Dental screenings for children

Posted OnMarch 11, 2015

When children are starting school after the long holidays, it is the perfect time to visit your local Dental Center in Dubai, for your child’s regular dental screening.  Most popular dentists recommend that all children should see a dentist as soon as their teeth erupt and thereafter it is recommended that all children along with their patients visit their Family Dentist in Dubai twice a year for their scheduled dental check up or screening, without any delays.

It is very common for parents to make appointments for routine dental checks for their children and get caught up in all the school activities and drama and push back those appointments, and eventually forget about them in the process. Dental screening and regular checkups are an important part of preventative dental care, especially for children. There is no better time to take care of your oral health than when you are young and full of life. The staff at the dentistry will clean and examine a child’s teeth and gums for signs of dental diseases or tooth decay. The dentist will also make sure to educate both children and their parents about good oral health and the proper techniques for brushing and flossing. Typically, the dentist will check if the child’s teeth are developed properly according to their age and provide various treatment options to help provide extra protection against decay and cavities with Tooth Fillings Dubai. The earlier you get your child into a good oral care regime with regular dental checkups and screenings , the better their oral health will be in the future.

When a child starts school, it is the best time to schedule your child’s dental checkup and screening with one of your preferred Dental Clinics in Dubai. The start of a school year can get busy and once things are in full swing, you may forget or overlook your dental schedule, so scheduling an appointment before school starts so that it will make your life as a parent a lot easier.

Also, if these a necessity for braces or for orthodontics or any other dental treatment for the child the dentistry should ideally perform the procedure before school starts so that the child is well rested and recovered to face the demands in school. Most dentists advise parents to make sure their kids are starting the school year with the perfect attitude and with a clean and healthy smile by bringing them in for their regular dental checkup and follow up treatment. This is especially true for children who indulge in snacks and beverages that are sugar based and can spoil teeth due to plaque build up. Also, if the child loves sports, especially contact sports they may get into accidents involving sports, so it’s important to wear protective gear for the mouth.

We all know the repercussions of neglecting oral hygiene and regular dental checkups. It can lead to the onset of gum disease, the development of cavities and tooth decay that requires extensive and expensive treatment. Therefore, in order to make sure that your child does not end up loosing their teeth, the best method is prevention and good care.