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3 Easy Home Tips For Recovery After Dental Implants

Any trip to the dentist is not one that’s very much looked forward to. Other than maybe going in for a whitening treatment perhaps. Even scaling and polishing can be uncomfortable what with all those strange tools whirring and scraping against your teeth. So you can just imagine what it’s like for those who have to opt for dental implants. If you’ve just had or have been scheduled for dental implants in Dubai, then understandably you have some anxiety over the matter. Which is why it’s important for you to be as informed as you possibly can be.

Of course your dentist will guide you through every step of the process, but you should undertake some research of your own too. The good news is that many have already had dental implants done so you won’t be the first. So any questions you might have will have an answer. Perhaps, most importantly you should arm yourself with tips that’ll help you deal with the aftermath. Here are a few home remedies to consider.

    • USE TEA BAGS: For over 5,000 years, tea has been one of the most popular beverages in the world. In fact, after water it’s the most highly consumed drink in the world. Having said that, tea has had many other benefits from reducing dark circles and puffy eyes to treating dental emergencies. Your dentist in Dubai will have advised you to chew down on gauze to help stem the bleeding which is often continuous for at least 2 days after the procedure. Replace the gauze with a black tea bag; keyword being black. Infusion, herbal or green teas won’t do. It has to be black tea. Use a teabag that’s already been steeped, wet it again and bite down on that. Tea has tannic acid which helps blood clot so it does the trick.
    • NO HOT FOODS: You might feel like a hot chocolate or oozing fresh-out-of-the-oven brownie is the only way you’ll feel any better, but unfortunately not. Hot food and drink are the worst things you can consume in this condition. You see, what heat does is open out the blood vessels due to expansion. Obviously this means that your already vulnerable wounds will bleed even more profusely. Which is dangerous to say the least. So you need to stay away from them. Unlike veneers in Dubai, implants are far more invasive. This is the time you can indulge in ice-cream without any guilt so dig in!

3. USE SALT: Probably one of the most famous and effective disinfectants, salt is a no-brainer. You can mix lukewarm water with a bit of salt and then use the solution to gently rinse. Remember though that even this should be avoided at least for the first two days. Since the wound is fresh, you run the risk of damaging it by swishing around liquid in your mouth. Give it some time to heal and then use the salt solution. Dentists in Dubai often recommend this little gem for those recovering from dental implants.

Even though the above are some very effective home remedies for implants, make sure you run it by your dentist for your peace of mind.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Get Dental Implants!

Patients who are not familiar with the science behind dental implants are pessimistic about the whole idea of dental restoration – How can any treatment claim to replace natural teeth?

While the functionality, appearance and sensitivity of natural teeth are definitely unmatched, dental implants act as the best alternative in their absence. Providing good functionality and appearance they’ve been designed to carry out all the tasks that our natural teeth effortless performed, skilfully well.

The following are 5 reasons why you should consider dental implants as the ultimate solution for dental restoration:

  • Enjoy a Complete Smile with no Missing Teeth
    Even if you have one missing tooth, anywhere along your mouth, the impact it will have on your smile is huge! It makes the whole smile appear imperfect, displeasing and unattractive. Overcome this feeling of imperfection once and for all with dental implants.
  • Break Free from Dentures
    If you lost your teeth a long time ago and sought help from the more conventional approach of dentures, then your treatment experience may not have been too pleasant. Dentures are rigid and irritating. They’re not comfortable to wear and disrupt normal functions like talking, eating and biting. Dental implants enable frustrated patients to finally seek freedom from their dentures!
  • Easy to Maintain
    Another benefit of implants over dentures is that dental implants are a permanent fix and are easier to maintain. Like dentures, they don’t have to be removed from the mouth, be placed in special containers or be cleaned with special toothbrushes. Dental implants require no special treatment and only have to be looked after like one’s natural teeth.
  • Natural looking Results
    The most admirable feature of dental implants is that they provide patients the next best thing to natural looking teeth. The implants are made to blend in with the rest of the teeth and are given a completely natural looking appearance – So much that people won’t even notice that you’ve gotten restorative dental treatment.
  • A Painless Procedure
    Before any surgery, be it minor or major, every patient frets over the pain that procedure will inflict and how long the recovery period will be. For implants, dental tooth roots are surgically placed into the jaw, but the method is minimally invasive. The non-invasive approach of the placement leads to a shorter recovery period and patients can thereby enjoy the benefits of their new smile very soon.

