Save your Teeth from Tooth Decay!

Posted OnFebruary 20, 2016

Despite wide spread awareness and constant reinforcement about the importance of maintaining dental hygiene. A large portion of the global population is still inflicted with numerous dental problems like cavities, tooth decay and tooth loss because of either willful ignorance or due to a lack of knowledge and concern about the severity of these problems.

The statistics provided by the World Health Organization suggest that nearly 50% of children under the ages of 5 suffer from more than 4 decayed teeth in UAE. And the incidence of tooth decay is as high as 76% in school going children. This can probably be accounted to the lack of concern we have for the maintenance of our oral health as the study also included that nearly 28% of UAE residents brush their teeth only once a day.

Why is Tooth Decay a serious Dental Problem?

Inside our mouth there are thousands of different types of bacteria present – both good and bad. While the good kinds aid the mouth in digestion, the bad types seek opportunities to damage our teeth at every chance they get.

The process begins when we intake food. The bacteria digest the carbohydrates we eat and then release an acidic substance. This acid attacks the outer enamel layer of the tooth that serves as a protective covering. The acid eats away the tooth, damaging its structure, function and appearance.

The advancements in cosmetic dentistry have enabled dentists in Dubai to rectify the faults in teeth that may be caused by tooth decay and cavities through veneers, crowns, onlay and inlay placements. But the easiest way to protect your teeth from this dental illness is by adopting easy and simple preventative measures to combat bacteria and maintain oral hygiene.

The Obvious yet Crucial Dental Care Habits
  • Brush your Teeth the Right way!
    For maximum protection, dentists prescribe patients to use a fluoride containing toothpaste, that’ll help protect their teeth and will keep them strong. They should also brush their teeth slowly and softly this will enable the bristle to reach the crevices where food particle may hide. Changing your tooth brush at least every 3 months is also crucial in maintaining optimum dental hygiene.
  • Stop Drinking Soda’s and Juices throughout the day
    Every beverage contains sugar content, be it tea, coffee, juice or soda. The constant exposure of your teeth and oral cavity to this sugar will stimulate the bacteria in your mouth to release acid and attack your teeth. To prevent, this don’t drink caffeinated and sugary beverages, or consume snacks throughout the day.
  • Visit your Dentist every 6 months.
    There’s never any harm in getting a second opinion. Your dentist will be able to assure that your teeth are in good condition and are not suffering from any serious dental disease.
Symptoms to Lookout For:

In case of doubt or concern, lookout for these common signs and symptoms that indicate the presence of tooth decay:

  • Frequent Toothaches
  • Increased Tooth Sensitivity
  • Small visible holes in Teeth
  • Discolored and Stained Teeth