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Friendly dentists providing a range of dental treatments in dubai
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Orthodontics and you

Teeth play an important role in our life. While many say that teeth are meant to last a lifetime, by nature and by incidents and events in our life it may not be so. Dentists Dubai attends to many patients with cavities, chipped teeth and even without a tooth or two. Some top dentists in Dubai have even carried out various dental procedures like dental implants Dubai to help the patients lead a normal life and to maintain oral health.

Many a times by the time an individual reaches the age of 30 there are few general dental procedures which would have been carried out on a multitude of them. Braces are one such procedure. More than 70% of the children tend to wear braces especially around the age of 10 – 14. At times even adults require braces to get that perfect smile with straight teeth. Adults usually tend to go for invisalign aligners rather than the traditional braces.

Another common dental issues faced by many are cavities and the extraction of wisdom tooth removal. Cavities can happen in individuals even with the best in dental care as brushing and flossing. If left untreated it can require a root canal procedure. Wisdom teeth are usually extracted as they tend to come out impacted or have a negative impact on the teeth and gum around the area leading to excruciating pain. Wisdom teeth can be easily removed as also not be replaced as they are generally not used.
So where does orthodontics come into play? What dental issues can be treated with orthodontics? Orthodontics is an area of dentistry which mainly focuses on the irregularities in the jaws and teeth and the best possible methods of correcting them.

Especially for patients with various bite issues, orthodontics has been a life saver. There are different types of bite issues which need to be evaluated carefully to consider the accurate treatment plan. For example one bite issue is categorized as under-bite; this is where the bottom teeth tend to stick out on top of the top layer of the teeth. Overbite is the opposite of this. There is also a category as cross-bite where side and/or upper teeth tend to cross over and close inside the teeth in the bottom jaw.
Dentists also categorized patients as with open bite if they find that spaces exist in the side or front while the teeth at the back are together. Misplaced midline is another category treated by orthodontics when the top teeth center point is not in line with the bottom teeth center point.

If these bite issues are not treated, it can lead to joint and jaw issues such as TMJ, speech issues and even difficulties in chewing food. It can also cause gum diseases and also wear down the teeth prematurely.

Another area of dental issues attended to by orthodontics is issues related to crowding and irregularities in space. These conditions can lead to gum diseases and cause difficulties in cleaning the teeth properly which can lead to cavities.

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Eating Habits that are silently destroying your Teeth

When we think about what food we want to eat, we usually make our choices based on our taste buds, or if you are health conscious by considering the number of calories in them which will directly affect your waistline.

But did you ever think about how our eating habits affect our oral and dental health?

Most of us take our teeth for granted and think of them as only as tools that are only good for biting and chewing. But actually, teeth are far more important than this; they essentially frame the appearance of our smile, greatly contributing to our facial expressions, their chewing and biting mechanisms aid in digestion and the health of the oral cavity contributes to the maintenance of the overall health of the body.

Whenever we intake any food or drink, their primary point of contact with the body is the mouth and the teeth that reside within it. Hence, whatever we eat will directly affect the functionality and appearance our teeth.
So ever wonder what eating habits and food items that we have mindlessly been consuming actually contribute in damaging our teeth? Well a few of them are listed below:

Sucking on Lemons and the excessive consumption of Citrus Foods

While sucking on a zesty lime or drinking a fresh glass of lemonade on a hot day can be extremely refreshing it can also prove to be very damaging. Citrus fruits like lemons are very acidic that can cause the outer enamel layer of a tooth to erode; exposing it to tooth decay and cavities.

Snacking on Hard and Sugary Candy

This one is particularly applicable to young kids who love their sweets and candies. But as you know sugar is one of the core culprits of cavities. And hard candies are even more damaging because they often require a lot of force to be broken and swallowed which can cause teeth to be chipped off or completely broken off, triggering extreme pain.

Crushing Ice

Many people habitually crush ice with their teeth and are relieved by the cold sensation produced in their mouth by it. But this habit is very harmful through a dental aspect. Ice is very strong and rigid; to break it with your teeth requires a large force to be applied that may lead to a dental emergency with broken or damaged teeth.

