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Top 5 care habits after Braces treatment

Have you ever thought about getting braces? Are you in need of braces but you are scared of how to maintain them? Good dentist in Dubai will recommend the best orthodontist in Dubai to help you with your issue. The best orthodontist in Dubai will give you necessary information about teeth  braces in Dubai and braces prices in Dubai. 

After getting services from a periodontist in Dubai, dentist in Dubai and best orthodontist in Dubai, you are on a great road to a gorgeous smile. They will help you with basic guidelines for caring for the braces and teeth. 


Here are  five care habits to help you maintain your braces and keep your teeth healthy through this process :

  • Brushing teeth 

Brushing teeth while having braces is a prerogative. Every good dentist in Dubai says that regular brushing is essential for oral health in general. While your teeth are under braces it is more important than ever to maintain your oral health at top notch. Best orthodontist in Dubai will give you advice on how to properly brush your teeth while having braces. Plaque build up tends to happen more around braces brackets so brushing thoroughly is very important. 


  • Choose the right toothbrush

While considering teeth braces in Dubai, your best orthodontist in Dubai will suggest using the right toothbrush for your teeth while having braces. There are special toothbrushes made for brushing while having braces, they will help you get rid of that stubborn plaque around your braces brackets. 


  • Eat the right food 

Every good dentist in Dubai,  an orthodontist in Dubai or periodontist in Dubai will tell you that there are certain foods you should eat and there are those foods you should avoid while wearing braces. Cooked vegetables, soft breads, lean meats, soft fruits, yogurt and milk are the foods you should eat and popcorn, hard, crusty bread, hard candy, hard fruits, whole nuts or seeds are foods you should avoid. Keeping your braces from breaking will reduce braces price in Dubai. Fixing a broken brace will cost you some money, so avoiding things that can cause that will be to your benefit. 


  • Flossing and mouthwash

One might think that flossing is impossible with braces but every dentist in Dubai and your best orthodontist in Dubai will tell you that flossing is important for keeping your braces and your teeth in good shape. With flossing and using mouthwash your teeth and braces are set to last for the foreseeable future. They help remove food particles that toothbrushes couldn’t. Removing everything will help braces stay intact. 


  • Check your braces

Checking your braces after each tooth brushing will help you see any irregularities. Checking in the mirror can help you see if there are any food particles left of braces wires sticking out or being out of place. 


If you need any information or consultation about teeth braces in Dubai, braces price in Dubai you can find a good dentist in Dubai, best orthodontist in Dubai or periodontist in Dubai to help you with your particular needs. 

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