Your smile is perhaps the most radiant part of your personality. It serves to communicate your happiness, excitement, fascination and the shifting emotions we experience throughout the day. If you have lost a tooth or teeth, then you smile is undoubtedly incomplete and unattractive, and consciously or subconsciously you must be making an effort to suppress it; which is damaging both to your inner confidence and your outward appearance.

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Why Consider Dental Implants?

A smile alters a person’s whole appearance. And a great smile wouldn’t look good if it were not for strong and healthy teeth. But, here’s the downside to it. Not all of us are fortunate enough to have a glorious smile, or teeth for that matter. If you are missing one or several teeth, you can still do something about it. What is the most suitable replacement for missing teeth? Dental implants, of course! Dental implants are fixed to the jaw and actually become part of the bone structure. For those considering dental implants, let’s look at some amazing benefits.

Dental implants and a youthful appearance

Have you wondered how celebrities look and remain so young? You may have heard in countless interviews celebrities being asked, what is your secret? No, it is not some miracle cream. In fact, it is a healthy smile that keeps the fountain of youth in tact. Your teeth are in place held firmly by your cheeks, lips and skin which is tauter when all the teeth are there to be covered. When you lose teeth, the bone structure is also lost. This is what we see when wrinkles and sagging skin appear around your mouth. With dental implants, the skin is made to look and feel firmer and it helps transform your entire face into a more youthful appearance.

Dental implants and a great smile

A healthy smile is said to be the first thing people notice about you. This is true whether you are at work, in a social setting or a relationship. In all these circumstances, teeth matter. It is not simply a cosmetic procedure, there is truth behind having a great smile. Many people hide their smile not because they are unfriendly but because they may be missing a couple of teeth, and smiling in public is rather embarrassing. This may result in you losing out on a good job, promotion or even relationship. After all, no one wants to hire someone that just can’t seem to smile.

Dental implants and food

Let’s get onto an interesting fact about having a healthy smile. And that is food. Who doesn’t love to indulge in delicious food every now and then? Dental issues are the last thing you want to think about when sitting down for a meal. However, with missing teeth you will have to consider dental issues. Dental implants are like natural teeth, and with proper care you will be able to eat what ever you like. Also, as dental implants are fixed to the jaw it does not have an impact on the rest of your teeth. You can continue brushing and flossing your dental implants as much as you do your natural teeth. It doesn’t take more than regular care and maintenance to keep dental implants hygienic and clean.

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A Brief Examination of Dental Implants

The first modern dental implant- the implant we know of today- was invented by a Swedish orthopedic surgeon, Per-Ingvar Brånemark, in 1952. Fast-forward sixty-four years later and dental implants are considered the standard benchmark in resolving the dilemma of replacing missing teeth.

But the solution of dental implants is not as modern as one might imagine. Archaeological expeditions, combined with extensive research and discovery, have revealed that the utilization of dental implants stretches as far back as the time of the Ancient Egyptians circa 2500 B.C.

Naturally, these first implants were crude- the Ancient Egyptians would use gold ligature wire. Circa 600 A.D., ancient skulls recovered proved that the Mayans would fix an implant for a missing tooth using either stones or pieces of shell. To the surprise of the archaeologists, these primitive implants had even fused to the jawbone- the concept which is heavily implemented currently.

In the past, dental implants were not designed for customization. Early implants shared the same fixed circumference with only the length being a variable, and the surface of these early implants were polished and smoothened by means of a machine.

Today, dental implants come in a variety of shapes and sizes. No longer are the surfaces of implants polished or smoothened by machine. Modern implants have roughened surfaces courtesy of sandblasting and acid etching in order to increase the surface area to allow the bone to latch onto. This fusion of implant to the jawbone is labeled “osseointegration”. This process is the closest to imitating a natural tooth: it is stable and can stand on its own without impacting the other teeth in the vicinity.

Most modern day dental implants are fashioned out of titanium. Titanium is not only easier to integrate with bone but it also allows the body to not reject the implant as a foreign object. There are two types of implants: endosteal (implanted directly into the jaw bone) and subperiosteal (a metal frame is fitted to the jawbone). Although the procedures sound painful, dental implant surgery is performed under local anesthetic. As a result, no pain will occur during the surgery. However, any discomfort post-surgery once the anesthetic has worn off will differ between individuals. The general discomfort felt is not unlike that of the pain felt after a tooth extraction. The pain can be countered and minimized using over-the-counter pain medications.

