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5 foods you should never eat with regular braces

A brace is a device used to correct crowded or crooked teeth or misalignment of the jaw known as malocclusion. Braces are most commonly used during adolescence, but more and more adults are getting orthodontic braces later in life. Braces are made of metal or ceramic, wire, and a connecting material that attaches them to your teeth. If you are looking for more information about braces and orthodontics, be sure to visit a dental clinic in Dubai


Types of Braces

The type of braces your orthodontist recommends depends on several factors, including your age and whether you have an overbite in addition to crooked teeth. Braces are made to order and are individually adjusted to each person’s needs.


The classic braces that come to mind for most people consist of metal braces that are individually glued to each tooth. An archwire applies pressure to the teeth and jaw, and elastic O-rings hold the archwire in the braces.

As the teeth slowly move into place, the archwire is adjusted periodically and the elastic band is replaced at an orthodontist’s appointment.

Other types of braces are:
  • Discreet ceramic braces
  • Lingual braces that are worn completely behind the teeth
  • Invisible braces, also called aligners, can be removed and put back on throughout the day. Retainers are the aligners you usually get after completing treatment with traditional braces. It is used to secure the tooth in its new place.


Foods to avoid with regular braces

To minimize breakage and keep treatment time on track, here are some foods to avoid until you remove braces, bands, and wires. 


Whole hard fruits 

An important part of a healthy diet, but some fruits are difficult to eat while wearing braces. Whole apples, uncut and unpeeled pears, and other similar fruits. Do not eat the whole thing. In other words, don’t bite into these foods. If you want to enjoy these fruits, cut them into bite-sized pieces.


Whole Hard Vegetables 

As with fruits, vegetables that are difficult to chew should be avoided or cut into manageable sizes. It is notorious for causing damage. If you want to eat these, cut them into small pieces or boil them until they are soft and chewy.


Chewy Foods 

When it comes to chewy foods, the first thing that comes to mind is beef jerky. This is certainly a type of chewy food and should be avoided if you are wearing braces. candy) and hard pieces of meat should be avoided entirely.


Hard, crunchy foods 

This list can get pretty long. This includes pretzels, candies, and other similar hard candies, chips, cookies, and nuts. If hard, chewy foods damage the brace, ice cream is also a culprit. And so on.


Anything of the Bone

It’s also a good idea not to eat directly off the bone. When eating chicken wings or short ribs, first remove the meat from the bones before eating. This will prevent damage to brackets and braces. This may result in longer treatment times. If you can’t eat off the bone, we recommend avoiding these and choosing other cuts of meat in the meantime. 



Why You Should Avoid Certain Foods With Braces

Braces may include brackets, bands, and archwires, all of which can be damaged by certain foods. Avoiding very hard or sticky foods is a top priority. In addition to avoiding certain foods, good hygiene is essential to prevent cavities from forming around braces which can build up and cause a white stain on the surface of your teeth. 



Keep your teeth healthy with braces

Maintaining and following good dental practices while wearing braces is one way to prevent injury. Brush your teeth using a soft bristle toothbrush at least three times a day, preferably after every meal. Pay particular attention to the space around the braces and remove any food debris. Use dental floss to clean between your teeth and a dental floss threader to remove food particles between your braces and wires. 


In conclusion, braces can significantly improve your teeth, but it may take a few days or weeks for your mouth to become used to the added pressure. One approach to prevent harm while wearing braces is to maintain healthy dental practices. Remove any traces of food from the area surrounding your braces with great care.

Use floss to clean in between your teeth and a floss threader to get food debris out from under braces and around wires. If you have any questions or concerns about your braces, be sure to visit the best orthodontist in Dubai for professional advice and treatment, and be sure to check out the cost of Invisalign in Dubai.

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Does a keto diet have any effects on Oral Health?

With the keto diet gaining extensive popularity in recent years, you might have heard about it from a friend who is practising it, or you are looking to try it out. Keto diet is basically leaving carbs and putting your body in a state of ketosis so that it can start using fat as fuel instead of sugar and willpower. 


The most common question for people considering switching to a keto diet is how it can affect oral health. 


Pros of the Keto Diet on your Oral Health


1. Plaque reduction


A keto diet’s positive effect on oral health can be seen in the reduction of plaque build-up. The science behind it is simple: as you cut out the sugar consumption, the bacteria in your mouth that feed on it do not get enough sugar to create a film of the lake in your mouth. The flag disturbs your gum and chips away the enamel leading to further oral problems. 