Addiction to Tea and Coffee

Many people simply can’t function without their daily dose of tea or coffee. Although appearing as harmless habits these too are greatly injurious. The constant intake of these beverages, throughout the day exposes your mouth and your teeth to the sugar within them. If you don’t rinse or brush then the bacteria present in the mouth will consume the sugar, and then attack your teeth. Tea and coffee are also known to damage the appearance of teeth making them stained and discoloured.
Snack and beverages with a high sugar content can be consumed, provided that their followed with dental care measures like brushing and flossing. This will help eliminate the food particles and bacteria present in the mouth and safeguard it against all kinds of dental and oral illnesses.

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Save your Teeth from Tooth Decay!

Despite wide spread awareness and constant reinforcement about the importance of maintaining dental hygiene. A large portion of the global population is still inflicted with numerous dental problems like cavities, tooth decay and tooth loss because of either willful ignorance or due to a lack of knowledge and concern about the severity of these problems.

The statistics provided by the World Health Organization suggest that nearly 50% of children under the ages of 5 suffer from more than 4 decayed teeth in UAE. And the incidence of tooth decay is as high as 76% in school going children. This can probably be accounted to the lack of concern we have for the maintenance of our oral health as the study also included that nearly 28% of UAE residents brush their teeth only once a day.

Why is Tooth Decay a serious Dental Problem?

Inside our mouth there are thousands of different types of bacteria present – both good and bad. While the good kinds aid the mouth in digestion, the bad types seek opportunities to damage our teeth at every chance they get.

The process begins when we intake food. The bacteria digest the carbohydrates we eat and then release an acidic substance. This acid attacks the outer enamel layer of the tooth that serves as a protective covering. The acid eats away the tooth, damaging its structure, function and appearance.

The advancements in cosmetic dentistry have enabled dentists in Dubai to rectify the faults in teeth that may be caused by tooth decay and cavities through veneers, crowns, onlay and inlay placements. But the easiest way to protect your teeth from this dental illness is by adopting easy and simple preventative measures to combat bacteria and maintain oral hygiene.

The Obvious yet Crucial Dental Care Habits
  • Brush your Teeth the Right way!
    For maximum protection, dentists prescribe patients to use a fluoride containing toothpaste, that’ll help protect their teeth and will keep them strong. They should also brush their teeth slowly and softly this will enable the bristle to reach the crevices where food particle may hide. Changing your tooth brush at least every 3 months is also crucial in maintaining optimum dental hygiene.
  • Stop Drinking Soda’s and Juices throughout the day
    Every beverage contains sugar content, be it tea, coffee, juice or soda. The constant exposure of your teeth and oral cavity to this sugar will stimulate the bacteria in your mouth to release acid and attack your teeth. To prevent, this don’t drink caffeinated and sugary beverages, or consume snacks throughout the day.
  • Visit your Dentist every 6 months.
    There’s never any harm in getting a second opinion. Your dentist will be able to assure that your teeth are in good condition and are not suffering from any serious dental disease.
Symptoms to Lookout For:

In case of doubt or concern, lookout for these common signs and symptoms that indicate the presence of tooth decay:

  • Frequent Toothaches
  • Increased Tooth Sensitivity
  • Small visible holes in Teeth
  • Discolored and Stained Teeth

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What to Expect when having Dental Implants are Placed?

Dental implants are a very popular form of treatment among patients who have completely lost or chipped off their teeth. They are an extremely effective dental restoration procedure involving the placement of an artificial tooth root within the jaw. But the benefits of any form of treatment are highly dependent on how you take care of them post treatment.

Taking proper post operative care is crucial to achieve optimum results. In fact many patients who fail to comply with these measures end up being in even more discomfort and pain then they started off with.

You’ll definitely be warned on what to do and not to do by your doctor before the implantation procedure. But being well informed before being treated will help you to be familiarized by any complications, help avoid any accidents and will also serve as a reinforcement to not take these post treatment precautionary measures lightly.

