Factors in Dental Implants

Posted OnMay 11, 2016

Looking better post-surgery
When a person loses a tooth, he or she might look inevitably more aged. This is because they can lose the entire tooth which comprises of both the crown and the root. The root is the part of the tooth which provides support to the crown. Losing the root would mean instability in the jawbone making your face appear much older. A great way to stop this age related problem is through the use of dental implants. The ability of the dental implant to replace the entire tooth including both the crown and the root enables there to be a very good replacement for natural teeth.

Comfort is key to dental implants
It is well known that alternatives to treat issues of missing teeth such as dentures can cause problems associated with pain. These are temporary solutions that depend on the structure of jawbones. Since, jawbone experience changes, the dentures will cause pain due to the resulting changes of the jawbone. This pain might increase due to damaged gum tissue. In the end all adding to discomfort. In contrast, dental implants do not have this problem because they are perfect replacements to natural teeth. They integrate perfectly with the jaw bone creating a permanent structure. The secure structure eliminates the issue of gum damage therefore there is no question of discomfort to the wearer.

An excellent return on investment
In the long run dental implants provide the best value to patients. Initially, the procedure might be more expensive than other treatment methods. However, given that alternatives such as dentures and bridges require regular adjustments and screening by doctors, dental implants are far superior. Therefore, it can be safely said that dental implants provide the best value on investment to the patient.

With dental implants your speech becomes better
It is well known that dental implants enable better speech than with dentures. Dentures can slip in your mouth causing impairment to your speech. This could cause effects such as slurred speech. The resulting impact could be very well an impact to your confidence. Since, dental implants are permanent structures that closely resemble natural teeth, you will not face this problem.

Greater confidence
It goes without saying that the greatest beneficiary for patients from dental implant is the positive impact that it has on confidence and self-esteem. The many health problems that are a result of missing teeth can be completely cured through the use of dental implants. Therefore, you can be free of your worries and act as natural as you were before. This without a doubt helps you to regain that confidence that you lost.

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