When an individual switches to a keto diet, they can cut all the fruits and grains that contain sugar which will interact with the bacteria in their mouth to form plaque. Carbohydrates are mostly responsible for the sugar buildup in the bloodstream and mouth, and when you follow a keto diet, that problem goes away. However, this does not mean that you don’t have to brush her flush regularly; it is essential to keep your mouth healthy.


2. Reduction in cavities

Reducing sugar consumption also means your mouth will be subjected to reduced cavities. Sugars are compounds that tend to stay longer on your teeth and lead to dental decay. Bacteria causing the decay drive Sugar, and avoiding sugars in a keto diet reduces the chances of developing dental cavities. The keto diet has limited carbs, high fat, and meat with almost minimum to no sugar.



Disadvantages of the Keto Diet on your Oral Health


1. Mouth Dryness

 A keto diet is effective for managing medical conditions and losing weight. It also helps your body to balance the elements that will keep you healthy in the long run. But because you are not consuming the sugars and alkaline food items in the carbs, the internal pH of your body becomes acidic. Completely cutting off carbohydrates can also be bad for your health as some Complex carbohydrates build up energy and provide you with essential fibres, vitamins, and minerals.


And as you have no sugar in your diet, the glucose levels go down, making your saliva more acidic, resulting in a dry mouth. Both acidic saliva and a dry mouth are not good for your teeth and gums, and this is because the bacteria-fighting tendencies of the Saliva reduce, leading to oral health problems in the long run.


2. Keto Breath

If you have researched enough before practising the key to diet or have heard the term from a friend, you might be aware of keto breath, a foul or odd odour in your breath. This happens due to the conversion of fatty acids in your body into ketone compounds. It certainly does not have a bad effect on oral health. Instead, it is embarrassing or annoying to oneself.


However, there is always some other way to deal with this condition, such as chewing sugar-free gums, brushing and flossing regularly, drinking plenty of water, and drinking water or tea with infused pleasant-smelling, pleasant-smelling herbs.


In conclusion, switching to a keto diet can be a great step to deal with body ratio balance and maintain a perfectly healthy body for a long time. But it is a must to check in with your dentist before hopping on to the diet to have a completely figured-out plan that will meet your needs. You can contact the best dentist in Dubai or a Dental clinic in Dubai for a complete checkup with immediate reports.


Book your appointment today and visit the best dental clinic in Dubai, with an expert team member that also includes a specialized American Dentist in Dubai to clear all your doubts regarding the Keto diet and your oral health. 

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Medical Benefits Of Straight Teeth

In addition to being physically beautiful, having straight teeth provides several health advantages


A person’s life can be positively affected by having straight teeth, from better oral hygiene to better general health.

As crucial as any other body part, oral health requires attention.You will receive the greatest services and treatments at the best dental clinic in Dubai. The clinic will offer you all kinds of dental services and treatments, including teeth straightening, teeth cleaning, root canal treatment, dental implants, and so much more. If you know a good doctor or recommended dentist in Dubai then make sure to go with them only! 


The advantages of having straight teeth are as follows. Let’s give it a read:


  • Improved Self-Confidence


With straight teeth, you can smile without feeling self-conscious about how your teeth look. Since people can see that you have straight teeth, you’ll feel more at ease speaking to them. This also means that you will not have to worry about what others think about your appearance because they will see your natural smile instead of seeing the gaps between your teeth. They are easier to clean. People with crooked teeth often have a lot of food stuck between them, making it difficult to clean their mouths properly. 


  • Better Overall Appearance


When you have straight teeth, your face looks better overall because it gives an impression of being more attractive than when you have gaps between your teeth or crooked or unevenly spaced apart from one another. They look more attractive as the shape of your smile will change if you get braces or dental implants because there will be less space between your teeth; this will give you a beautiful smile that will show off your best features! And if you choose the best dental clinic in Dubai you can get the best and finest teeth in an affordable range.



  • Improved speech 

People with straighter teeth tend to speak more clearly because of the improved airflow around their mouths when speaking, which makes it easier for them to communicate effectively.



  • Better chewing habits

Your jaw moves more easily when you have straight teeth because there is no strain on any part of your mouth when eating or drinking something hot or cold. 



The medical benefits of straight teeth are many. Compared to crooked teeth, straight teeth appear nicer and are easier to maintain. You can also smile more easily because your mouth is not as wide.


Straight teeth play a significant role in your health and appearance. However, sometimes people have crooked teeth that make it hard for them to eat or talk properly. These people should consider orthodontics to eliminate their crooked teeth and improve self-confidence. People with crooked teeth are told to use braces, which is considered traditional orthodontics treatment. Not only this, but treatments like Invisalign are also used in orthodontics. 


