
  • Your dentist will tell you when you can eat / drink.
  • You may feel a little sensitivity for a few hours.
  • You may need one session and you may need a few.

As with any dental procedure, your dentist is going to look at your teeth and make suggestions to you. You may have had a lot of dental work already, including dental implants, crowns, root canal, orthodontics or dental fillings. Some teeth may be worse off than others. It is possible that Zoom teeth whitening is not the best option for you, and if there is another option, your dentist will advice. At the American Medical and Dental Centre, there are many teeth whitening options, including laser, veneers, Zoom and home remedies too.

Chat to your dentist and ask if you are a good candidate for Zoom. Chances are that you will be, and you too can have sparkling, white, healthy and gleaming teeth. Soon!


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