Firstly, What Happens in the Dental Implantation Surgery?
  • The damaged tooth is removed
  • The site of the tooth is prepped before the surgery to increase visualization
  • After the jawbone has healed the artificial dental implants are placed in the jaw bone.
  • Sutures and are placed to fix the dental implant firmly in its place, which are often self absorbing and do not require to be removed

Dental implants are a relatively simple dental procedure but there is variance as to how this procedure is conducted depending on the patient’s condition. Some patients only seek one dental implant and some require more. Some patients do not require incisions and flaps to be made for the placement; provided that there is bone structure is healthy, oesteotomies (a hole in the bone) can be made accurately, in which the implant is placed.

Each implant procedure varies in terms of technique depending on your dental health. A thorough consultation with your dentist in Dubai in light of your latest scans and reports will surely provide more personalized information about what you can expect from the treatment.

Post Operative Care and What to Expect?

The success rate of this procedure is as high as 97-98% making the occurrence of complications very rare.

  • Mild pain and discomfort is common in patients due to whom patients are prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin and ibuprofen which helps minimize it.
  •  Some patients may also be prescribed antibiotics to decrease the chances of catching infections and also to speed up the healing process.
  • Patients are advised to not touch or disturb the implant site
  • For a few days after the treatment, to treat their teeth with care – brush them softly and avoid hard and sticky treats.
  • If you start suffering from severe pain or profuse bleeding then contact your dentist immediately to assure that everything is intact.
  • Overall Maintain regular oral and dental hygiene by brushing twice a day, flossing and using antibacterial mouthwash.

If treated with care, dental implants have the ability to last for several years without posing any problems.

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Dental Implants v/s Dentures

It may seem rare but in reality many people lose or damage their teeth. This unfortunate incident can occur because of all sorts of reasons and not just old age. Many people lose their teeth after meeting a terrible accident or injury that severely affects the oral cavity, or by contracting a dental disease that damages the tooth and bone’s structure; which hold the tooth in its place like periodontal gum disease or tooth decay.

The basic point is that tooth loss can occur because of many reasons and it is a major problem because it not only inhibits our abilities to eat, chew, talk and speak smoothly, but also disrupts our appearance. An empty gap in your teeth can really steal the beauty and glamour of your smile and personality.

Restorative Dental Treatment

Modern medicine and research has come a long way to facilitate the many patients with this horrible dental problem and have developed techniques to enhance the current dental restorative treatments to give patients the next best thing to natural teeth.

Conventionally, people who had missing teeth often got removable dentures placed, but today there are much more specialized and specific options to give patients a complete and natural smile.

Dentures and dental implants in Dubai are two treatment options that both adopt a different approach and work with a different technique. A comparison between the two and a detailed consultation with your dentist in Dubai will help determine the ideal option for you.


They are removable artificial replacements. Dentures may be of different types some are for the entire upper and lower jaw; others may be only partial dentures for one or two teeth. They are a flexible form of treatment and can be removed from the jaw when not in use. But if they are not of a suitable quality or fitted with a proper technique then they tend to slip away from their place; causing problems when a person starts to speak or eat.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a more permanent form of treatment and involve an artificial tooth root to be placed in the jaw to hold the replacement tooth or bridge in its place. It is a more natural looking and long term solution. If taken proper care of, dental implants can last for a life time.

Patients who have gotten dental implants done claim that they are much more natural looking. And since they are placed in the tooth’s root they do not budge from their place therefore causing no difficulty in speech or eating.

Although a relatively newer method for restorative dental treatment it is still a highly effective one. It is shown to have high success rates, low maintenance requirements and costs, and has a much quicker process. Where patients do not have to make several trips to the dental clinic pre and post treatment.

Both these dental procedures have their own set of advantages, where one may prove to be more beneficial than the other for a particular person based on their dental condition. The only way to determine which option is more suitable for a particular individual is by visiting a dental clinic in Dubai and being thoroughly examined.