If you can find some American dentist in Dubai, it will be great as Americans lead the dentistry! The most common problem with crooked teeth is the tendency to bite down too far on the back of the tongue, leading to pain and tooth decay. This is called bruxism, which can be caused by genetics or trauma to the jaw.


However, if your teeth are crooked but don’t cause you any problems, it may not be such a bad idea to have them straightened. But remember that the finest thing you can do for your teeth is to wear clean aligners.



To sum it up, straight teeth are the best and happiest teeth forever! Straight teeth have a lot of benefits for your medical health as well! Eating good food and chewing it properly can help you to make your teeth healthy and perfect. 

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What Is a Deep Dental Cleaning and Who Needs It?

Every good dentist in Dubai or a periodontist Dubai will tell you that regular check-ups at the dentist in Dubai is half of your problem already solved. Visiting a dentist in Dubai will solve any dental issues you might have and explain any doubts or questions you might have regarding your oral health. If you have noticed teeth discoloration, bleeding and painful gums you might get referred to a good dentist in Dubai for a deep dental cleaning.

Have you ever heard of laser teeth whitening or zoom teeth whitening? These can be a solution for your dental problems. For a Hollywood smile price in Dubai your teeth will be healthy and your pockets grateful. 


With laser teeth whitening and zoom teeth whitening, your teeth are cleaned from back to front and all the sides too.  Everything above the gums is thoroughly cleaned, removing built-up plaque and tartar. And to have a Hollywood smile, price in Dubai can be lower than anywhere else.  A deep dental cleaning deals with treating gum disease and regular teeth cleaning is done to prevent gum disease. 

Having a check-up with a good dentist in Dubai or a periodontist Dubai you will get advice about if and what type of dental cleaning you need, whether it be laser teeth whitening, zoom teeth whitening or a deep dental cleaning. 


What Is  a Deep Dental Cleaning? 


As already mentioned above, laser teeth whitening and zoom teeth whitening deal with dental cleaning above the gums, but deep dental cleaning goes below the gums all the way to the root of the tooth. A deep dental cleaning is also called gum scaling or root planing.

If you happen to experience bleeding gums, bad breath, receding gums and loose teeth, your dentist in Dubai or periodontist Dubai will recommend deep dental cleaning, otherwise you might lose your teeth  and risk even bigger inflammation in your mouth. 


With deep dental cleaning.  a dentist in Dubai will remove plaque and tartar build-up on your teeth, which results in less inflammation and improving overall gum health. But if your teeth haven’t been cleaned regularly it can result in gum disease, which can later lead to gingivitis and periodontitis. This will impact your everyday life, both healthwise and appearance wise.


If you happen to have a gum disease, that means that a ‘pocket’ between the teeth and the gums have appeared resulting in tartar and plaque build-up below the gums. To have a deep dental cleaning completed, you might need 2 or more visits to a dentist in Dubai. One for gum or perio scaling and the second for root planing. A good dentist in Dubai will administer local numbing anaesthetic to numb the mouth for the procedure. Using  ultrasonic instruments or manual dentist scaling tools or the combination of the two, the dentist will firstly deal with scaling and then with root planing.

With scaling, a dentist removes plaque and tartar from below the gumline and with root planing it cleans and smoothes the root of the tooth. This results in teeth reattaching to the gums which minimizes a  ‘pocket’ between the teeth and the gums and ultimately the chances of plaque and tartar build-up is far less than before the deep cleaning. 


After the deep cleaning is done you may require a follow-up checkup with your dentist in Dubai to see if everything is healing properly. For a Hollywood smile, price in Dubai is low compared to what you might pay if you do not get deep dental cleaning in time. 


Who Needs Deep Dental Cleaning? 

Have you ever asked yourself this question? If the answer is yes, then you probably need it.

Everyone with periodontal disease needs a deep dental cleaning. Having in mind that this is also called a ‘silent’ disease you might not notice you have it. That is why regular checkups with a good dentist in Dubai are mandatory. Your dentist in Dubai or periodontist Dubai will notice any changes in your mouth, whether it be a simple tooth discoloration or loss of the bone and gum attachment to the teeth.

With dental X-rays, your dentist in Dubai will get further information needed to treat your dental problems accordingly. 

