What to Expect when having Dental Implants are Placed?

Posted OnFebruary 13, 2016

Dental implants are a very popular form of treatment among patients who have completely lost or chipped off their teeth. They are an extremely effective dental restoration procedure involving the placement of an artificial tooth root within the jaw. But the benefits of any form of treatment are highly dependent on how you take care of them post treatment.

Taking proper post operative care is crucial to achieve optimum results. In fact many patients who fail to comply with these measures end up being in even more discomfort and pain then they started off with.

You’ll definitely be warned on what to do and not to do by your doctor before the implantation procedure. But being well informed before being treated will help you to be familiarized by any complications, help avoid any accidents and will also serve as a reinforcement to not take these post treatment precautionary measures lightly.

Firstly, What Happens in the Dental Implantation Surgery?
  • The damaged tooth is removed
  • The site of the tooth is prepped before the surgery to increase visualization
  • After the jawbone has healed the artificial dental implants are placed in the jaw bone.
  • Sutures and are placed to fix the dental implant firmly in its place, which are often self absorbing and do not require to be removed

Dental implants are a relatively simple dental procedure but there is variance as to how this procedure is conducted depending on the patient’s condition. Some patients only seek one dental implant and some require more. Some patients do not require incisions and flaps to be made for the placement; provided that there is bone structure is healthy, oesteotomies (a hole in the bone) can be made accurately, in which the implant is placed.

Each implant procedure varies in terms of technique depending on your dental health. A thorough consultation with your dentist in Dubai in light of your latest scans and reports will surely provide more personalized information about what you can expect from the treatment.

Post Operative Care and What to Expect?

The success rate of this procedure is as high as 97-98% making the occurrence of complications very rare.

  • Mild pain and discomfort is common in patients due to whom patients are prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin and ibuprofen which helps minimize it.
  •  Some patients may also be prescribed antibiotics to decrease the chances of catching infections and also to speed up the healing process.
  • Patients are advised to not touch or disturb the implant site
  • For a few days after the treatment, to treat their teeth with care – brush them softly and avoid hard and sticky treats.
  • If you start suffering from severe pain or profuse bleeding then contact your dentist immediately to assure that everything is intact.
  • Overall Maintain regular oral and dental hygiene by brushing twice a day, flossing and using antibacterial mouthwash.

If treated with care, dental implants have the ability to last for several years without posing any problems.