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When Is a Dental Crown Recommended?

Have you ever thought about getting dental crowns but you are not sure if they are for you?

Reaching out to a nearby dental clinic and having a checkup with a good dentist in Dubai can help you decide and get informed about possible solutions for your oral health problems. Finding a good dental clinic in Dubai will be for your benefit, because finding a great periodontist in Dubai and a top dentist in Dubai can make the whole experience of fixing teeth and oral problems much more comfortable. 

Dental crowns are used very regularly by dentists, to help with dental restoration. 

Every good dentist in Dubai and periodontist in Dubai will give you an extensive check up and help come up with the best solution for your problem. A good dental clinic in Dubai should have a variety of options for dental crowns, and a good dentist will provide you with the best possible solution. 

A good dentist in Dubai or a top dentist in Dubai will inform you about the options and reasons why you would need a dental crown.

A good dental clinic in Dubai suggests that there are a few reasons for getting dental crowns, such as:

  • Tooth decay 

A dental crown in this case is used if there is an infection in the tooth or in the gums. A good dentist in Dubai will inform you about the fact that  if it does  not get  treated in time, then the tooth decays and it will require a dental crown to fix the problem. The tooth that has decayed is replaced by various dental crowns. 


  • Tooth chips and cracks 

If you broke or chipped your tooth by accident, a  top dentist in Dubai will suggest fixing it with a dental crown. Fixing chips and cracks are not mandatory but they are considered widely aesthetically wise. 


  • Various teeth imperfections

Visiting a nearby dental clinic or a good dental clinic in Dubai will give you peace of mind. If you have any other tooth imperfections such as prominent and stubborn discoloration or tooth breakage a good dentist in Dubai can suggest you to get a dental crown. A dental crown can cover a stained and discolored tooth and give it a whole new look  and for tooth breakage it can cover and stop it from further breakage. 


No matter what dental problem you might have, a good dentist in Dubai or periodontist in Dubai will give you an extensive check up at a nearby dental clinic. Every top dentist in Dubai will suggest various options for your problem and help you come up with the best solution for you specifically. 


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How to Fix Cigarettes’ Negative Impact on Teeth

We all know how cigarettes negatively impact our overall health. How negatively cigarettes impact our oral health is just more visible on teeth. Yellow teeth and bad breath are just a tip of an iceberg of negative impacts from cigarettes. Every good dentist in Dubai  or periodontist in Dubai will inform you of the negative effects of cigarette consumption. A dentist in Dubai will inform you about different medical problems cigarettes can cause such as: tooth staining, gum disease, tooth loss and the most severe is mouth cancer. 

A dentist in Dubai or periodontist in Dubai will suggest you quit smoking, have regular checkups and brush and floss on a daily basis, because that is best for your overall health. 

There are a few other medical options to help you fix the negative impact from  cigarettes such as: dental cleaning and teeth whitening. There are many at home teeth whitening kits, but for a safer procedure dentist in Dubai suggests teeth whitening at the dentist office. There is laser teeth whitening and zoom teeth whitening. Even though this might seem too expensive for a Hollywood smile price in Dubai you will get your money’s worth. At home whitening kits might seem a lot cheaper at first, but they can’t give you the result you can get at the dentist in Dubai. 


Laser Teeth Whitening

A good dentist in Dubai or a periodontist in Dubai may suggest this type of procedure to help you fix your stained teeth. This type of teeth whitening involves bleaching gel and a laser. It makes your teeth whiter by reducing discoloration of your teeth. This procedure has to be done in a dentist’s office. A dentist in Dubai will put a bleaching gel on your teeth, and after a few minutes will direct a laser towards the teeth. The bleaching gel is heated by the laser which activates its whitening properties. After that, the dentist will rinse the bleaching gel. Laser teeth whitening is painless but if done too often it can damage teeth enamel. The whitening effects from  laser teeth whitening are temporary so quitting smoking is the ultimate goal, otherwise you will need whitening again after some time. 


