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Friendly dentists providing a range of dental treatments in dubai
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Top 5 care habits after Braces treatment

Have you ever thought about getting braces? Are you in need of braces but you are scared of how to maintain them? Good dentist in Dubai will recommend the best orthodontist in Dubai to help you with your issue. The best orthodontist in Dubai will give you necessary information about teeth  braces in Dubai and braces prices in Dubai. 

After getting services from a periodontist in Dubai, dentist in Dubai and best orthodontist in Dubai, you are on a great road to a gorgeous smile. They will help you with basic guidelines for caring for the braces and teeth. 


Here are  five care habits to help you maintain your braces and keep your teeth healthy through this process :

  • Brushing teeth 

Brushing teeth while having braces is a prerogative. Every good dentist in Dubai says that regular brushing is essential for oral health in general. While your teeth are under braces it is more important than ever to maintain your oral health at top notch. Best orthodontist in Dubai will give you advice on how to properly brush your teeth while having braces. Plaque build up tends to happen more around braces brackets so brushing thoroughly is very important. 


  • Choose the right toothbrush

While considering teeth braces in Dubai, your best orthodontist in Dubai will suggest using the right toothbrush for your teeth while having braces. There are special toothbrushes made for brushing while having braces, they will help you get rid of that stubborn plaque around your braces brackets. 


  • Eat the right food 

Every good dentist in Dubai,  an orthodontist in Dubai or periodontist in Dubai will tell you that there are certain foods you should eat and there are those foods you should avoid while wearing braces. Cooked vegetables, soft breads, lean meats, soft fruits, yogurt and milk are the foods you should eat and popcorn, hard, crusty bread, hard candy, hard fruits, whole nuts or seeds are foods you should avoid. Keeping your braces from breaking will reduce braces price in Dubai. Fixing a broken brace will cost you some money, so avoiding things that can cause that will be to your benefit. 


  • Flossing and mouthwash

One might think that flossing is impossible with braces but every dentist in Dubai and your best orthodontist in Dubai will tell you that flossing is important for keeping your braces and your teeth in good shape. With flossing and using mouthwash your teeth and braces are set to last for the foreseeable future. They help remove food particles that toothbrushes couldn’t. Removing everything will help braces stay intact. 


  • Check your braces

Checking your braces after each tooth brushing will help you see any irregularities. Checking in the mirror can help you see if there are any food particles left of braces wires sticking out or being out of place. 


If you need any information or consultation about teeth braces in Dubai, braces price in Dubai you can find a good dentist in Dubai, best orthodontist in Dubai or periodontist in Dubai to help you with your particular needs. 

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Quick Guide to Oral Surgery Treatments for a Smile Makeover

Dental treatment that enhances a patient’s look, including whitening or veneers, is cosmetic dentistry. The primary goal of the process is to improve the overall appearance of the teeth by enhancing their colour, location, shape, size, alignment, and general appearance.

Cosmetic dentistry may range from a bit of alteration to a significant overhaul of the teeth to improve the patient’s smile. Teeth that have become discoloured, dull, fractured, missing, or misplaced may be restored using various methods. Surgeons may perform a variety of procedures to improve the appearance of worn-out or misaligned teeth and regain their original shape, colour, and impressions.

Cosmetic dental is no longer reserved for the rich and famous. Even the average person will have this surgery to have a more attractive grin. Dentists nowadays have a vast range of equipment and procedures for surgery, both technologically and otherwise.

Cosmetic dental procedures come in a variety of forms:

It is used to lighten or whiten teeth. This technique involves removing food particles, beverages, and smoking stains from the teeth’s surface and returning their natural shine. Toothpaste may prevent tooth decay if it is of high quality.

People with good dental hygiene may get away with this surgery.

Tooth replacement with dental implants is a long-term remedy to lost teeth that is both beautiful and pricey. As an alternative to dentures that rest just on gums, implants are placed in the jawbone by a dental surgeon. A dental surgeon may recommend a bone transplant before placing an implant in patients who risk losing bone mass due to periodontal disease.

A specialist section of dentistry, dental orthodontics, involves repositioning or realigning molars to achieve a more attractive smile. This surgery was more often used on children in the past, but lately, adults are taking advantage of it.

