Types of Dental Implants

Posted OnAugust 4, 2016

There are many varieties of dental implants that are available for the consumer. The common variations can be described as traditional or standard implants. There are more than 40 versions based on this standard.  Other types of implants can be signified between mini and micro mini implants. Mini implants are similar to traditional implants but are different in having a smaller diameter. On the other hand, micro mini implants are of an altogether different design to traditional implants. They are narrower and smaller and their purpose is more temporary in nature. They are designed to be easily removed by the surgeon.

There are several types of dental implant restorations:

Single tooth dental implants are used to replace a single fallen tooth.  A single metallic implant id inserted by the surgeon into the place where the natural tooth has fallen. Due to a process known as Osseo integration, the metallic implant fuses with the natural bone tissue present in the jaw. This enables the structure to become permanent.

Multiple tooth dental implants are used when there are multiple teeth missing. These are basically multiple implants that support bridgework such as a 3-unit bridge or a greater number of implants solving multiple missing teeth issues. If you suffer from an entire arch of jaw of missing teeth, then 4-5 dental implants are needed in order to solve the problem. Multiple tooth implants can be extended to even solve issues when the patient suffers from all teeth missing.

The above are some of the common dental implant restorations that a patient can get from a dental clinic. It is important for the dental surgeon to have the skill set and the experience to make the correct judgement as to which procedure the patient should go through. The patient’s quality of treatment can be further improved with the use of 3D technology. Advanced software has the capability to completely model the dental implant. Planning of the operation can even take place even before the surgery has been decided by the patient.
The implantation process can be significantly reduced with the help of technology, regardless of the type of dental implants used.  That is the beauty of the technology. Customisation is also possible, so that patients are assured of getting perfect dental implants to replace their natural teeth.

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