Eating Habits that are silently destroying your Teeth

Posted OnFebruary 23, 2016

When we think about what food we want to eat, we usually make our choices based on our taste buds, or if you are health conscious by considering the number of calories in them which will directly affect your waistline.

But did you ever think about how our eating habits affect our oral and dental health?

Most of us take our teeth for granted and think of them as only as tools that are only good for biting and chewing. But actually, teeth are far more important than this; they essentially frame the appearance of our smile, greatly contributing to our facial expressions, their chewing and biting mechanisms aid in digestion and the health of the oral cavity contributes to the maintenance of the overall health of the body.

Whenever we intake any food or drink, their primary point of contact with the body is the mouth and the teeth that reside within it. Hence, whatever we eat will directly affect the functionality and appearance our teeth.
So ever wonder what eating habits and food items that we have mindlessly been consuming actually contribute in damaging our teeth? Well a few of them are listed below:

Sucking on Lemons and the excessive consumption of Citrus Foods

While sucking on a zesty lime or drinking a fresh glass of lemonade on a hot day can be extremely refreshing it can also prove to be very damaging. Citrus fruits like lemons are very acidic that can cause the outer enamel layer of a tooth to erode; exposing it to tooth decay and cavities.

Snacking on Hard and Sugary Candy

This one is particularly applicable to young kids who love their sweets and candies. But as you know sugar is one of the core culprits of cavities. And hard candies are even more damaging because they often require a lot of force to be broken and swallowed which can cause teeth to be chipped off or completely broken off, triggering extreme pain.

Crushing Ice

Many people habitually crush ice with their teeth and are relieved by the cold sensation produced in their mouth by it. But this habit is very harmful through a dental aspect. Ice is very strong and rigid; to break it with your teeth requires a large force to be applied that may lead to a dental emergency with broken or damaged teeth.

Addiction to Tea and Coffee

Many people simply can’t function without their daily dose of tea or coffee. Although appearing as harmless habits these too are greatly injurious. The constant intake of these beverages, throughout the day exposes your mouth and your teeth to the sugar within them. If you don’t rinse or brush then the bacteria present in the mouth will consume the sugar, and then attack your teeth. Tea and coffee are also known to damage the appearance of teeth making them stained and discoloured.
Snack and beverages with a high sugar content can be consumed, provided that their followed with dental care measures like brushing and flossing. This will help eliminate the food particles and bacteria present in the mouth and safeguard it against all kinds of dental and oral illnesses.