Mercury-free dental fillings

Posted OnJune 8, 2015

The family dentist in Dubai is setting a good example for all their patients with mercury free dentistry. In the past dentists did not have many options when it came to dental fillings and the available and most popular fillings in Dubai at the time was, silver amalgam fillings, which used a material called amalgam.

However, in this day and age with many advances made in technology, dental experts discovered that silver amalgam fillings had certain disadvantages. Once such disadvantages is where over time silver fillings pulled away from the enamel of the tooth, making it possible for food and liquid to seep in under the filling leading to more dental decay in places that are hard to reach. Furthermore, silver amalgam fillings or mercury fillings are considered a health hazard as well.

In recent time the use of composite resin for fillings has proved very successful. Not only does it bond better to the enamel of the teeth, but it matches the color of the natural teeth and improves a patient’s appearance drastically, as opposed to teeth looking black with silver mercury fillings. Despite, the many benefits of composite resin tooth fillings in Dubai, research suggest that composite resin can affect estrogen levels. Although this is only at a minimal, it should be monitored, regularly. This is not as bad compared to the drawbacks of mercury fillings. It so happens that composite resin fillings are still the best choice among many dental patients around the world. It provides a much better results and holds up over time. It also gives the patient a nicer result as it matches the natural color of the tooth.

For patients who have a large cavity, its best to review all treatment options that are available. Sometimes the best option is an onlay or inlay. This is made of pure porcelain and fitted exactly into the space in the tooth. After the decay is removed an impression is taken, then with a Cerec machine the porcelain inlay is created. Sometimes, another technique is used where a 3D image is taken with a special camera and then the Cerec material is shaped into exactly the right dimensions. Once this porcelain material is shaped it is easily cemented or bonded into place. This provides an extremely well made dental repair. This method provides lasting results in badly damaged tooth or teeth, as porcelain holds up better than composite resin.

Either one of these materials are better than silver amalgam for dental fillings. Also, amalgam has been found to leak mercury into a patient’s bloodstream, over a period of time. This can affect a patient’s overall health. For patient’s and children who have had silver amalgam fillings placed, it is best to have these fillings removed as soon as possible as it can lead to health problems and dental damage.

There is no such perfect filling material, explains the dental surgeon in Dubai, but there are some materials that are less hazardous than others and as new technology and research emerge this could change the face of dental fillings in the future.