Cosmetic dentistry includes a lot more than just teeth whitening.

The dangers and difficulties:
  • Like any other major surgery, cosmetic dentistry may result in problems of many kinds.
  • Consequences of prolonged use of dental anaesthetics include swellings, tiredness, and pain in the general population.
  • Toothache, tooth-breaking, or tooth sensitivity are all examples of dental pain.
  • Infections and recessions of the gums are examples of gum problems.
  • Complications of the bite include jaw pain.
  • Surgery-related complications such as bleeding, infection, and nerve injury can cause numbness.
  • Other issues, such as difficulty speaking,
Getting ready for cosmetic dentistry:

It’s usually a good idea to give anything a second look before committing to a dental procedure to enhance your smile. If you’ve already had the treatment, strictly adhere to the post-operative instructions. Complete oral hygiene and regular examinations are essential.

Overwhelmingly, dental studies have shown that individuals place a great deal of importance on their teeth’s look and how they affect their personality by enhancing their smiles. For the highly skilled Dentist in Dubai, you can visit the American Dental Clinic in Dubai which is the best dental clinic in Dubai.

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How Do You Make Wisdom Tooth Pain Go Away?

Wisdom Tooth Pain

Wisdom toothache is a common problem that can either be relieved at home or can compel you to make a quick trip to the dental clinic in Dubai.


This pain erupts when there is not enough space for the tooth to grow out from the gums. It puts pressure on the molar tooth in the front and can cause problems. Food particles and bacteria can get stuck in the area surrounding the wisdom tooth often leading to an infection.


The area around the tooth and the surrounding gums can also be infected and cause you a world of pain. The resulting swelling near the muscles that move the jaw can cause difficulty in the movement of the jaw, thus making it hard for you to open your mouth. It can also cause you pain to bite down as it puts pressure onto the swelling.


This is a medical procedure that can easily fix this problem; wisdom tooth removal. If you are ready to commit to the surgery, then go on ahead and book an appointment with the best dentist in Dubai and get your pain relieved.


Home Treatment For Wisdom Tooth Pain

Usually, this pain goes away on its own after a while, but there are certain things you can do to hurry the process.


The easiest mode of action is to take a few strong painkillers that instantly kill this horrific pain. Take painkillers that soothe your pain and work to reduce the swelling and the severe inflammation around the tooth area.


Remember to keep the infected clean of all bacteria for quick recovery. Brush around the wisdom tooth gently and with sensitive toothpaste. It will hurt but you must remember to clean the area regularly. You can also gargle with a salt and hot water mixture for pain relief, or a medicated mouthwash will work well too.


However, if the infection is spreading to your face and is more severe than anticipated, then a course of antibiotics from the American dental clinic will do you good.


As mentioned before, it is sometimes necessary to get a wisdom tooth removal. Frequent issues with your wisdom tooth give you a lot of pain. Pain which can be relieved with a quick surgery. The best dental clinic in Dubai has allocated the help of the best dentists in Dubai to ensure a quick and simple surgery of wisdom tooth removal. They ensure a comfortable surgery and no more problems with your wisdom teeth for the rest of your life.

Dentist examining a patient's teeth in the dentist.
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Cavities: Tooth Decay, Toothache, Causes, Prevention, and Treatment

What is a Cavity?

A cavity is a void in the tooth that develops because of tooth decay. Cavities build when acids of the mouth wear down or scratch off the protective upper layer of the tooth which is the enamel. It is very easy to get a cavity, it can also very easily be prevented by regular brushing and teeth cleanings.


The build up of cavities can be very tough on a person. Once it reaches a certain point of severity, it becomes difficult to control the pain that comes with having cavities. It is advised that you visit the best dental clinic in Dubai as soon as possible and have that cavity taken care of.


Toothache can be dealt with a few painkillers but it will only take so long for the problem to become imminent and a proper dental solution will be necessary. Which is why we advise you to visit the best dentist in Dubai and have that cavity looked at.

What are the Causes of Cavities?

There are many things additional to what is mentioned above that play a role in  the build up of cavities.