Zoom Whitening in Dubai

If you want a more long term result, zoom whitening can be for you. Before doing this procedure a dentist in Dubai will give you an extensive check-up of your oral health and determine if this type of teeth whitening is suitable for you. After determining your suitability, teeth cleaning is necessary. A good dentist in Dubai will remove all the plaque build up before starting with zoom whitening. After cleaning a dentist will apply hydrogen peroxide, a whitening gel, on your teeth. Using a zoom light lamp it activates the hydrogen peroxide allowing it to penetrate the enamel to remove the tooth stain. There are three sessions during this treatment, each lasting about 15 minutes. The dentist in Dubai will reapply the gel exposing it to zoom light again. After the treatment is done the dentist applied fluoride paste gel to reduce teeth sensitivity post treatment. 


A good dentist in Dubai or a periodontist in Dubai will tell you if you are a candidate for this procedure and if you can get a desired shade with zoom whitening. A Hollywood smile price in Dubai will be more worthy in the long run than simple  at home whitening kits. Consult your dentist in Dubai to help you have the best option to fix your problem. 


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Top 5 care habits after Braces treatment

Have you ever thought about getting braces? Are you in need of braces but you are scared of how to maintain them? Good dentist in Dubai will recommend the best orthodontist in Dubai to help you with your issue. The best orthodontist in Dubai will give you necessary information about teeth  braces in Dubai and braces prices in Dubai. 

After getting services from a periodontist in Dubai, dentist in Dubai and best orthodontist in Dubai, you are on a great road to a gorgeous smile. They will help you with basic guidelines for caring for the braces and teeth. 


Here are  five care habits to help you maintain your braces and keep your teeth healthy through this process :

  • Brushing teeth 

Brushing teeth while having braces is a prerogative. Every good dentist in Dubai says that regular brushing is essential for oral health in general. While your teeth are under braces it is more important than ever to maintain your oral health at top notch. Best orthodontist in Dubai will give you advice on how to properly brush your teeth while having braces. Plaque build up tends to happen more around braces brackets so brushing thoroughly is very important. 


  • Choose the right toothbrush

While considering teeth braces in Dubai, your best orthodontist in Dubai will suggest using the right toothbrush for your teeth while having braces. There are special toothbrushes made for brushing while having braces, they will help you get rid of that stubborn plaque around your braces brackets. 


  • Eat the right food 

Every good dentist in Dubai,  an orthodontist in Dubai or periodontist in Dubai will tell you that there are certain foods you should eat and there are those foods you should avoid while wearing braces. Cooked vegetables, soft breads, lean meats, soft fruits, yogurt and milk are the foods you should eat and popcorn, hard, crusty bread, hard candy, hard fruits, whole nuts or seeds are foods you should avoid. Keeping your braces from breaking will reduce braces price in Dubai. Fixing a broken brace will cost you some money, so avoiding things that can cause that will be to your benefit. 


  • Flossing and mouthwash

One might think that flossing is impossible with braces but every dentist in Dubai and your best orthodontist in Dubai will tell you that flossing is important for keeping your braces and your teeth in good shape. With flossing and using mouthwash your teeth and braces are set to last for the foreseeable future. They help remove food particles that toothbrushes couldn’t. Removing everything will help braces stay intact. 


  • Check your braces

Checking your braces after each tooth brushing will help you see any irregularities. Checking in the mirror can help you see if there are any food particles left of braces wires sticking out or being out of place. 


If you need any information or consultation about teeth braces in Dubai, braces price in Dubai you can find a good dentist in Dubai, best orthodontist in Dubai or periodontist in Dubai to help you with your particular needs. 

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Dental Implants Near me: How to Find the Best Tooth Replacement

Having lost or damaged teeth necessitates a thorough investigation into the best replacement technique. If you’re unsure which one is right for you, visit a dental clinic in Dubai and talk to the best dentist in Dubai about your alternatives. Natural-looking tooth replacements are what you’d want to have. Restorative & cosmetic dentistry are likely to come up in your research if you’re looking at your possibilities. Dentistry that focuses on restorative and aesthetic aspects is known as dental restorative dentistry.

The following are the three standard procedures for implant placement:

  • Implantation of the post is done surgically
  • Recovery from implant surgery.
  • In some circumstances, a dentist may execute all of the processes in a single appointment, whereas, in others, the procedure requires many visits.