With success rates close to a staggering 98%, dental implants have become a preferred option for replacing missing teeth. To undergo this procedure and get the best dental implants in Dubai under the expertise of a reliable dentist in Dubai, then book an appointment with the American Medical & Dental Clinic, where qualified dental professionals will carry out the surgery to minimize discomfort to the patient at an affordable cost.

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Why Is Good Dental Care Important?

If you are watching the television or leafing through a newspaper or browsing the internet, you will at least once come across an advertisement that promises to let you have the most beautiful smile. Though it is the smile they are focusing on in the advertisement, you should understand that such a good smile can only be achieved by having healthy teeth. Sure, there are several options called cosmetic dentistry that will improve the look of your teeth. However, if you know all the facts, you will know that improving the appearance of your teeth can be beneficial in a lot of ways.

Once you have decided that you need good dental care for your teeth you need to consult a Dentist in Dubai who is professionally accepted and qualified. There are procedures that are mainly aimed at improving the appearance of the teeth. There are also procedures that improve the appearance while they are also improving your dental health.

Creating the Perfect Appearance

If you have dark or stained teeth, crooked teeth, cracked and chipped teeth or any kind of teeth that makes the appearance of your teeth not very beautiful, then, you should do a search of Veneers in Dubai option on the internet to find a good clinic in Dubai that helps to solve these problems. A veneer is a thin shell that is placed over a tooth to cover its imperfect appearance. As you can see, this is an option that is used to improve the appearance of your teeth. Why is it important to improve the appearance of your teeth?

A set of good looking teeth can help a great deal to improve your appearance which in turn will help you navigate situations with more confidence and ease. We all know we feel confident when we are dressed well for an occasion. If the occasion we are attending to is a formal gathering then, we should be dressed well. Having the perfect looking teeth will make sure you can smile and talk without being self-conscious at any moment. This confidence that comes with good teeth helps anyone in every part of their lives whether it is personal or professional.

Filling the Gaps

Then, there are times in life when you need to find a good dental service to help you fill the gaps in your teeth which were made by missing or broken teeth. That is when you should run a Dental Implants search to find out who offers the best service in that area. Filling the gaps in your teeth using this service will improve the appearance of your teeth. However, more importantly, it will make sure that you are the owner of a perfectly healthy, strong set of teeth even when you have lost some of your natural teeth.

As you can see, good dental care makes sure that the appearance of your teeth and the health of your teeth are both improved. It helps to build your confidence.

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Types of Dental Implants

There are many varieties of dental implants that are available for the consumer. The common variations can be described as traditional or standard implants. There are more than 40 versions based on this standard.  Other types of implants can be signified between mini and micro mini implants. Mini implants are similar to traditional implants but are different in having a smaller diameter. On the other hand, micro mini implants are of an altogether different design to traditional implants. They are narrower and smaller and their purpose is more temporary in nature. They are designed to be easily removed by the surgeon.

There are several types of dental implant restorations:

Single tooth dental implants are used to replace a single fallen tooth.  A single metallic implant id inserted by the surgeon into the place where the natural tooth has fallen. Due to a process known as Osseo integration, the metallic implant fuses with the natural bone tissue present in the jaw. This enables the structure to become permanent.

Multiple tooth dental implants are used when there are multiple teeth missing. These are basically multiple implants that support bridgework such as a 3-unit bridge or a greater number of implants solving multiple missing teeth issues. If you suffer from an entire arch of jaw of missing teeth, then 4-5 dental implants are needed in order to solve the problem. Multiple tooth implants can be extended to even solve issues when the patient suffers from all teeth missing.

The above are some of the common dental implant restorations that a patient can get from a dental clinic. It is important for the dental surgeon to have the skill set and the experience to make the correct judgement as to which procedure the patient should go through. The patient’s quality of treatment can be further improved with the use of 3D technology. Advanced software has the capability to completely model the dental implant. Planning of the operation can even take place even before the surgery has been decided by the patient.
The implantation process can be significantly reduced with the help of technology, regardless of the type of dental implants used.  That is the beauty of the technology. Customisation is also possible, so that patients are assured of getting perfect dental implants to replace their natural teeth.

About American Medical and Dental Center (AMDC)

AMDC is a dedicated dental implantclinic with the best resources in Dubai for conducting dental implant surgeries. Based in both Dubai and the United States. It is known throughout the Middle East as a pioneering dental clinic for dental implant surgeries. The doctors and surgeons at AMDC are highly experienced and skilled. Having international experience and qualifications from leading medical institutions in the world. Furthermore, the clinic is equipped with the most advanced dental equipment and software available enabling the dental implant to be perfectly customised for the patient’s needs.