  1. Bacteria, acids and certain foods coagulate to form plaque which can result in cavities
  2. Bacteria already present in the mouth thrives off the sweet chemicals in food. This way, the bacteria turns the carbohydrates into acids.
  3. Lack of adequate flossing or brushing results in the erosion of the enamel by the acids in the plaque. This creates holes or cavities in the teeth.
Prevention of Cavities

According to the American dental clinic, the very basic way you can prevent a cavity is through proper brushing and flossing. It is wise to get regular cleanings to ensure your oral hygiene and a decrease in the chances of a cavity.


Brushing your teeth with a fluoride paste helps ensure proper cleaning. Devise a careful regiment where you use this toothpaste to brush your teeth twice a day, preferably after your meals. Flossings also works wonders as it ensures the complete elimination of residual food from your gums.


Reducing your intake of sweet sugars goes a long way to prevent a cavity. This way the bacteria will have no sugar to feed on and cause cavities.


In addition, make sure you get regular dental checkups from the best clinic in Dubai every 6 months to ensure the perfect health of your teeth. Getting dental sealants can help protect the enamel of your teeth from wearing down.

Treatment of Cavities

There are several treatments for a quick fix of cavities. These include:

  • Fluoride Treatments
  • Fillings
  • Root Canals
  • Tooth Extractions


These can be easily done and will be a quick process. If you are looking to fix a cavity, go on ahead and schedule an appointment with the best dental implant clinic in Dubai for your treatment.



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Dental Implants: Surgery, Advantages, Risks, and Insurance Questions

What is Dental Implant Surgery?

Dental implant surgery is a medical process that substitutes your tooth with metal and screw-like structures in order to replace destroyed or absent teeth with fabricated ones. This process is applied when the dentures and bridgework do not seem to be suitable.


There are certain factors that decide the method of this surgery like your teeth and jaw structure, as well as the severity of your case. Given below is the ground information anyone needs to know about dental implants. It also eases your search for a clinic as it promotes one of the best dental clinics in Dubai.

Advantages of Dental Implants

Listed below are some of the advantages you receive when you get a dental implant.

Imitate your natural teeth

Very rarely does it happen that one feels the difference of their dental implants. Dental implants are installed in a way that they feel like your normal teeth and you can hardly feel the difference in chewing.

They can last a long time

Unlike other procedures that may fall out or need to be installed again after a few years, dental implants have the ability to remain for a lifetime. They are made from titanium and attached to the jaw, meaning they are compatible with the body.

Eliminate gum disease

Dental implants fill the void of a damaged or absent tooth. This empty space generally allows gum disease to strike very easily. Having dental implants means that you do not need to worry about gum disease.


The aforementioned benefits are only a few of the many advantages you get with dental implants. These are more than enough to get you racing to the best American dental clinic for your dental implants.

Risks of Dental Implants

Any risks that run with dental implants are rare and minute. They are quickly and simply treated, requiring no worry.


  1. Infection at the location of the implant
  2. Trauma or disturbance to the surrounding organs of the implant
  3. Sinus infections in case of contact with the sinus cavities
  4. Nerve damage resulting in deep pain or tingling in the structures of the mouth.


Despite the clear risks, proper technique and quick solution will be enough for any possible after effects. The dental clinics in Dubai ensure careful operation and positive results.

Insurance on Dental Implants

General dental insurance does not cover the cost of dental implants. However, some medical insurance plans do allow the coverage depending upon the nature of loss. To know more about the topic, it is advised to contact your insurance provider.


There you have it, a basic knowledge of all things related to dental implants. So get ready to fill any gaps and get some of the best dental implants in Dubai.

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Where is the best place to get braces in Dubai

It can be hard to know which dentist or dental specialist to go to, especially when it is for something as important as cosmetic dental surgery. It’s always a good idea to get recommendations from friends, colleagues, or your regular dentist.  In Dubai, the American Medical and Dental Centre has a wide range of dentists, all of whom are highly trained, have excellent skills, and work with children, teens, adults and geriatrics. The AMDC can get you that Hollywood smile.

What about dental braces?

Most people will go to an orthodontist for their dental braces, in particular children or teens who need ceramic braces or metal braces. These teeth braces cost less and work well, and are usually the best braces for teeth straightening. Many teens prefer invisible braces – they find it awkward smiling and bearing a mouthful of metal – but it really is an individual choice, and a budget choice. The orthodontists at AMDC are well aware that having braces can be awkward, for anyone of any age, and have made quite sure that their invisible braces are well priced and available to all.

