Why select a pediatric dentist for your child

Posted OnMarch 15, 2016

All the Dentists in Dubai have only one goal. To help patients maintain good oral health. Whether young or old this is what the general public look for from a dentist as well. Top dentists in Dubai attend to both children and adults alike. Dentists Dubai would have carried out numerous cleaning and fillings in their clinics for adults and kids. But general dentists are more focused on treating adults and carrying out advanced procedures like dental implants Dubai.

This is why it is best to take young children to a pediatric dentist.  The first few years of our life see the most growth and changes in the jaws, teeth and even the structure of the face grows rapidly. A dentist specialist in these areas is the best person to care for the children’s oral health.  Pediatricians would not only have the general dental knowledge, they would also have done further study and be knowledgeable about dental issues in children and how they can be related to the kids general health as well.
It is best to start with a pediatrician from the early years. The first ten to twelve years see the most change in a person oral health. Within these few years the first set of milk teeth would tend to come and fall and adult teeth would start to grow in their place. While this is a normal process for all human beings, complications can occur no matter how much care is taken. Especially issues like wisdom teeth being impacted or issues with the front teeth which can affect the appearance and bite. A pediatric dentist would be experienced to study for various patterns and detect anything unusual.

These dentists are also specialized to treat decays in children in a special manner. As is it found that children with decays are more likely to have decays as adults. They will also be specialized in various preventive methods like sealants and fluoride applications. They would also be able to carry out a modified version of the root canal treatment that can make primary teeth last their intended life span.

Children generally do not like to visit the dentist for various reasons. Sometimes even the waiting room of the dental office could appear scary for the young ones with dental images around them. This is another reason to consider a pediatrician. His or her dental clinic would be more likely to be child friendly. They would have colorful and bright waiting rooms and treatment rooms to interest children. Various activities would also be incorporated. The staff would also be better trained at handling children to make them relaxed.

The team would also be experts at communicating to children and guide them on care instructions to maintain good oral health. And children would also be more likely to listen to them. They will also be able to guide the parents on the correct brushing and flossing techniques and also regarding eating and drinking habits.  Book your next appointment with a dental specialist in handling children and see the difference.