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Dental Assisstant
Length of Work:
Since 2015
English, Urdu


Mariam is a graduate with a Bachelor of Arts and a licenced Dental Assistant at Dubai Health Care Authority. After graduating she sought for a job and ended up having a career in a dental clinic. Though it is nothing similar to the field she took up in college, she loved and enjoyed her work. She had 5 years of experience in Pakistan as a dental assistant and now she is efficiently working in AMDC.

She has strong and clear communication skills and the ability to perform multiple tasks at once. With 10 years of experience as a dental nurse, she can ease the patient’s worries and make them feel more comfortable during the procedures.

Mariam is providing post-operative instructions to the patients after each procedure. She ensures dental instruments and materials are clean and sanitized. She always shows great empathy and compassion in her work.


  • Equipment Sterilization and Handling;
  • Room and Patient Preparation;
  • Infection Control;
  • Appointment Scheduling.

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