Some of the signs of gum disease you can see for yourself are:

  • Bad breath and bad taste in your mouth
  • Loose teeth or separating
  • Bleeding gums
  • Red, tender or swollen gums
  • Receding gums


If your dentist in Dubai or periodontist Dubai sees a pocket bigger than 4-5mm, they will tell you that you definitely are in need of a deep dental cleaning. If you want to stop and prevent further disease progression, you will be highly recommended to proceed with a deep dental cleaning procedure. 


Do not hesitate to visit a good dentist in Dubai, we all know how oral health can impact our overall health. And with such problems as gum disease your overall health can be greatly compromised. 


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Wisdom Teeth Removal (Extraction): What to Expect, Recovery and Pain

Wisdom teeth or back molars are the last set of molars to come out. They usually come out between the ages of 17-25, and for some people, they do not come out at all. Having regular  checkups by a good dentist in Dubai or a periodontist in a dental clinic in Dubai will help you with any questions and problems regarding your wisdom teeth as well as any other dental issue you might have. By just googling ‘nearby dental clinic’ you can find a dental clinic in Dubai that will help you with any dental procedures required to help maintain your oral health in the best shape.


Wisdom teeth can make your everyday life really uncomfortable if not removed properly

A good dentist in Dubai or a periodontist Dubai will give you a thorough explanation on why you might need wisdom teeth removal, and what to expect regarding pain and recovery. Visiting a nearby dental clinic in Dubai, you can make your life easier and pain free.

Wisdom teeth extractions are one of the most common oral surgeries, hence a good dentist in Dubai in a dental clinic in Dubai will do a thorough checkup, recommend an X-ray and inform you about any possible issues, procedure itself and what comes after the surgery. 


Reasons to Have Wisdom Teeth Removal

Many people experience pain caused by wisdom teeth. Regular checkups by a good dentist in Dubai or periodontist Dubai will give you a clear picture of what is going on with your wisdom teeth and if or why you might need an extraction


There are several reasons why you might need a wisdom teeth extraction. 

Some of them are:

  • They are impacted 

This means that you have wisdom teeth that have not come out and are stuck in your jaw or gums. This can be very painful. Stopping by a dental clinic in Dubai can be a way out of the pain you have been feeling for a long time. 

  • Your wisdom teeth come in at the wrong angle 

Your wisdom teeth are coming out in a different angle and are not aligning properly with your other teeth. That means they are pressing against other teeth which may cause movement and make your teeth crooked. 

  • No space in your mouth 

Sometimes there’s just no space in your mouth for wisdom teeth to come out. This can cause a lot of pain and discomfort. 

  • You have cavities or gum disease

Because your wisdom teeth are far back, you might not do proper oral hygiene and that can cause cavities on your teeth and contribute to gum diseases.


Wisdom Teeth Removal

After a thorough checkup with a good dentist in Dubai they will inform you of a way of extracting your wisdom teeth. That means you can have  a basic wisdom teeth removal if your wisdom teeth have erupted or you might need surgery to remove wisdom teeth if they are impacted. 


Basic wisdom teeth extraction

If your dentist decides that you need a basic wisdom teeth removal, then they will clean your mouth and numb the area around the wisdom teeth. A  good doctor in Dubai will use special tools to wiggle and loosen the tooth socket, then when the tooth is loosened enough the dentist will  use dental forceps to grab the tooth tightly and pull it out. Once the tooth is out of your mouth the dentist will clean, disinfect and suture shut to heal properly. 

Surgical wisdom teeth extraction 

If your wisdom teeth are impacted they will require surgical extraction. With surgical removal your dentist will prepare your mouth by cleaning them and numbing. Then they will make a small incision in your gums next to the wisdom tooth. Then, they will cut the tooth into small pieces and extract them in small parts. When the last part is removed the area is disinfected and sutured. 


Recovery and Pain

When visiting a nearby dental clinic you will be informed about the recovery and pain you will experience after wisdom teeth removal. A good dentist in Dubai or periodontist Dubai will tell you that the level of pain and recovery time depends on the type of wisdom teeth extraction, whether you had basic or surgical extraction. 

As far as the pain is concerned you will experience it for the first few days, depending on the extraction method. With basic extraction, pain lasts less and with surgical removal it can last for up to a week or even longer if it was a complicated extraction. 

Your recovery process also depends on the type of wisdom teeth removal you had. With basic removal recovery time is a few days, but if you had a complicated surgical extraction, recovery time can be a week or two. You might experience swollen mouth and cheeks, some bruising, stiff or sore jaw and unpleasant taste in your mouth. 


Pain Management

No one wants to be in pain for any reason, so your dentist will recommend taking pain medication and some ice to reduce swelling. Sometimes a dentist might recommend taking antibiotics while you recover to prevent infections while your mouth is still vulnerable to germs. 