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Dental Implant: The Best Option to restore your Missing Teeth

It seemed really fascinating when we were 7. Seeing our tooth fall into our hands during lunch, and being assured by our parents and teachers that it’ll be replaced by a shiny new one in a couple of months. But just imagine how it would feel, if a tooth were to fall off from your mouth today, without the reassurance that it would be replaced by a new one.

That would be an extremely horrific situation for most of us, because today, we realize the importance of our teeth and the integral role they play in our smiles and hence in our personalities.

Broke or chipped off your Teeth?

Sometimes we encounter accidents and injuries that leave us toothless or leaving our teeth damaged and chipped off. In some cases patients may encounter a serious dental disease like periodontal (gum) disease or progressed tooth decay that causes the structure of their teeth to weaken over time and may cause them to fallout.

Smiling without Teeth?

Patients who have broken or missing teeth are undoubtedly very uncomfortable and displeased with their appearance, especially if they had perfectly straight and healthy teeth in the past. Their damaged teeth can lead to psychological problems as well. Because living with the constant stress of how you look can be a lot to endure and suck the life out of your vibrant personality and joyful life.

What are Dental Implants?

A dental implant involves the placement of an artificial tooth’s root into a patients jaw to hold a substituted tooth or bridge in place. Although in today’s time there are many methods and procedures for dental restoration but dental implants are by far the most effective and beneficial ones.

Patients who have been treated through Dental implants describe them as the next best thing to natural teeth and attest to their ranges of advantages:

They Look Natural

Dental implants are fitted into the jaw with such precision that they are made to fit at the exact spot of the previously located tooth and make it function and feel like a natural tooth.

Restore Greater Function

Dental Implants will be able to restore your abilities of biting and chewing and minimize any feelings of discomfort or uneasiness.

Long term mode of treatment

Other dental restoration procedures may last up till 7-10 years, that too if great care is taken. But Dental Implants are a much longer mode of treatment and may potentially last a lifetime with full function, provided that they are taken care of and are checked by a dentist every few months

Better Speech and Greater Comfort

Wearing removable dentures can often cause discomfort and lead to embarrassing situations. As they tend to slip from their place from time to time leaving you in the middle of a sentence while attempting to readjust them back into their spot

Get your Lost Personality and Confidence Back

Dental Implants are just like natural teeth and will permanently eliminate any source of discomfort in functionality while restoring your their lost appearance and confidence.

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Correction of various Dental Problems through Porcelain Veneer Placements

Almost every individual suffers from at least one from of dental problem that make their teeth and smile a little less than perfect. The problem may vary in nature and in intensity which may be why we chose to ignore it rather than confront it. But the cosmetic dentists in Dubai believe that the teeth form the foundation of every smile. So no one should settle for anything less than ideal. Your perfect teeth will enable you to smile freely, boosting your confidence in ways you never knew before.

Common Dental Problems

Dental problems do not necessarily have to trigger pain to be noticed. Some problems do damage silently, but not to your physical body but to your personality. Bad teeth usually cause people to become overly conscious about their smile and their laugh. And this greatly damages their personality over time. Making them lose confidence in themselves and in their appearance. Usually bad teeth can cause people to speak and smile very consciously and not open up to the others with the fear of being judged and laughed at by their poor teeth.
Some of the most common dental problems that people face are:

  • Crooked and Bent Teeth
  • Misshaped Teeth
  • Misaligned Teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Stained Teeth
  • Discoloured Teeth

The problem may vary in intensity and in the area they affect. If your front teeth are affected by some or many of these problems then chances are that they won’t go unnoticed, even if you hold back a laugh. Instead of killing all the fun moments in your life, address the real problem and seek cosmetic dental help.

Veneer Placements

The dentists in Dubai greatly recommend this treatment option due to its multi-tasking nature and ability to treat many problems in one go. They can effectively treat the dental problems listed above all while using a minimally invasive and painless approach.

What are Veneers?

