What advice does our dentist in Dubai give for your child’s teeth

Posted OnMay 8, 2015

Dentist in Dubai have worked hard to make their dental clinic in Dubai fun to visit and kid-oriented. Parents and children alike are made welcome at all times.

Dental surgeon in Dubai strongly believes that oral healthcare does not need to be made into a scary experience for your child. Parents are advised to start early as the baby is born. To clean the gum with a damp soft washcloth after each feeding. This should be a part of the routine and will help the baby towards a lifetime of good habits.

As soon as the first baby tooth appears make sure you visit the dentist so that the dentist can take a head start towards preventing dental issues. Book children’s dental appointments first thing in the morning when the child is well rested and more cooperative.

A positive first visit to the dentist will help the children towards having a positive attitude towards maintaining their dental health and good oral habits. During the first visit the toddlers gums and teeth will be checked for any issues and early signs of tooth decay. The first visit will also check if the bones and teeth are developing properly in the face. The teeth may also be cleaned as required and any habits like thumb sucking and its effects evaluated.

To get the children to cooperate the dentist recommend that parents talk to the children positively before the first visit. Never use a visit to the dentist as a punishment. Also prevent any other adults from mentioning scary dentist stories to the children.

A bribe would not be necessary to bring the children to the dentist if they are introduced properly to the importance of having the teeth checked regularly. Children will also see a bribe as a way to make them do something that they don’t like or that would hurt them.

With the right start, your children’s teeth will be off to a good start.