Eating Habits After Wisdom Teeth Removal

A dentist in a dental clinic in Dubai will give you instructions on which food to eat and which to avoid during recovery time. Soft food such as soup, mashed potatoes, pudding, and smoothies is recommended. You should definitely avoid hot food because it can burn the extraction area, nuts or seeds because they are hard food and can get stuck and hurt the extraction area as well. 



Dentists should advise you on how to properly take care of your mouth post-extraction and during recovery time as well as your whole body in order to keep the extraction area intact and properly healed. 

You should:

  • Avoid exercise for a few days
  • Avoid alcohol and smoking
  • Use a second pillow to support your head at night
  • Avoid rinsing, spitting or anything else that can dislodge the blood cloth for 24 hours
  • Rinse with mild mouthwash or salt water if not recommended differently by your dentist
  • Brush teeth starting the second day


By just googling ‘nearby dental clinic’ you can get the care you need for a healthy mouth. If you are experiencing pain and discomfort and are in need of wisdom teeth removal do not hesitate to visit a dental clinic in Dubai and have a checkup by a good dentist. They will help you get the relief you need so much.

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10 Things to Know Before Getting Porcelain Veneers

First thing that comes to your mind when you hear veneers is a beautiful Hollywood smile.

But your best dentist in Dubai will tell you that veneers are so much more than a cosmetic procedure to help you gain some confidence. Even though they help greatly with self-esteem, a dentist in Dubai will inform you about how  veneers contribute to your overall oral health as well. If you are not smiling because you do not like your teeth, visiting a dental clinic in Dubai and doing veneers in Dubai might just be what you need to smile confidently again.

Updating your smile at the dental clinic in Dubai and having veneers in Dubai done by the best dentist in Dubai will be the very reason for you showing your gorgeous smile again. We all know that first impressions are everything and flashing that perfect smile will make your encounters memorable. One of the first things people notice when meeting someone is their smile, and you certainly do not want to leave a bad impression. So stopping by a dental clinic in Dubai and having a thorough checkup with a dentist in Dubai can be a first step towards a big beautiful smile. 

What Are Porcelain Veneers? 

If you want to know everything about porcelain veneers , visiting a dental clinic in Dubai and talking to the best dentist in Dubai will give all the answers you need in order for you to understand what veneers are, how they work, the procedure of getting veneers etc. 

Dental veneers are thin covers put on the front of your teeth. A dentist in Dubai adheres those thin covers to your teeth to give them a better look. 


What Are Veneers Used for? 

A dentist in Dubai might recommend you to have veneers done if you have some of the following dental issues:

  • Broken or chipped teeth
  • Teeth discoloration
  • Small or uneven teeth
  • Gaps or crooked teeth
  • Old restorations or fillings
  • Bite issues
  • Crowding

Having a checkup with the best dentist in Dubai will help you become familiar with the procedure and realize if you are a candidate for getting veneers. 


If you are uncertain here we bring  ten things to know before getting veneers:


  • It is a cosmetic procedure

Getting porcelain veneers is considered to be a cosmetic procedure, hence it is not covered by insurance. Checking your dental insurance might be a good thing since veneers can cost a lot. 

  •  It fixes a variety of dental problems 

As already mentioned above, veneers can fix a lot of dental issues such as teeth discoloration, broken or chipped teeth. If you do not like gaps between your teeth  or you find your teeth too small, veneers can fix that as well. Some of the bigger problems veneers can fix are crooked teeth, if you have bite issues or crowded teeth. 

  • Choose color of veneers wisely

That big white Hollywood smile can become a bit too much if you choose whiter teeth than needed. Whiter is not always better. It can look unnatural and leave a totally opposite impression than you wanted to. Choosing a white color that is softer in appearance will give a natural look and a perfect first impression. 

  •  Number of veneers- it’s your choice

You do not have to put veneers on all of your teeth. Some people do the entire mouth, and some do only the front teeth. Your dentist in Dubai will recommend having veneers done in pairs in order to maintain the symmetry and natural look of your smile. 

  • Porcelain veneers are very resistant 

Porcelain veneers proved to be better at resisting stains than other types of veneers. By doing oral hygiene properly your veneers are going to last you a very long time and the chance of them becoming discolored is less likely. 

  • Your natural teeth stay 

When doing veneers you keep your natural teeth. It is not like implants where you remove your existing teeth and replace them.  The veneers get attached to your natural teeth.