Veneers are extremely thin shells of material, coloured the same shade as the rest of the teeth and placed over the damaged tooth. Each veneer is exclusively designed by a dentist in Dubai to correct the shape of the damaged tooth and is then placed over its front surface. This covers all the flaws of the original tooth and leaves the veneer on the outer surface with the desired appearance.

Advantages of Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers in Dubai are a popularly recommended and sought cosmetic dental treatment option due to their wide variety of advantages:

  • Suited to correct a number of dental problems effectively
  • Veneers are stain resistant and are not discoloured over time
  • They give the tooth a natural looking appearance, enhancing the overall smile
  • Porcelain veneers are well suited to adjust with the gum tissues surrounding it
  • They are easy to maintain and do not require any special care besides the maintenance of regular dental hygiene through brushing, flossing and using an anti-bacterial mouth wash
  • If taken care of, veneers can usually last for a long time ranging from 5-10 years.

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Various Types of Cosmetic Dental Treatments

Cosmetic dentistry is getting popular nowadays. People are widely getting a sense and understanding of self confidence and they wish to get rid of everything that comes in their path of success.  A perfect smile is a fortune which makes you win hearts. In the instance that you are not blessed with such a smile naturally, Cosmetic dentistry is the solution for you which is getting common nowadays. Through experienced dental practitioner, you can decide on any of the coveted dental restorative treatment and change your smile in a standout asset and transform your face and get an enhanced sense of confidence.

Among numerous choices accessible for restorative dentistry, the most widely recognized are:

Teeth Whitening:
Teeth whitening is extremely basic and a standout amongst the most prominent corrective dental administration. Contingent upon the nature and shade of your teeth, your dental specialist will prescribe you an in-office brightening arrangement or will propose you to take it home. In either case, the outcomes will be stunning and you will wind up having an astonishing white smile.

Dental Veneers:
Dental Veneers are wafer like shells of porcelain that are hand created by the dental specialists in the dental laboratory by taking your teeth impression. They are fortified on the front surface of the tooth. They are exceptionally safe and solid. Accessible in diverse shades of white, they are translucent and impersonate the presence of the teeth which makes it look normal. There is an expanded pattern of veneers in Dubai. Numerous Hollywood big names have dental veneers which gives them a flawless smile.

Clear or Invisible Braces:
Braces are thought to be a compelling dental treatment for a straight smile with splendidly adjusted teeth however youngsters and grown-ups who need a more tactful choice can choose undetectable or clear braces. They are an amazing different option for traditional braces as they are not exceptionally noticeable. So patients can keep up their adult and mature image while experiencing the treatment.

Tooth-Colored Fillings:
Tooth colored fillings are utilized to treat tooth decay/rot. It is a standout amongst the most well-known oral health issues. These fillings are made with composites and it mixes in your teeth which gives it a consistent and strong result.

Restorative Bonding:
Restorative bonding is like dental lacquers. They are utilized to give you actually wonderful teeth if you have chipped, screwy, discolored or misaligned teeth. It is a one-time visit system and takes just couple of minutes to finish.

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Top four habits to break when getting dental implants in Dubai

Due to our negligent and irregular oral hygiene habits, in the 21st century it is more common than ever to hear of and experience tooth decay and deterioration. A poor and un-balanced diet also speeds up this process as for instance, the acid from fizzy drinks eats away your enamel. Apart from the host of other oral issues you are vulnerable to, tooth decay is a major issue as it can lead to tooth loss leaving you unable to eat or speak as normal. Dental implants in Dubai and all over the world have proven to be the number one choice when it comes to replacing missing teeth as opposed to other options.

The main reason dental implants in Dubai are preferred amongst a large number of people is because they are closest thing you can find to your original teeth in terms of both looks and functionality. Dental implants in Dubai enable you eat and speak as you normally would and have provided relief to many for their benefits.

