Providing the best care for your children’s teeth

Posted OnMarch 9, 2016

Your children are your most precious gift and it is natural that you would want only the best for them. You would work hard to provide for them and to protect them from all harm. But are you protecting your children teeth as well as you are protecting them from the dangers in the environment?

Top dentists in Dubai says that each year they treat 100s of children with cavities – many of which could have been prevented with good dental care at home. While children do need to visit dentists in Dubai regularly for checkups and monitor the health of the gums and teeth many parents do not maintain these regular visits. They only tend to bring their children in to visit a dentist when they start complaining of pain the teeth and sometimes the cavities would have grown to an extent that the whole tooth would have to be removed. These can even lead to extensive dental procedures in the years to come like dental implants in Dubai to replace the damaged teeth.

February is known as the national children’s dental health month. This shows the importance placed on the health of the children’s teeth and gums.  With more children having cavities and various dental issues, educating the parents have become vital in the society.

Taking steps towards health teeth

The first step towards caring for the children’s teeth is using fluoride. For all the children above the age of two, it is a must that toothpaste with fluoride is used. If your area water supply doesn’t have fluoride you may even need to consider a fluoride supplement.

As young children would not have the patience to brush and floss all teeth carefully day in and day out and the parents also may not be able to overlook them each time dentists have come up with a solution. Dental Sealants! Talk to your dentist about getting dental sealants for your child’s teeth. This is simply a thin coating placed over the teeth’s surface which creates a barrier and prevents cavities.

But ideally ensure that your children brush their teeth twice a day, at least two minutes each time.  Talk to them about the different types of food and how it can affect their dental health in simple terms.  Make visits to the dentist fun so that they will look forward to their regular dental visits.

You can also encourage the children with stories about the tooth fairy. Though they would not lose the teeth till around the age of six, you can share stories about the tooth fairy and say how the tooth fairy only gives gifts or money for the health white teeth. Gifts and money are always great motivators for them, and with the added touch of magic of the tooth fairy, they will be more excited.

Keep it fun as much as possible. There are many mobile apps for children now that promote dental health. With children using mobile games this could be a great app to introduce to them where they will learn through fun.