American Medical & Dental Center: For the Best Dental Care in Dubai

Posted OnSeptember 7, 2016

When booking an appointment with a dentist in Dubai, the ideal dentistry would be American Medical & Dental Center at the Dubai Healthcare City. Launched in 2006 in the UAE, AMDC has provided exceptionally outstanding service in medical and dental care for children and adults. Backed by a team of qualified dentists in Dubai, the following dental care services can be procured at AMDC:

Porcelain veneers, dental implants, dental crowns, laser teeth whitening, zoom teeth whitening, home teeth whitening, Invisalign, inlays and outlays, bone grafting, tissue grafting, orthodontics, root canal treatment, dental fillings, and restorations, dental extractions, dental sealants and dentures.

From their array of services, a major attentional focus at AMDC has been in providing individuals with the best veneers in Dubai. By implementing the latest versions of veneers that are stronger, more resilient and last longer, the top dentists at AMDC have worked to give countless clients the perfectly natural and outstanding smile they’ve always wanted.
AMDC has also built a reputation as the clinic delivering the best dentist implants in Dubai. With the skills of a team of top Dubai dentists, AMDC can replace missing teeth safely with minimal discomfort.

AMDC accepts most insurance plans. In the event a client’s insurance does not cover the entire costs for the necessary procedures, AMDC will offer convenient payment options to ensure that a client can receive the best dental care without being hindered by financial constraints.

At AMDC, every doctor has trained and qualified in the United States of America or in Europe. The team of experts are fluent in Arabic, English, French and Tagalog. This line-up of professionals also includes the proficiency of several female doctors. AMDC is also open late weekdays and Saturday, with flexible consulting hours for patients wishing to make appointments, and even providing emergency dental care for clients requiring immediate medical attention and suffering in pain.

Teeth do not last long if not taken care of properly. Poor dental hygiene is detrimental to a person’s appearance and hinders functionality. It is vital to seek out the best dental advice for long-lasting teeth, and this is what can be discovered at the compassionate care and professional service at AMDC.

With a reputation friendly personalized service backed by a passionate and committed team, AMDC is focused on excellence in healthcare at a reasonable and modest cost, dedicated to delivering an exceptional dental care by implementing the latest technology and facilities along with harnessing the skills and expertise of the best dentists in Dubai. Thanks to a devoted work ethic and standards of excellence, the best high-quality dental care can be found at AMDC, having distinguished and established itself as a leader in the dental industry in the UAE.