However, if you continue to consistently engage in bad oral hygiene habits, it is only a matter of time before the dental implants in Dubai you got done also wear out. Here are five main tips to avoid ruining your implants:

  1. Chewing ice: This is a habit that easily ruins natural teeth and is strongly advised again by dentists worldwide. It is still applicable to dental implants in Dubai. Though it may seem harmless as it is sugar-free, hard ice can actually crack or chip your teeth and continuously engaging in this will have the same results on your implants. So quit now!
  2. Mouth-guards: If you are a sports enthusiast, and are involved in sports majority of the time, mouth-guards are useful in offering protection for not only your teeth but also dental implants. Following your procedure for dental implants in Dubai, if you need to continue with sports get a mouth-guard as injury can be bad due to the titanium anchor of the implant.
  3. Improper cleaning: Once you have gotten dental implants in Dubai, you need to clean them as you would normal teeth. Implants are problematic in particular as they are susceptible to infections as the wounds are fresh and there could be room for bacteria to fester. Mouthwash does a fantastic job of getting out even the smallest particles.
  4. Using your teeth for anything other than eating: This is something that can result in the major damage of enamel in natural teeth and in the case of dental implants in Dubai, if you use your teeth to snap the lid off a bottle for instance, you could damage not only the implant but also your gums and the bone. The crown of the implant is fitted onto a titanium root which is metal and can cause a lot of damage so be very cautious.

If you follow the above care pointers for your implants, chances are you will be able to enjoy them for a long time with minimum injury. Do not forget that though they masquerade as real teeth they are not and it’s a piece of metal holding your implant down grafted with the jawbone.

Be well-informed about both the clinic and dentist you choose.

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Top five reasons to choose a multi-specialty clinic for dental implants in Dubai

In the 21st century, we are gifted with a plethora of options for good medical care. Be it hospitals, clinics, private practices and so on, the equipment is state-of-the art and generally updated provided the place you go to is reliable and well maintained. Service is also top notch as most reputed medical clinics have a team of educated doctors who are proficient in their areas of expertise. However, it becomes annoying when you need to go elsewhere to get an x-ray for example when you are getting dental implants in Dubai and then head back with it to get your assessment.

Most recently, multi-speciality clinics have begun sprouting as a method to remedy this problem, and have proven to be rather popular. Here are some of the reasons you should consider going for medical treatment to one of these clinics.

Convenience: As these clinics generally cater to a wide range of problems, it is not uncommon to also find dental services there. If you are looking to get dental implants in Dubai, you can do everything required for it under one roof. For instance you could have the initial consultation, x-ray, cleaning and also have the actual implants done all in one place. Considering how troublesome it would have been to be sent off to different clinics for different purposes, this is very convenient for patients especially those who are really sick.

Saving time: If for instance along with dental implants in Dubai you also need medical services for your family, think about the time you would save by driving over everyone to the same place. If you were to get the same thing done by going to various different clinics that focus on one area, you would have to call each and every one of them, book separate appointments not to mention arrange for everyone to get there individually.

A 24/7 team: Countless are the times you have been referred to another doctor when you had an illness. With multi-speciality clinics you are in luck, and at considerable advantage because all the doctors you would need for your problem are all there. All that needs to be done is to summon them in. Even if they are dental implants in Dubai, as there are specialists, they would be able to let you know whether you should go ahead with the procedure or not.

Streamlined Integration: This is not limited only to dental implants in Dubai and is applicable to the entire operations of the multi-speciality clinic. As both the doctors and pharmacy are present in the same building and function as a unit, there is less room for errors and chances of a particular medication being unavailable. These clinics make it a point to ensure that everything is available in terms of antibiotics.

Efficiency: While you are getting your x-ray done for your teeth, elsewhere in the facility, a doctor is finishing up another report requested. By the time one is done, the other is already waiting for you at the doctor’s office you went to for dental implants in Dubai. This is highly efficient and lightens the burden for both the patient and the doctor and can be invaluable if the issue is threatening.

As you can see, the advantages of going to a multi-speciality clinic whether you want to check your pressure, get veneers or dental implants in Dubai are many. Not only will you save time and money but you also can be rest assured of an all-round service as they generally employ specialists to form a strong team. As long as it is managed well, there is really not much to worry about!

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