Dental Implants: The Good and the Bad
  • Cosmetic and functional properties are identical to those of a natural tooth.
  • Dental work is very long-lasting and may endure for decades. Providing you take good care of them; they may last a very long time.
  • The tooth has a solid and sturdy feel to it.
Fixed-Bond Bridges

Dentures with abutment teeth on each side of a gap are called dental bridges. The abutment teeth in a standard bridge are covered with dental crowns; however, with this bridge, a metal or porcelain framework is attached to the backs of the abutment teeth. Only natural teeth on each side allow for this kind of bridge installation.


There are several advantages to using fixed bonded bridges
  • Compared to dental implants, fixed bonded bridges resemble natural teeth and are less costly.
  • You don’t have to take out the permanent bridges to clean or eat.


Advantages of partial dentures that may be taken out and cleaned
  • Compared to dental implants or a permanent bridge, this is typically a more economical choice.
  • Compared to dental implants and fixed bridges, this procedure is far less intrusive and takes much less time to complete.
Dentures Supported by Implants

Using implants rather than glue for retention makes implant-supported dentures more durable than regular dentures. Dentures attached to dental implants are more stable and don’t need glue.

Implant-Supported Dentures have several advantages:
  • A low-cost way to significantly increase your chewing and smiling abilities
  • Because of the implants’ support, glue is no longer necessary, and the teeth behave more like natural ones
Best dental implants near me?

The best dental implants in Dubai are done by American Medical and Dental Center. They perform some of the most significant dental implants in Dubai. Since 2006, They have had the best dentist in Dubai. They have delivered high-quality medical and dental treatment to adults and children in the United Arab Emirates. They are dedicated to providing you with the best dental care possible with the help of the best doctors available across the globe.

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Dental Implants VS Bridges – Finding What’s Best for You | AMDC

Dental Implants: What Are They?

Dental implants are surgically implanted into your jawbone and then fused, making them a permanent part of your smile. An abutment is attached to a post frame once the fusing process is complete. This protrudes over your gum line and provides a space for the dental crown, which is screwed or cemented.

A Dental Bridge: What Is It and How Does It Work?

A bridge was formerly the sole choice for closing a gap in your smile. A dental bridge is still an option for those who have two or more lost teeth. When a tooth is lost, a dental bridge fills in the gap left by that missing tooth’s absence. As a result, your dentist would have to grind down one or more nearby teeth to serve as a support for the repair.

How is a bridge different from an implant and what are the correlations?

On the other hand, implants replace the whole root of a tooth, while bridges cover the surface. The crown that replaces the lost tooth is attached to one or both of your neighbouring teeth, which act as a support. Dental bridges may replace one to four teeth, depending on the patient’s requirements. It may replace over four teeth in certain rare circumstances, but only if there are enough healthy teeth to join the dental crowns together.

In terms of oral health, dental implants and fixed bridges may assist replace teeth that have been lost. Getting a crown implies that adjacent teeth must be polished down so the crown/cap can be inserted. A bridge is a false tooth consisting of two dental crowns. The crowns which support a bridge need the physical alteration of healthy teeth.

As a result, implant-supported dental bridges are now a viable option for those who are in need. Dental implants are surgically inserted into the jawbone; dental implants are titanium screws that operate as prosthetic tooth roots. When a dental bridge is attached to titanium implants, the body doesn’t identify it as alien.

Thus it becomes a natural part of the patient’s anatomy. Implant-supported bridges are simple caps (crowns) fixed to the titanium screw that they are attached.

Bridges and implants as dental aesthetics

Even after a bridge is put in place, the bone used to keep a tooth in business continues to shrink. The contour of your face may be altered if you have numerous missing teeth. Using this might make a person seem older. The ability to preserve bone density is one of the many advantages of dental implants. There may be a need for a bone transplant initially, but as the metal sets, the bone is safe. A broader and more natural-looking jawline will be the result.

You may make an educated choice regarding dental implants & bridges if you know these aspects. For an informed selection to be made, it is necessary to examine the benefits of each alternative

If you are looking for the best dental clinic in Dubai for the best dental implants then you should consider the American Medical Center. They are equipped with the best biomedical machines of the new era of dentistry and the best doctors in the world.

