Dental Implants v/s Dentures

Posted OnFebruary 1, 2016

It may seem rare but in reality many people lose or damage their teeth. This unfortunate incident can occur because of all sorts of reasons and not just old age. Many people lose their teeth after meeting a terrible accident or injury that severely affects the oral cavity, or by contracting a dental disease that damages the tooth and bone’s structure; which hold the tooth in its place like periodontal gum disease or tooth decay.

The basic point is that tooth loss can occur because of many reasons and it is a major problem because it not only inhibits our abilities to eat, chew, talk and speak smoothly, but also disrupts our appearance. An empty gap in your teeth can really steal the beauty and glamour of your smile and personality.

Restorative Dental Treatment

Modern medicine and research has come a long way to facilitate the many patients with this horrible dental problem and have developed techniques to enhance the current dental restorative treatments to give patients the next best thing to natural teeth.

Conventionally, people who had missing teeth often got removable dentures placed, but today there are much more specialized and specific options to give patients a complete and natural smile.

Dentures and dental implants in Dubai are two treatment options that both adopt a different approach and work with a different technique. A comparison between the two and a detailed consultation with your dentist in Dubai will help determine the ideal option for you.


They are removable artificial replacements. Dentures may be of different types some are for the entire upper and lower jaw; others may be only partial dentures for one or two teeth. They are a flexible form of treatment and can be removed from the jaw when not in use. But if they are not of a suitable quality or fitted with a proper technique then they tend to slip away from their place; causing problems when a person starts to speak or eat.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a more permanent form of treatment and involve an artificial tooth root to be placed in the jaw to hold the replacement tooth or bridge in its place. It is a more natural looking and long term solution. If taken proper care of, dental implants can last for a life time.

Patients who have gotten dental implants done claim that they are much more natural looking. And since they are placed in the tooth’s root they do not budge from their place therefore causing no difficulty in speech or eating.

Although a relatively newer method for restorative dental treatment it is still a highly effective one. It is shown to have high success rates, low maintenance requirements and costs, and has a much quicker process. Where patients do not have to make several trips to the dental clinic pre and post treatment.

Both these dental procedures have their own set of advantages, where one may prove to be more beneficial than the other for a particular person based on their dental condition. The only way to determine which option is more suitable for a particular individual is by visiting a dental clinic in Dubai and being thoroughly examined.