  • Veneers do not work for everyone 

There are instances where one is not a candidate for veneers. Some of the situations where veneers won’t work for you are: 

  • If your teeth are too worn down (by grinding) there is a chance veneers can’t properly adhere to your tooth
  • If your teeth gaps are too big. You might require braces, aligners or some other type of orthodontic work first
  • If your teeth are too crowded and your jaw too small, yet again you will need some orthodontic work first and then do the veneers 
  • The process of getting veneers 

Having done any type of procedure you should know how it all works. Choosing the best dentist in Dubai that you feel very comfortable with you can get the answers about any concerns you might have regarding getting the porcelain veneers. Having an extensive examination by a dentist in Dubai is crucial for checking if you are a good candidate and whether you need some work done on your teeth before the veneers. If you happen to need any cavities filled, you need to do that first, and not the other way around. After that your dentist will remove a thin layer of enamel from your teeth, then they will take the mold of your teeth to make veneers. You get to choose shape and color before they are made and permanently placed. On your next visit a dentist in Dubai will adhere veneers on your teeth with bonding glue. This is all done under local anesthetic. 

  • Recovery and maintenance

No matter what procedure you do, it is very important to listen to your dentist  about recovery and post-procedure oral care. After getting veneers done you might feel some sensitiveness or mild soreness. Recovery is pretty quick and painless or with mild discomfort at first. Veneer maintenance is no different to regular teeth maintenance, they require daily brushing, flossing and regular dentist check ups every six months. 

  •  How long do they last? 

If cared for properly, veneers could last you 15-20 years. They don’t last forever but with everyday proper care that can last you a very long time.


Find a good dentist that makes you feel comfortable to do veneers in Dubai. With the best dentist in Dubai you are guaranteed to have all the questions answered and best veneers done for a beautiful smile. 


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How Much Should I Expect a Root Canal to Cost?

How many of us have had some dental problems but procrastinated visiting a good dentist in Dubai or periodontist Dubai because we thought we knew how much dental work could cost. Finding the best dental clinic in Dubai and having extensive checkups and conversations can help you visualize how your teeth could look and how much it would cost to do maybe veneers in Dubai or a root canal or any other dental work required in your specific case. 


Regular checkups at the best dental clinic in Dubai with the best orthodontist Dubai or a good dentist in Dubai will turn out to be the most cost-effective outcome for you and your oral health. We know how dental visits can be far from cost-friendly, that is why stopping by the best clinic in Dubai is important. You will get all the questions answered and all the concerns you might have resolved. Our best orthodontist Dubai and periodontist Dubai with our staff will help with every single concern you may present. We at the American Medical & Dental Center will make sure you feel comfortable emotionally and financially. 


If you are in need of a root canal treatment our good dentist in Dubai or orthodontist Dubai will be the reason for your satisfied visit to the best dental clinic in Dubai. 


What Is  a Root Canal Treatment? 

Have you ever had that lingering pain in your tooth that becomes stronger and stronger? That can be a sign you need a root canal done. Root canal treatment is a pretty standard procedure. It is an in-office procedure, so choosing a good dentist in Dubai is mandatory for the best dental experience for you. Having  a root canal treatment can be done by a dentist or an endodontist who specializes in root canal treatments. A root canal treatment is done when your tooth is infected with bacteria, when a decay of the tooth reaches the soft core and the pulp becomes infected too. When the pulp gets infected it also becomes exposed which results in that lingering pain that is preventing you from doing your everyday job. Firstly, you will need a  regular checkup with your dentist to see if you need a root canal treatment and you will need an X-ray  exam to confirm the diagnosis. When you are set for a procedure a dentist will remove the infected pulp which contains blood vessels and nerves. A good dentist in Dubai will clean and disinfect the rest of the tooth and seal it. 


When a Root Canal Treatment Is Required? 

If you have an untreated infection or inflammation in your tooth it might result in loss of the tooth, so you will be highly advised to do root canal treatment to salvage your natural teeth. 

There are several instances where you will need root canal treatment:

  • Dead tooth nerves due to trauma
  • Cracked teeth or tooth roots
  • Dental abcesses
  • Decay reaching the tooth pulp

Have a visit with our good dentist in Dubai at our best dental clinic in Dubai. Do not procrastinate and risk losing your teeth. 


How Much Does a Root Canal Cost and What to Expect? 

The cost of dental work is usually the number one reason why people procrastinate visiting a dentist. It is a pretty expensive industry and the cost depends on your insurance and type of dental work needed. A root canal treatment is a procedure which  results in keeping your natural teeth which is the best possible outcome, say all the dentists. 


