10 Advices for dental care during the pregnancy period

Posted OnAugust 12, 2017

So, we recommend that, if you intend to take decision for a new pregnancy, you have to visit your dentist in order to clean and check your teeth and your gums by a careful way and be sure to treat any health problems suffering your mouth and your teeth.

If you are pregnant now, you must have many questions about your teeth and mouth care such as, can I visit my dentist during my pregnancy period?, if I can, what is the suitable time to do that? , can my dentist fill my teeth? , can I subject to radiation in my teeth during my pregnancy period? and more questions we will answer to it in this article advises to keep your teeth and mouth healthy during your pregnancy period:

1- As a precautionary measure, we recommend avoiding any dental treatment during the first trimester and the second half of the third and final trimester of pregnancy period, because these are critical times for fetus growing.

That’s prudent to avoid being exposed to anything that can affect your fetus’s growth in any way. But for the routine care of your teeth, you can visit your dentist in the second trimester of pregnancy period.
2- Don’t be careless about your teeth healthy by anyway, which you can do that in the second trimester of pregnancy period, as we mentioned before. Because, when you are in pregnancy period, you will be more suffered from gum diseases and gingivitis during the pregnancy period.
So, the pregnant has to follow up her gums well, and if she notices any swelling or bleeding in her gums, she should visit her dentist.
If there is no suitable time to do that, she should visit her dentist after childbirth as soon as possible.

3- If the pregnant visits her dentist, she should tell him she is pregnant, also she should tell him about all her medications she takes during her pregnancy period, including vitamins, which may affect her dentist’s treatment plan.

4- If you are pregnant and suffering from morning sickness, especially during the first trimester of the pregnancy period, and this prevents you from washing your teeth, you have to change your toothpaste to another kind of toothpaste with more nice test for you, and also you should use your mouthwash, in the case of you suffering from frequent vomiting.
5- You have to follow healthy food system includes all kinds of dairy products in order to grow your teeth and gums and bones.

Also, the good and healthy food system has a positive effect on your fetus ‘s teeth, gums and bones growth which begins to grow during pregnancy.
That is common during the pregnancy the pregnant desires to eat the sweet and sugary foods, which increases the chances of tooth decay.
So, you should reduce it by anyway. There are recent studies shown that bacteria responsible for tooth decay can pass to the fetus through her mother, so you should pay attention to what you eat during your pregnancy period.

6- You should avoid subjecting to X-ray on your teeth during the pregnancy period, which can harm you and your fetus by a negatively way.

7- You can allow to fill your teeth and install crowns during the pregnancy period in order to prevent infection, but we recommend you to do that in the second trimester of pregnancy period, also postpone any other cosmetics’ procedures else after childbirth, such as teeth whitening.

8- In an emergency, you may be exposed to it.
If a drug is needed, it should be as small as possible, as the drug can be passed through the placenta to the fetus.

9- In some cases, the dentist recommends the antibiotic to prevent and treat infection, but you your dentist should prescribe a safe antibiotic during pregnancy, such as amoxicillin.

10- If you need to visit your dentist during the pregnancy period, you have to keep your blood cycle while sitting on the dentist chair by making your legs straight and do not place one leg above the other.
You can also use a pillow to make your posture more comfortable.