What Cosmetic Dentistry can do for you ?

Posted OnFebruary 7, 2017
Fix your smile today simple cosmetic dentistry procedures

Cosmetic dentistry is a growing field concerning with teeth quality, and aiming to enhance

ones` smile. It includes number or procedures including teeth bleaching, bonding, crowns,

veneers and teeth reshaping and contouring. Only your dentist can decide which technique is

the best solution for you to obtain the perfect teeth look as well as enhancing you oral


Sometimes patients may overall cosmetic dentistry with restorative dentistry, but actually

there are many differences between both. While restorative dentistry aims to restore patient`s

teeth to their proper functionalities, the cosmetic dentistry goes beyond this level as it seeks

both the best functionality in addition to attaining the perfect look for the patient according to

his/her requirement. Cosmetic dentistry pays more attention to the little details, and focus on

patient satisfaction for his final look.

What to expect from your dentist ?

Cosmetic dentistry has a big focus on patient`s requirements as for the final appearance, so

before you visit your dentist for cosmetic procedures, you need first to decide the final look

that you need. By answering few questions like what you dislike about your smile, your

dentist will be able to define the general guidelines for the right procedures to start with, and

how it should end up.

Usually your dentist will discuss with you more about what your expectations, share with you

some photos showing the expected results. A fully oral examination will be done, as some

procedures like missing teeth consider health problem as well as cosmetic. Dentist will put

more time in explaining the available options from cosmetic procedures from your case, plus

the cost of each option. In addition, your dentist should answer the questions you have about

the techniques to be used to improve your final smile, as well as the general condition of your


What you should consider as cosmetic dentistry procedures?

All cosmetic dentistry treatment focus on the final appearance of the teeth and how it can

affect the final look of person’s smile. The following treatments are considered as cosmetic

dentistry treatments, and some of them can be solving health issues as well.

Teeth Whitening — A relatively simple way to get a bright simile within fair cost.

Composite Bonding — Improve your teeth look ad strength.

Porcelain & Composite Veneers — Use veneers to substitute for tooth enamel, veneers have

a lot of features.

Porcelain Crowns — The best treatment for badly damaged teeth.

Porcelain Bridgework — The perfect replacement for any missing teeth.

Dental Implants — This treatment for replacing missing tooth from rote.

Tooth-Colored Fillings — Natural look filling.

Cosmetic Gum Surgery — a simple surgery to fix the gummy smile.

Tooth Contouring & Reshaping — it’s used for teeth reshaping.

Deciding to start cosmetic dentistry is a great step toward a perfect smile, but choosing the

right dentist to deal with is a big question, that we are going to answer it in the next post..

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