Different Factors, Different Cost


The cost of a root canal treatment may differ from patient to patient due to a few factors:

  • Position of the tooth

Depending on the tooth position will depend the outcome of the cost as well. Front teeth usually cost less than bicuspid teeth and molars. 

  • Severity of the treatment

The more work you need done the more it will cost in the end. If you need some additional work it will add to your end bill. 

  • Type of dental office

The end cost will be different when you do it at the general dentist office compared to specialized dentists. General dentists usually cost less than specialists. 

  • Your preferred insurance

Having insurance may deduct a lot from your bill, but even with insurance the cost differs from patient to patient. The ultimate cost will depend on whether or not you have any insurance or what coverage you have. If you have full insurance your treatment cost can deduct from 50-80% off of an end bill. If you have partial insurance your deduction will be less and your  end cost will be higher. 


Estimates conclude that the cost for root canal treatment may go from 600 AED to 1000 AED at the cheapest clinics, and from 1300 AED to 5000 AED at the more expensive clinics. It all depends on the clinic and  more importantly on the quality of service provided. Remember, cheapest isn’t always the best. The end cost may seem fairly high at the first glance, but when you have insurance or a good dental payment plan discussed with your dentist, it will pay off in the end. Make sure you choose the best clinic in Dubai with the best quality service. 


If you have any additional questions be sure to book a free consultation at the best dental clinic in Dubai. Our dentists will provide any information you need about dental procedures you might undergo or about payment plans to help you deal with the cost of procedures. Whether you need veneers in Dubai or root canal treatment our team of professionals from American Medical & Dental Center will provide you with the best service possible. Contact the best dental clinic in Dubai for the best service you will ever have. 


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3 Reasons to Change Your Toothbrush Often

Have you ever wondered how often you need to change your toothbrush? If you ever asked yourself this question, chances are you need to change it more often than you are already doing. Every dentist center will provide pamphlets that suggest often changing your toothbrush for various reasons. Oral health is very important and it can impact your overall health. 

Most people don’t think about the fact that a toothbrush has an expiration date. By just typing in your search engine ‘dentist near me’ will guide you towards bettering your oral health and giving you important information about taking care of your teeth and tools needed for oral hygiene. 

Periodontist in Dubai and every good dentist in Dubai will recommend to change toothbrushes every three months. 


Here we bring 3 reasons why you need to change your toothbrush more often:


  • Risk of bacteria infection

Periodontist in Dubai and every good dentist in Dubai say that our oral cavity is full of bacteria. But there are good bacteria needed for digestion for example and bad bacteria that can cause serious oral illnesses that can later impact our overall health. Regular brushing is required to maintain oral bacteria balance. Brushing teeth leaves bacteria on the toothbrush where they can multiply very quickly.

Rinsing  your toothbrush thoroughly can lessen the chance of bacteria infestation on your toothbrush bristles. Good dentist in Dubai and a periodontist in Dubai suggest changing your toothbrush every three months in order to maintain good oral hygiene. Every dentist center will help you with information needed for your great oral health.


  • Toothbrushes lose their effectiveness  overtime 

Every good dentist in Dubai and periodontist Dubai will suggest brushing your teeth at least twice a day for a few minutes. Using your toothbrush regularly will lead to some damage to the toothbrush. New toothbrushes effectively remove bacteria and plaque build up, but when your toothbrush has worn out bristles, damaged and broken it is not going to do the job properly. Damaged bristles can be abrasive and can damage gums and tooth enamel. 


  • Replace your toothbrush after being sick

Dentist in Dubai suggests replacing a toothbrush after being sick, especially after contagious sickness such as common cold due to viruses. Not replacing one after sickness can lead to reinfections and then you are at the beginning again, mouth full of bacteria transferred onto the toothbrush. 


Every dentist center will inform you that not replacing your toothbrush often leads to mould built up, bacteria infections that ultimately leads to tooth decay. Simply by researching ‘dentist near me’ can help you prevent oral illnesses and tooth decay. 


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Dental Care in Senior Age

Elderly people are prone to more dental problems which can affect their overall health much quicker. 

A good dentist in Dubai will inform you about the dangers of poor oral hygiene in senior age: such as gum diseases, diabetes, cardiovascular problems, and oral cancer. 

Encouraging your loved ones in senior age to visit a nearby dental clinic can help them understand and take better care of their teeth. A dental clinic in Dubai can’t stress enough the importance of taking care of your oral health in senior age. Preventing dental problems in elderly people assures them to live a long and happy life. 