Is there such a thing as cheap braces?

Parents sometimes procrastinate when it comes to taking their kids to the orthodontist, or themselves, because they feel the price is going to be daunting. Getting dental braces is a process, and depending on the state of the teeth, may be a year, or two, and sometimes worst case scenario, longer. The good news is you can pay off the braces, and generally, and again it depends on which Dubai dentist you choose, the monthly fees are not too high. Technology has ensured that not only can you get the best braces at decent prices, but also that you can get invisible braces and ‘skip’ that awkward stage. Dental clinics in Dubai use the latest technology, always good for the news.

Metal, ceramic or invisible braces

There is a huge trend towards adults getting dental braces as the invisible braces really are incredible and are almost incognito braces. They also work pretty quickly, are less painful (hardly painful at all actually) and the adjustments are easy. Saying that, ceramic braces or metal braces have also made huge advances in technology and the given the teeth braces cost, many people opt for metal braces or ceramic braces.

It is important to note that there are other types of invisible braces, such as Invisalign, also on offer at the AMDC in Dubai, and a good dentist can do these, and are trained to do these, one does not have to go to an orthodontist. When you need specialist dental work in Dubai, you can get hold of AMDC.

What questions should you ask your orthodontist?

A good orthodontist in Dubai will always tell you what to expect. You probably should not have to ask any questions, as they will go through the process with you, but:-

  • Is there a difference between metal braces and ceramic braces?
  • Are invisible braces an option for you?
  • What is the cost of all the dental braces?
  • Which are the best braces recommended for your particular problem?
  • How long will the entire process take?
  • How long is each visit?
  • What can you expect at the end of your dental braces procedure?
  • Is there such a thing as cheap braces?
  • Will there be discomfort?

And always, always, insist and before and after pics.  Because your mouth is going to look fabulous!

Contact the AMDC right here.

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Do you need to get to the dentist urgently?

One of the things everyone realised during the Covid-19 lockdown was how desperately they needed the dentist. Nobody likes that fuzzy and grimy feeling that you get on your teeth from a build up of plaque, and pretty much everyone realised how they do need to maintain their dental hygiene!

General dental hygiene

Whether you want a regular dental check up, teeth whitening, orthodontics, veneers, root canal or dental implants, visiting the dentist over this time of Covid-19 can be stressful. It is important that you choose the right Dubai dentist, one who follows all the protocols. You want to ensure that you go to a dentist where you are safe, and also, where the staff are safe.  Let’s take a look at some of the dental protocols in place.

Dental protocols during Covid-19

  1. Appointments must be made in advance.
  2. Patients must complete a Covid-19 form prior to the appointment.
  3. If patients have been travelling, or exposed to Covid-19, they must quarantine prior to seeing the dentist.
  4. Patients and staff will have their temperatures taken.
  5. Patients and staff must wear masks.
  6. Hand sanitiser must be available in all dental clinics, in all rooms.
  7. Staff, including dentists, specialists and cleaners, must be tested regularly.
  8. Anyone with any exposure or signs of illness must stay home / be quarantined.
  9. Patient details must always be noted in case tracing needs to be done.
  10. Dentists in close quarters with patients must wear protective gear.
  11. All staff must maintain social distancing.
  12. Social distancing, between dentist and patient must be undertaken when possible.
  13. When social distancing is not possible, the dentist must be fully masked / correctly geared.

If you are having dental implants, or any dental issues, of course your dentists is going to be working with his or her hands in your mouth. In this case, just like going to a doctor, social distancing is possible. Your dentist must therefore take extreme measures with hygiene, masks and protective gear, to ensure that neither you, nor they, can transmit a disease.

A good Dubai dentist will always follow the strictest hygiene protocols. You and your dentist, especially if you are getting dental implants, are going to spend a bit of time together. You have the appointment, the assessment, the measuring and design, and then the fitting. It is imperative that this is all done correctly, professionally and safely. Saying that, Covid-19 is not a time to avoid the dentist or doctor. The longer you leave a  necessary dental procedure, the worse your condition will become.