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Dental Implant Surgery

Dental implant is a pioneering medical invention to replace fallen teeth. Its many decades of practice have proven it to be one of the most successful dental surgeries available. It is an ingenious invention that closely replicates all the functions which you expect from a natural tooth. Because of a process known as Osseo integration, the metallic implant becomes fused together with the natural bone tissue. This is what lends the dental implant its reputation for durability. Once the dental implant procedure is completed, there is no need for the patient to correct the problem ever again. It is a permanent solution. This is in stark contrast to alternatives such as bridges and dentures which need to be intermittently replaced.

There are many dental implant procedures available and to find out which one you are the most comfortable with you will need to consult a dental surgeon. Looking at the individual characteristics of your problem, the doctor will be able to recommend the most suitable dental implant type for you. The dental team will inspect your x rays and other medical diagnostics to find out exact health condition that you pose. 3D imaging will be done to plan the procedure beforehand and to craft the perfect dental implant suited to the uniqueness of your mouth. You can converse with the dental team about the medication that you will have to take during the process. To make sure that you are at complete ease during the whole procedure.

After you have given the green light to the procedure, the dental implant operation can take place. In the first stage the dental surgeon will insert the metallic implant using a screw to the place your tooth used to be. After a nominal period of healing, an abutment will be attached on top of the implant. This will act as the link between the implant and the artificial tooth. After a period of 2-4 months, depending on the healing condition of your body, the crown which is the artificial tooth will be fixed by the dentist. This crown will be made so as to fit in perfectly with the rest of your natural teeth. You will not be able to tell the difference because it will be crafted perfectly. After the crown is attached, your dental implant procedure is effectively over and you have a structure of permanence in your mouth.

About American Medical and Dental Center (AMDC)

AMDC is a dedicated dental implant clinic with the best resources in Dubai for conducting dental implant surgeries. Based in both Dubai and the United States. It is known throughout the Middle East as a pioneering dental clinic for dental implant surgeries. The doctors and surgeons at AMDC are highly experienced and skilled. Having international experience and qualifications from leading medical institutions in the world. Furthermore, the clinic is equipped with the most advanced dental equipment and software available enabling the dental implant to be perfectly customised for the patient’s needs.

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Important Dental Implant Advice

The dental implant surgery is one of the most transformative surgeries in the dental field. It has some of the best outcomes in the dental field. However, patients should make sure that they follow appropriate post-surgical care procedures. This is especially important in the first month of the surgery, when the dental implant is fusing with the natural bone tissue in the jaw. This healing process is crucial to the determining the success of the surgery. A most important requirement is that you do not disturb the wound that has been created due to the result of the surgery. In effect, you should avoid spitting and rinsing the mouth for the first 24 hours after the surgery. Better avoid touching the mouth altogether during this period.

There are other important general instructions which should be followed in order to ensure a successful outcome.

All the relevant anti infection medicine should be taken by the patient. This means that the patient should ensure that they take the prescribed antibiotics at the time duration specified by the surgeon. Additionally, it can be recommended that 24 hours after the surgery the patient can orally rinse his or her mouth, twice daily using a prescribed oral rinse. The doctor might also recommend a saltwater rinse multiple times a day.

Initially, in the first 24 hours of the surgery some amount of blood in patient’s saliva is accepted. Bleeding can be reduced by biting on gauze pads. These standardize pressure and help bleeding to reduce.

In relation to pain, the doctor will prescribe you with the relevant pain killers that will help to counter the pain as soon as the sedative wears off.
In terms of diet, it is recommended that soft foods should be taken by the patient. The patient can resume with the normal means as soon as the doctor recommends them to do so.

Being clean and hygienic is essential for the dental implants to be healed completely. This means that the site where the surgery has taken place should be sanitised regularly. Along with the oral rinses, brushing your teeth (not the implant) will help in keeping your mouth clean.

After any surgery a certain amount of swelling will result. In order to reduce swelling you can use ice as well as trying to keep your level of engagement low.
With dental implant surgery, it is important that you have adequate protection in the night. This means wearing prosthesis for a specified number of days, usually 10.
An important precaution in dental implant surgeries is that, if you are a smoker you should refrain from smoking for at least a period of 2 weeks after the surgery has been conducted. Failure to do so could mean the implant not integrating with bone tissue. Meaning a failure of the operation.