A good dentist in Dubai and periodontist in Dubai will inform you about how to take care of your teeth and mouth properly. 


Here we bring you a few tips for dental care in senior age:


  • Regular dentist visits 

Every good dentist in Dubai will firstly recommend regular dental checkups for elderly people. Because people in senior age are more susceptible to illnesses if not treated in time. Regularly visiting a good dental clinic in Dubai will help you maintain good oral health and therefore your overall health. 


  • Brush daily 

Every single top dentist in Dubai is going to explain the importance of brushing your teeth twice a day on a daily basis. Brushing teeth is the first line of defence against bacteria and dental illnesses. Stopping by a nearby dental clinic, you will get needed information about how to brush properly and what kind of toothbrush is best for your teeth. 


  • Floss and rinse with mouthwash 

Even though many would think that people in senior age don’t need flossing or mouthwash, you can’t be further from the truth. Flossing and mouthwash keeps those stubborn food particles away, keeping your teeth clean and healthy. Elderly people have great benefits from flossing and using mouthwash, not only healthy teeth by reducing risk of cavities but also reducing risk of gum disease, which if not treated in time can lead to more serious dental problems. 


  • Take Calcium supplements 

A dental clinic in Dubai with  a periodontist Dubai and a good dentist in Dubai will suggest to seniors to take calcium supplements, as it is very important for our bodies but in senior age we can’t get it enough through food only. Osteoporosis is a common health issue in seniors if not prevented or treated in time. Osteoporosis leads to bone breaking, hence bones around teeth can break and cause serious oral problems.


  • Proper care of dentures, mouthguard or other dental prostheses

A periodontist in Dubai and a good dentist in Dubai should help you with information needed on how to take proper care of your dentures, mouthguard or any dental kind of prostheses. A top dentist in Dubai will make sure that your dentures don’t make you any discomfort. Proper brushing and cleaning, and regular checkups at nearby dental clinic in Dubai is the key for keeping up with good oral health.


  •  Hydration is the key 

Many elderly people have issues with dry mouth due to their age or medication they use regularly. Proper hydration will help you with any dehydration related oral problems. Your good dentist in Dubai will explain the importance of hydration and how it can affect your overall health. Drinking plenty of water will be of a great benefit for your oral health. 


If you are not sure about how to take care of your teeth in senior age, or you have any other questions about your oral health do not hesitate to visit a dental clinic in Dubai where a top dentist in Dubai will help you and guide you on how to care for dental problems in senior age. 


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When Is a Dental Crown Recommended?

Have you ever thought about getting dental crowns but you are not sure if they are for you?

Reaching out to a nearby dental clinic and having a checkup with a good dentist in Dubai can help you decide and get informed about possible solutions for your oral health problems. Finding a good dental clinic in Dubai will be for your benefit, because finding a great periodontist in Dubai and a top dentist in Dubai can make the whole experience of fixing teeth and oral problems much more comfortable. 

Dental crowns are used very regularly by dentists, to help with dental restoration. 

Every good dentist in Dubai and periodontist in Dubai will give you an extensive check up and help come up with the best solution for your problem. A good dental clinic in Dubai should have a variety of options for dental crowns, and a good dentist will provide you with the best possible solution. 

A good dentist in Dubai or a top dentist in Dubai will inform you about the options and reasons why you would need a dental crown.

A good dental clinic in Dubai suggests that there are a few reasons for getting dental crowns, such as:

  • Tooth decay 

A dental crown in this case is used if there is an infection in the tooth or in the gums. A good dentist in Dubai will inform you about the fact that  if it does  not get  treated in time, then the tooth decays and it will require a dental crown to fix the problem. The tooth that has decayed is replaced by various dental crowns. 


  • Tooth chips and cracks 

If you broke or chipped your tooth by accident, a  top dentist in Dubai will suggest fixing it with a dental crown. Fixing chips and cracks are not mandatory but they are considered widely aesthetically wise. 


  • Various teeth imperfections

Visiting a nearby dental clinic or a good dental clinic in Dubai will give you peace of mind. If you have any other tooth imperfections such as prominent and stubborn discoloration or tooth breakage a good dentist in Dubai can suggest you to get a dental crown. A dental crown can cover a stained and discolored tooth and give it a whole new look  and for tooth breakage it can cover and stop it from further breakage. 


No matter what dental problem you might have, a good dentist in Dubai or periodontist in Dubai will give you an extensive check up at a nearby dental clinic. Every top dentist in Dubai will suggest various options for your problem and help you come up with the best solution for you specifically. 


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