If you feel you need to get to your dentist, whether urgently or for a regular check-up, make the appointment now. The Covid-19 form is not a difficult one to complete, and your dentist will probably want it completed the day prior to your appointment. Thereafter, on arrival, they will take your temperature and ensure your safety. In Dubai we would recommend the American Medical and Dental Clinic, safe, professional and extremely hygienic.

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Learn the difference between surgical and simple Extraction

What causes tooth extraction ?

The only one can decide that your tooth need to extract is your specialized dentist.

All efforts should be made to aim to treatment and restore your tooth before taking the decision of tooth extraction.

But, in some cases the tooth extraction is so necessary.

What are the main reasons for tooth extraction?

  • Trauma/ sharp tooth damage.
  • Trauma in the nerve of the tooth.
  • Partial detonation.

What are removing teeth steps ?
First Dubai dentists will see your dental history and asking about any other disease.

Then the dentist will take X-rays to.

definite  the shape, position and length of the tooth and surrounding bone. So the dentist can decide the right way to tooth extraction .

Dentists in Dubai  should use a pain killer where the extraction will take place.

For a simple extraction, after the pain killer the dentist uses an elevator to take the tooth out. When the dentist may choose to close the area with a stitch after finishing extraction.


When should we go to  Surgical Extraction?


There is another way Dubai dentist use for teeth extraction which used when the tooth is invisible or burred into the gum   .

Reasons for Surgical Extractions:

By taking an x-ray and examination help the dentist determine whether your extraction will be simple or surgical. But there are special cases that the dentist decide it is a simple but within the process it turns to surgical.

As if a tooth breaks off during the process, it may need to be taken out in pieces.

  • Wisdom teeth need surgical extraction because they’re not completely blew up into the mouth.
  • In this case dentist need to cut through bone and tissue. Remove severely the broken teeth.
  • Other examples of surgical extractions are root tips or teeth with long-curved roots.

Simple Extractions vs. Surgical Extractions:

Simple Extractions :These are created on teeth that are clear seen in the mouth, the general dentist can do it by simply way, without requiring to oral surgeons.

Surgical extraction :These are related to teeth that are invisible in the mouth, and can be performed by oral surgeons.

Also, you have to know that type of tooth extraction may be performed through local anesthesia.

Post-Extraction Instructions:

You should follow your dentist instructions whatever you need simple or surgical to help recover fast and get rid of any intricacies.

  • Stop the bleeding by using a pad for half an hour after the extraction .
  • For the first two hours after extraction avoid much talking, eating and drinking.
  • You need to drink a well amount of cold liquids after stop the bleeding.
  • Start a diet with soft foods and liquids for the first day.
  • Avoid brushing your teeth for half a day.
  • Use a mouthwash and lukewarm water instead of tooth brush.
  • Follow your dentist’s instructions on using any pain killer medications.
  • Call your dentist if you have any abnormal pain or bleeding.

After totally recovering you can discuss with your dentist about tooth replacement options to restore the function and beautify to your smile.

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How To Care Of Your Teeth After Filling?

How To Care Of Your Teeth After Filling?