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Best dental Insurance for Implants in 2022

There are dental insurance policies that cover some or all dental care expenses. Monthly premiums, yearly or lifetime deductibles, copayments and coinsurance might all be included in a plan. To keep your costs down, dental insurance providers negotiate pricing with providers in their network.

A dental insurance policy exists independently of a health insurance policy in most cases. Insurance for your teeth and gums may be included in your health insurance package from your employer or acquired separately from an insurance provider if you are self-employed and have access to one.

Some dental policies may well have a waiting time until they begin to cover you or exclude pre-existing diseases from their coverage. An annual maximum limit, which limits the insurer’s contribution to dental expenditures for a given year, is standard in most plans.

How Much Dental Insurance Coverage Do You Usually Get?

No deductible or copay is required for most dental treatments, including routine checkups and diagnostic procedures.

Treatments are usually funded at 80% to 50% of the cost.

In general, dental insurance will pay for the following treatments and procedures:

  • 100% of regular and preventative services. This package includes dental x-rays, examinations, cleanings, fluoride treatments, and dental sealants.
  • 80% of the essential services. Fillings, tooth extractions, and root canals are all included in this list.
  • 50% of the essential services. Dentists provide a variety of options for teeth that aren’t only functional but also beautiful.
  • Dental insurance does not cover aesthetic operations like teeth whitening & cosmetic veneers that aren’t medically necessary. However, some firms may provide other advantages, like tooth whitening, which may be purchased as an add-on benefit.
When Choosing a Dental Insurance Plan, What to Consider?

The best dental insurance plan might be challenging to choose. If you’re comparing dental plans, ask yourself the following questions before deciding.

What are the out-of-pocket expenses connected with the dental plan you have selected?

For many dental plans, you must first pay a deductible before any out-of-pocket expenses for treatment to be reimbursed. There may also be an annual maximum allowance each year, so insurers will not pay anything over that amount.

Consider these variables when deciding whether or not to employ an out-of-network dentist or if you’ll require operations or treatments that are not covered by your insurance plan.

Which dentists are included in the dental network’s list of participants?

To keep your present dentist, inquire about their insurance policies. When it comes to best dental insurance, some firms offer a vast network of providers, whereas others compel patients to use only those in their network to be covered. To keep your insurance expenses down, check to discover whether dentists in your region are covered by the plan you’re considering.

What is the scope of the plan?

When evaluating dental insurance, keep your present and future dental requirements in mind. Preventive procedures, like exams, x-rays, tooth cleanings, fluoride treatments, and sealants, are often covered. If you’re looking for a plan covering orthodontics, read the fine print before signing up.

Best dental implants near me?

American Medical and Dental Center is the best dental clinic in Dubai and has the most effective dental insurance plans. They have the best dentists in Dubai since they recognize that paying for dental care might be challenging. They have established connections with reputable dental insurance providers in Dubai so that your dental care will be hassle-free and cost-free.

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Quick Guide to Oral Surgery Treatments for a Smile Makeover

Dental treatment that enhances a patient’s look, including whitening or veneers, is cosmetic dentistry. The primary goal of the process is to improve the overall appearance of the teeth by enhancing their colour, location, shape, size, alignment, and general appearance.

Cosmetic dentistry may range from a bit of alteration to a significant overhaul of the teeth to improve the patient’s smile. Teeth that have become discoloured, dull, fractured, missing, or misplaced may be restored using various methods. Surgeons may perform a variety of procedures to improve the appearance of worn-out or misaligned teeth and regain their original shape, colour, and impressions.

Cosmetic dental is no longer reserved for the rich and famous. Even the average person will have this surgery to have a more attractive grin. Dentists nowadays have a vast range of equipment and procedures for surgery, both technologically and otherwise.

Cosmetic dental procedures come in a variety of forms:

It is used to lighten or whiten teeth. This technique involves removing food particles, beverages, and smoking stains from the teeth’s surface and returning their natural shine. Toothpaste may prevent tooth decay if it is of high quality.

People with good dental hygiene may get away with this surgery.