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Falsehood About Dental Implants

The myth that dental implants are painful.

This is an erroneous assumption. Countless dental implant surgeries done over many decades shows that dental implant patients have conclusively stated that the pain is not as much as they have expected. In fact, the degree of pain that will be experienced will depend on three factors. What is your exact situation, how is quickly does your body normally heal and the skill and experience level of your implant doctor?

It is also should be stated that pain should not be taken as a litmus test to have the procedure or not. Doctors will give the relevant pain prescriptions to the patients in order to ensure that they do not suffer discomfort. Results have proven, over many years, that these pain medications can make the dental implant operation a much less discomforting one.

The myth that dental implants are expensive

This is one of the most common falsehoods. Dental implants are very similar in cost to a bridge. Given that dental implants are a solution which will last a lifetime, it can be confidently stated that the value proposition of having a dental implant procedure is much more than any of the other alternatives. A ridge for instance will have to be replaced every decade or so, with dental implants once the procedure is completed there is no need for re implantation to ever occur. This is of course not discounting the deleterious impact which dentures and bridges have your other natural teeth. They might end up getting effected and might have to be replaced, escalating the long term cost.

The myth that the dental implantation process takes a long time

This is a complete falsehood. The overall implantation process takes anywhere between 2-4 months. Having access to advanced 3D software to customise and plan the implantation process can reduce the implantation time even further. In comparison, bridges and dentures take weeks. The dental team has to regularly monitor the condition of bridges and dentures and the patients would inevitably have to replace them at intermittent points in time. This is of course not discounting the regular dental visits that the patients have to go through. All of this is avoidable with dental implants.

About American Medical and Dental Center

AMDC is a dedicated dental implant clinic with the best resources in Dubai for conducting dental implant surgeries. It is known throughout the Middle East as a pioneering dental clinic for dental implant surgeries. The doctors and surgeons at AMDC are highly experienced and skilled. Having international experience and qualifications from leading medical institutions in the world. Furthermore, the clinic is equipped with the most advanced dental equipment and software available enabling the dental implant to be perfectly customised for the patient’s needs.

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Dental Implants and Dubai

Dubai is one of the world’s greatest cities. Home to millions of people and thousands of businesses. It has become one of the worlds engines of economic growth and multi culturalism. Hundreds of thousands come to Dubai from all corners of the world to make their money and succeed in business in Dubai. Therefore, the people in this city thrive on connecting and making the deals that are needed to help them prosper. Looking good and being confident is a vital part of their persona. They cannot afford to make any mistakes. In this environment, a dental innovation known as dental implants can help the movers and shakers of Dubai greatly.

Dental implants are rightly recognised as one of the world’s great dental if not medical inventions. First invented by a Swedish doctor in Sweden in the 1950’s, they have since their acceptance come to be used by millions of people all around the world. Repeated surveys show that the people who have had these procedures are greatly satisfied by the outcomes. Meaning that it has achieved all of those goals which the patients wanted to be achieved from the surgery. The greatness of the procedure lies in the fact that they are permanent. Not many medical innovations are able to permanently solve the concerned problems, but dental implants are quite the reverse. They are able to completely address all the problems in a permanent fashion. Something which very few medical innovations have been able to do.

A very important thing which dental implants are able to do, is by making your smile look better. Many people are plagued with smiles that are not attractive. Research has shown that having a good smile is a first step in convincing a person, whom you want convinced, or accomplishing a task. Dental implants can help you to have that great smile that helps you do business in Dubai. If you have teeth which are not straight, then the dental implant surgeon can craft artificial permanent teeth for you that will make you have a better smile and make you look more attractive.
Therefore, a growing Dubai needs dental implants.

About American Medical and Dental Center
The doctors at American Medical and Dental Center (AMDC) are some of the most experienced and skilled dental surgeons when it comes to dental implants. The dentists at AMDC are internationally experienced dentists who have been involved in the development of dental innovation worldwide. They bring their expertise to the benefit of the people of Dubai.
They will prepare a customised plan for every patient to ensure that the dental implant has perfect chance of success. Using the advanced equipment and software at their disposal in the clinic, the dental practitioners can craft the perfect porcelain veneer for your teeth. Furthermore, the staff in the clinic are trained to provide comfort to the patient. They can speak several languages reflecting the multi ethnic character of the city

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