Your dentist is the only one can decide if you need dental fillings so he will use different methods to know if you have tooth decay (caries), including:
•Visual Examination—stains or discolored spots on your teeth can be a main cause of decay
Dentists in Dubai can decide if this decay is important and need filling or not .
•X-rays — Dentist may need to use X-rays to show hard decay or damage in the tooth.
•Dentist often use X-rays to show the hard limitation and decay and activities.
•Using Laser to detect cavity —Laser is especially useful for pit and fissure areas on the top surfaces of your chewing teeth.
Decay is not the only reason for fillings.
Some reasons of filling :
•Teeth have fractures or Cracks.
•Unusual using of tooth, such as:
2.Tooth grinding .
3.Using your teeth to open things.
Steps to a Filling
When you visit dental clinic in Dubai for filling ,Dubai dentists will give you an anesthetic.
Next, the dentist will use a drill to remove decay from the tooth in order to clean it.
They also can use laser to remove decay.
After removing decay, the dentist will prepare the space for installing the filling.
Fillings have different types so need different procedures to ensure that they will harden in its place.
Dentist in Dubai may put some materials to protect the tooth’s pulp.
Fluoride is a main content in Some of these materials to protect the tooth from long time decay.
Before placing the filling Dubai dentist will use acid gel.
He fills these material in the cavities and gaps.
The dentist also use binding material, to bond the filling to the tooth indifferent ways.
Blinded fillings can reduce the risk of decay after the filling.
Dubai dentists use special light to harden the filling into the tooth. Together with the fillings, This hardens and strengthens the material.
Finally, after placing the filling, your dentist will polish the tooth.
Instructions after Fillings :
Some people may have sensitivity from pressure, air, hot cold and sweet foods.
Some kind of fillings cause sensitivity.
-High filling is the most common reason for pain.
Dubai dentists can use different methods to reduce the height of the filling.
– The second reason of pain is very hard shock that happens only when your teeth touch.
It is caused by two metals producing an electric current in your mouth.
It would happen, for example, if you had a new filling and a metal crown at the same side of jaw one in the bottom and the other one above it .
Within one or two weeks sensitivity will decrease.
So try to keep away of anything that causes sensitivity .
If it doesn’t decrease contact your dentist’s office and ask for a visit to help decreasing it .
It’s important to keep your dentist in touch. So if you need another filling in any other time the dentist can use different materials decrease your sensitivity.

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Critical Conditions When the Implants are more Suitable Solutions

What is Dental Implants?

A dental implant or teeth fixture means the surgical treatment to fix the dental prosthesis in the bone of jaw or skull to support an artificial tooth for filling out the space of broken or missing teeth. The dental prosthesis can be of different types like bridge, crowns, orthodontic anchor, facial prosthesis, and denture. The entire surgical process is classified or divided into few steps in which the examination, insertion of the implants and the fixture of bridge or crown are included. In fact, this is a critical surgical process for the dental care. However, the experienced and leading dentists in Dubai as well as in the world conduct this surgical process very well.

Candidates Fit for Implants:

There are specific conditions when the people should go for the implants. Basically, the dentists in Dubai recommend the implant and dental surgeries after comprehensive checkup and examination of the patients. Anyways, there are several requirements and ideal conditions when you can decide for the dental implant. Some conditions are;

  • Healthy and strong gums
  • No cavity
  • Sufficient bone in dimension
  • Pain-free jaw and skull
  • Health consciousness and caring person
  • No teeth or mouth infection
  • The fastest wound recovery
  • Good stamina and tolerance power etc.

When Avoid Dental Implant?

Sometimes, the people in Dubai choose the top and leading dentists for the dental implants and later on, they experience several oral issues and lasting injuries. Basically, you should never ask for the implant if you do not qualify for this surgical treatment. If you have any of the following conditions and habits, then you must avoid implant.

  • Tobacco smoking
  • Drugs addiction
  • Regular alcohol drinking
  • Pregnant women from conception to the delivery
  • Radiation treatments for head or neck injuries
  • Jawbones growth is in process
  • Uncontrolled and uncertain diabetes
  • Connective tissue disorders
  • Chronic diseases
  • Hemophilia
  • Immune system deficiency etc.

Doubtful Conditions for Implant:

On the other side, you should also be aware of the health conditions and significant situations when you should never go for the dental implant. These situations may cause further health complications and failure of the dental implant. A professional, experienced and certified dentist always suggests the patients give up dental implant if they have;

  • Lasting treatments and continuous intake of the medicines
  • Habit of taking steroids
  • The habits to clench and grind the teeth
  • Blood pressure uncertainty etc.

Implant Process:

The implant process is a bit complicated, lengthy and sensitive. The dentists always complete this treatment in four general steps. The people mostly prefer the dentists and the dental care clinics that offer the same day implants. These four segments of the dental implant are;


It is the first step in which the dentists only examine the teeth conditions, jaws, and the skull before to start implant process.

2-Implant Process:

In this step, the dentists apply implant and fix it in the jaw bone or skull through a comprehensive methodology.

3-Teeth Preparation:

Now, the dentists prepare the suitable and compatible teeth for the implant. They prepare the teeth according to specific dimensions of the teeth.

4-Crown or Bridge Fitting:

Finally, the dentists fix the crowns or bridges to accomplish the dental implant process. Now, they patients have to take rest and follow the instructions of dentists exactly and completely.

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