Tooth replacement with dental implants is a long-term remedy to lost teeth that is both beautiful and pricey. As an alternative to dentures that rest just on gums, implants are placed in the jawbone by a dental surgeon. A dental surgeon may recommend a bone transplant before placing an implant in patients who risk losing bone mass due to periodontal disease.

A specialist section of dentistry, dental orthodontics, involves repositioning or realigning molars to achieve a more attractive smile. This surgery was more often used on children in the past, but lately, adults are taking advantage of it.

Cosmetic dentistry includes a lot more than just teeth whitening.

The dangers and difficulties:
  • Like any other major surgery, cosmetic dentistry may result in problems of many kinds.
  • Consequences of prolonged use of dental anaesthetics include swellings, tiredness, and pain in the general population.
  • Toothache, tooth-breaking, or tooth sensitivity are all examples of dental pain.
  • Infections and recessions of the gums are examples of gum problems.
  • Complications of the bite include jaw pain.
  • Surgery-related complications such as bleeding, infection, and nerve injury can cause numbness.
  • Other issues, such as difficulty speaking,
Getting ready for cosmetic dentistry:

It’s usually a good idea to give anything a second look before committing to a dental procedure to enhance your smile. If you’ve already had the treatment, strictly adhere to the post-operative instructions. Complete oral hygiene and regular examinations are essential.

Overwhelmingly, dental studies have shown that individuals place a great deal of importance on their teeth’s look and how they affect their personality by enhancing their smiles. For the highly skilled Dentist in Dubai, you can visit the American Dental Clinic in Dubai which is the best dental clinic in Dubai.

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How Do You Make Wisdom Tooth Pain Go Away?

Wisdom Tooth Pain

Wisdom toothache is a common problem that can either be relieved at home or can compel you to make a quick trip to the dental clinic in Dubai.


This pain erupts when there is not enough space for the tooth to grow out from the gums. It puts pressure on the molar tooth in the front and can cause problems. Food particles and bacteria can get stuck in the area surrounding the wisdom tooth often leading to an infection.


The area around the tooth and the surrounding gums can also be infected and cause you a world of pain. The resulting swelling near the muscles that move the jaw can cause difficulty in the movement of the jaw, thus making it hard for you to open your mouth. It can also cause you pain to bite down as it puts pressure onto the swelling.


This is a medical procedure that can easily fix this problem; wisdom tooth removal. If you are ready to commit to the surgery, then go on ahead and book an appointment with the best dentist in Dubai and get your pain relieved.


Home Treatment For Wisdom Tooth Pain

Usually, this pain goes away on its own after a while, but there are certain things you can do to hurry the process.


The easiest mode of action is to take a few strong painkillers that instantly kill this horrific pain. Take painkillers that soothe your pain and work to reduce the swelling and the severe inflammation around the tooth area.


Remember to keep the infected clean of all bacteria for quick recovery. Brush around the wisdom tooth gently and with sensitive toothpaste. It will hurt but you must remember to clean the area regularly. You can also gargle with a salt and hot water mixture for pain relief, or a medicated mouthwash will work well too.


However, if the infection is spreading to your face and is more severe than anticipated, then a course of antibiotics from the American dental clinic will do you good.


As mentioned before, it is sometimes necessary to get a wisdom tooth removal. Frequent issues with your wisdom tooth give you a lot of pain. Pain which can be relieved with a quick surgery. The best dental clinic in Dubai has allocated the help of the best dentists in Dubai to ensure a quick and simple surgery of wisdom tooth removal. They ensure a comfortable surgery and no more problems with your wisdom teeth for the rest of your life.

Dentist examining a patient's teeth in the dentist.
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Cavities: Tooth Decay, Toothache, Causes, Prevention, and Treatment

What is a Cavity?

A cavity is a void in the tooth that develops because of tooth decay. Cavities build when acids of the mouth wear down or scratch off the protective upper layer of the tooth which is the enamel. It is very easy to get a cavity, it can also very easily be prevented by regular brushing and teeth cleanings.


The build up of cavities can be very tough on a person. Once it reaches a certain point of severity, it becomes difficult to control the pain that comes with having cavities. It is advised that you visit the best dental clinic in Dubai as soon as possible and have that cavity taken care of.


