Is flossing really effective with oral care?

Posted OnAugust 16, 2016

Your teeth are considered the toughest part of your body. Over the past few decades, you would have received all your 32 adult teeth. By the age of 13 , the first 28 and then the four wisdom teeth pop up between the ages of 18-21.

With extra care, we know we can prevent diseases that could ruin our dental health. In your lifetime it always important to visit a dentist to make sure your teeth are in good shape. Dentists in Dubai will do a thorough check up on gum diseases, where plaque stagnates and is full of bacteria, food particles and mucus. It usually stagnates between the gaps of the gum and tooth. This can cause series infections and tissue damage.  Over the past years, experts have also linked gum diseases to health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, and stokes.

Does flossing work ?

In a recent discovery, it was believed that flossing does no good to dental health. But what does flossing really do to our teeth? It removes plaque between teeth, of those who floss regularly. However according to a survey by the Adult dental health, one in three people do not floss. So does it actually really matter? The public health England guidance states that there is no strong evidence that flossing can make any difference in your oral health in comparison to brushing with toothpaste. Another facility- The European Federation of Periodontology had also released a statement a few years back claiming that flossing has no real proven benefits.

What Dentists really believe

Dentists, however, may believe otherwise. With tried and tested results, they tend to prove that flossing and brushing regularly – does indeed help maintain good oral care. Dentists in Dubai recommend that you brush 3 times a day, after each meal. If you require flossing, it should be done once a day to remove stagnated plaque. Some dentists advise that using an electric brush would benefit more in comparison to a manual brush. Electric brushes help get rid of hidden plaque faster through quick and sturdy motions, while the manual brush may not.

How often should we brush?

We were advised to brush twice a day, right? Well, now dentists believe brushing thrice a day would be more effective and help maintain good oral health. This is currently being practiced in many parts of the world. You should also brush for at least a minute with good sturdy movements to get rid of all food particles and plaque.

If all fails, there is a solution

If brushing is not really something you like doing, you can expect severe oral diseases that will eventually cause your teeth to fall out. If all fails – you can always get dental implants or dental veneers in Dubai. But you would still need to maintain oral care if you need them to last longer.