Falsehood About Dental Implants

Posted OnJune 26, 2016

The myth that dental implants are painful.

This is an erroneous assumption. Countless dental implant surgeries done over many decades shows that dental implant patients have conclusively stated that the pain is not as much as they have expected. In fact, the degree of pain that will be experienced will depend on three factors. What is your exact situation, how is quickly does your body normally heal and the skill and experience level of your implant doctor?

It is also should be stated that pain should not be taken as a litmus test to have the procedure or not. Doctors will give the relevant pain prescriptions to the patients in order to ensure that they do not suffer discomfort. Results have proven, over many years, that these pain medications can make the dental implant operation a much less discomforting one.

The myth that dental implants are expensive

This is one of the most common falsehoods. Dental implants are very similar in cost to a bridge. Given that dental implants are a solution which will last a lifetime, it can be confidently stated that the value proposition of having a dental implant procedure is much more than any of the other alternatives. A ridge for instance will have to be replaced every decade or so, with dental implants once the procedure is completed there is no need for re implantation to ever occur. This is of course not discounting the deleterious impact which dentures and bridges have your other natural teeth. They might end up getting effected and might have to be replaced, escalating the long term cost.

The myth that the dental implantation process takes a long time

This is a complete falsehood. The overall implantation process takes anywhere between 2-4 months. Having access to advanced 3D software to customise and plan the implantation process can reduce the implantation time even further. In comparison, bridges and dentures take weeks. The dental team has to regularly monitor the condition of bridges and dentures and the patients would inevitably have to replace them at intermittent points in time. This is of course not discounting the regular dental visits that the patients have to go through. All of this is avoidable with dental implants.

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