Toothache can be dealt with a few painkillers but it will only take so long for the problem to become imminent and a proper dental solution will be necessary. Which is why we advise you to visit the best dentist in Dubai and have that cavity looked at.

What are the Causes of Cavities?

There are many things additional to what is mentioned above that play a role in  the build up of cavities.


  1. Bacteria, acids and certain foods coagulate to form plaque which can result in cavities
  2. Bacteria already present in the mouth thrives off the sweet chemicals in food. This way, the bacteria turns the carbohydrates into acids.
  3. Lack of adequate flossing or brushing results in the erosion of the enamel by the acids in the plaque. This creates holes or cavities in the teeth.
Prevention of Cavities

According to the American dental clinic, the very basic way you can prevent a cavity is through proper brushing and flossing. It is wise to get regular cleanings to ensure your oral hygiene and a decrease in the chances of a cavity.


Brushing your teeth with a fluoride paste helps ensure proper cleaning. Devise a careful regiment where you use this toothpaste to brush your teeth twice a day, preferably after your meals. Flossings also works wonders as it ensures the complete elimination of residual food from your gums.


Reducing your intake of sweet sugars goes a long way to prevent a cavity. This way the bacteria will have no sugar to feed on and cause cavities.


In addition, make sure you get regular dental checkups from the best clinic in Dubai every 6 months to ensure the perfect health of your teeth. Getting dental sealants can help protect the enamel of your teeth from wearing down.

Treatment of Cavities

There are several treatments for a quick fix of cavities. These include:

  • Fluoride Treatments
  • Fillings
  • Root Canals
  • Tooth Extractions


These can be easily done and will be a quick process. If you are looking to fix a cavity, go on ahead and schedule an appointment with the best dental implant clinic in Dubai for your treatment.



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How Much do Veneers Cost? What You Need to Know

For a decade now, there has been a rapid increase in consciousness concerning physical appearance. Earlier it was a celebrity affair. However, now more and more people seem to be opting for aesthetic treatments, particularly in sound economies like Dubai.

Dental procedures are quite costly in Dubai, and when it comes to cosmetic dentistry, it’s even high priced. The cost of veneers may vary based on various factors such as the type of veneers, the dentist you consult, and the clinical setup.

What are Veneers?

Cosmetic dentistry is a huge industry that offers services to give you a better smile and help you overcome the flaws that can shake one’s confidence. Veneers are recommended for teeth having fluorosis, uneven shape, and size, or discolorations. Veneers are laminations that camouflage defects and make your teeth aesthetically appealing. Let’s have a look at the cost of veneers in Dubai.

1.    Composite Veneers

Composite veneers are tooth-colored veneers made from composite (tooth-colored) filling. In Dubai, it costs around 200 AED- 400 AED per tooth. Composite veneers are the cheapest available option as compared to other varieties such as porcelain or palatal ones. A composite veneer can last up to 5- 7 years.


Bright side: A chipped composite veneer can be repaired and fixed.


2.    Porcelain Veneers

These are made up of porcelain (a hard white translucent ceramic). It’s stronger and durable. The dentist is supposed to remove some layer of tooth enamel in order to cement the porcelain veneers. The cost of Porcelain veneers in Dubai is around 500 AED-800 AED per tooth. Its durability is 10-15 years.


Bright side: Porcelain Veneers have better resistance against any staining, such as caffeinated beverages or tobacco.

3.    Palatal Veneers

Palatal veneers are meant to camouflage teeth that have worn down from the palatal and lingual side due to erosion, bruxism, and acid reflux. It will cost you around 600 AED-800 AED per tooth in Dubai.


4.    Lumineers

These are very thin, approximately 0.2mm layers. They can be fixed without trimming any enamel layer. However, their durability is far lesser than the Porcelain ones. A lumineer would cost you around 400 AED- 500AED per tooth in Dubai.


5.    Removable Veneers

Removable veneers are less invasive and temporary. They can also be easily fixed without any removal of enamel. They are cheaper and thus not much durable. In Dubai, removable veneers can cost you around 300 AED-400 AED per tooth.

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